1st Edition

Information Systems and Computing Technology

Edited By Lei Zhang, Yonggen Gu Copyright 2014

    Information systems are complex, including data collecting, storing, processing and delivering. The main components of information systems are computer hardware and software, telecommunications, databases and data warehouses, human resources, and procedures. With the development of information systems, the innovation technologies and their applications continuously appear, such as the Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing, big data and smart cities.

    Information Systems and Computing Technology contains 23 technical papers from the International Conference on Information Systems and Computing Technology (ISCT 2013, Wuxi, China, 15-16 September 2013). The book reviews recent advances in information systems and computing technology.

    Invited papers

    Incorporating the multi-cross-sectional temporal effect in Geographically Weighted Logit Regression
    K. Wu, B. Liu, B. Huang & Z. Lei

    One shot learning human actions recognition using key poses
    W.H. Zou, S.G. Li, Z. Lei & N. Dai

    Band grouping pansharpening for WorldView-2 satellite images
    X. Li

    Research on GIS based haze trajectory data analysis system
    Y. Wang, J. Chen, J. Shu & X. Wang

    Regular papers

    A warning model of systemic financial risks
    W. Xu & Q. Wang

    Research on smart mobile phone user experience with grounded theory
    J.P. Wan & Y.H. Zhu

    The software reliability analysis based on Weibull distribution
    G. Zou, S. Song & X. Huang

    Research on change of farmland area and its driving factors in Shaanxi, China
    J.C. Han & X.M. Li

    Research and application on personalized recommendation based on attribute inference technique
    Z. Bu & M. Zhu

    The electromagnetic propagation properties of metamaterials with double-inductance loading in unit cell
    Y. Liu, S. Wang, Q. Zhao & N. Guo

    Online position calibration of antenna array elements for direction finding
    L.B. Chen, X.Y. Zhang, Q. Wan & J.H. Yin

    Adaptive Harris corner detection algorithm based on image edge enhancement
    Y. Fang & Z. Lei

    An improvement of AODV protocol based on load balancing in ad hoc networks
    X. Zhang & X. Jia

    Improve the vocational college students’ interest in learning by optimizing the teaching contents of advanced mathematics
    H. Zhao

    Research of based on the rules of the Chinese-Tibetan machine translation system dichotomy of syntactic analysis method
    Z. Cai

    Query optimum scheduling strategy on network security monitoring data streams
    Y. Ren, H. Li, H. Lv & H. Lv

    Arithmetic labeling about the Graph C4k,i,n
    E. Liu, Q. Zhou & W. Yu

    A dual-market Cloud model for Cloud computing service
    X. Wu, Y. Gu & J. Tao

    Technical requirements for integrated electronic information system in Big Data Era
    S. Zhang, Y. Kan & P. Liu

    The research of CRM based on web mining approach
    J. Ku, N. Chang, W. She & Z. Cai

    Study on loan interest rates risk of commercial banks based on adverse selection
    J. Wang

    A new network signal anti-collision algorithm
    X. Zhang, M. Duan & Y. Ni

    The study of network node performance
    M. Duan, Y. Wang & Y. Ni

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    Lei Zhang (National Research Council, Vancouver, Canada; Yonggen Gu -Huzhou Teachers College, School of Information and Engineering, Huzhou, China.