1st Edition

Infrared Methodology and Technology

By Xavier P.V. Maldaque Copyright 1994
    320 Pages
    by CRC Press

    556 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Focuses on the growth and potential uses of infrared thermography as a nondestructive testing and monitoring technique. Part 1 of this monograph is an introduction to current infrared NDT theory and technology; Part 2 describes the wide range of infrared NDT and monitoring applications.

    Preface to the Series


    PART 1

    Need and Necessity of NDT

    J. Boogaard

    Theoretical Aspects of the Infrared Radiation

    J. L. Beaudoin and C. Bissieux

    Instrumentation for the Infrared

    C. P. V. Maldague

    Dedicated Image Processing for Thermographic Non-Destructive Testing

    E. Grinzato

    PART 2

    Infrared Techniques for Materials Analysis and Nondestructive Testing

    V. Vavilov

    Infrared Techniques in Buildings and Structures: Operation and Maintenance

    S. Å. Ljungberg

    Infrared Techniques for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Evaluation

    D. Dumpert

    Infrared Techniques for Electric Utilities

    T. L. Hurley

    Infrared Techniques in the Nuclear Power Industry

    R. J. Lewak

    Infrared Techniques for Real-Time Weld Quality Control

    S. Nagarajan and B. A. Chin

    Infrared Techniques for Military Applications

    R. N. Strickland

    Infrared Techniques in the Aerospace Industry

    D. D. Burleigh

    Utilization and Application of Infrared Techniques in Forest Fire Detections and Suppression Operations

    R. Young

    Medical Applications of Infrared Thermography

    R. B. Traycoff

    Bibliographical Survey of Thermal NDT and Related Fields

    X. P. V. Maldague

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