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    Completely revised and reorganized while retaining the approachable style of the first edition, Infrared Detectors, Second Edition addresses the latest developments in the science and technology of infrared (IR) detection. Antoni Rogalski, an internationally recognized pioneer in the field, covers the comprehensive range of subjects necessary to understand modern IR detector theory and technology. He presents each topic with a brief summary of historical background followed by summary of principles underlying performance, an overview of properties, and analysis of the state of the art.

    Divided into four sections, the book covers fundaments of IR detection, IR thermal detectors, IR photon detectors, and focal plane arrays. It begins with a tutorial introduction to essential of different types of IR detectors and systems. The author explores the theory and technology of different thermal detectors and then moves on to the theory and technology of photon detectors. He concludes his treatment with a discussion of IR focal plane arrays where relations between performance of detector array and infrared system quality are considered.

    New to the Second Edition:

    • Fundamentals of IR detection, radiometry, and flux-transfer issues needed for IR detector and system analysis

    • Major achievements and trends in the development of IR detectors

    • Novel uncooled detectors such as cantilever, antenna, and optically coupled detectors

    • Type II superlattice detectors

    • Quantum dot IR detectors

    • Terahertz (THz) arrays and new generation of IR detectors, so-called third generation detectors

    The author accomplishes the difficult task of making the information accessible to a wide readership. A comprehensive analysis of the latest developments in IR detector technology and basic insight into the fundamental processes important to evolving detection techniques, the book provides the most complete and up-to-date resource of its kind, including a summary of useful data, guide to the literature, and overview of applications.

    Fundaments of Infrared Detection. Radiometry. Infrared Detector Characterization. Fundamental Performance Limitations of Infrared Detectors. Heterodyne Detection. Infrared Thermal Detectors. Thermopiles. Bolometers. Pyroelectric Detectors. Other Thermal Detectors. Infrared Photon Detectors. Theory of Photon Detectors. Intrinsic Silicon and Germanium Detectors. Extrinsic Silicon and Germanium Detectors. Schottky Barrier Photoemissive Detectors. III-V Detectors. HgCdTe Detectors. IV-VI Detectors. Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors. Superlattice Photovoltaic Detectors. Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors. Focal Plane Arrays. Overview of Focal Plane Array Architectures. Thermal Detector Focal Plane Arrays. Photon Detector Focal Plane Arrays. Terahertz Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays. Third Generation Infrared Detectors. Final Remarks.


    Antonio Rogalski

    This second edition is fully revised and reorganized, with new chapters concerning third generation and quantum dot detectors, THz detectors, cantilever and antenna coupled detectors, and information on radiometry and IR optics materials. Part IV concerning focal plane arrays is significantly expanded. This book, resembling an encyclopedia of IR detectors, is well illustrated and contains many original references … a really comprehensive book.
    —F. Sizov, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine