1st Edition

Information and IT for Primary Care Everything You Need to Know but are Afraid to Ask

By Alan Gillies Copyright 2000

    This book is designed to help all personnel working in primary healthcare to establish and maintain information systems that are necessary for effective working. It is timed to coincide with the advent of primary care groups. The book uses nomenclature and examples from England and Wales.

    1. Why do we need information? 2. What information do we need? 3. You really mean computers, don’t you? 4. Thinking about information in your PCG 5. Why you need those horrible computers 6. Why you need those even more horrible Read Codes 7. Where you are now 8. A way forward 9. So what do we do at PCG level? 10. How to avoid buying a white elephant 11. Keeping the PCG out of jail 12. Just when you thought it was all under control 13. Some things that might just make it all worthwhile


    Alan Gillies