3rd Edition

Infrared and Terahertz Detectors, Third Edition

By Antoni Rogalski Copyright 2019
    1068 Pages 861 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    1066 Pages 861 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This new edition of Infrared and Terahertz Detectors provides a comprehensive overview of infrared and terahertz detector technology, from fundamental science to materials and fabrication techniques. It contains a complete overhaul of the contents including several new chapters and a new section on terahertz detectors and systems. It includes a new tutorial introduction to technical aspects that are fundamental for basic understanding. The other dedicated sections focus on thermal detectors, photon detectors, and focal plane arrays.

    Part I. Fundaments of infrared and terahertz detection

    1. Radiometry

    2. Infrared systems fundamentals

    3. Infrared detector characterization

    4. Fundamental performance limitations of infrared detectors

    5. Coupling of infrared radiation with detector

    6. Heterodyne detection

    Part II. Infrared thermal detectors

    7. Thermopiles

    8. Bolometers

    9. Pyroelectric detectors

    10. Pneumatic detectors

    11. Novel thermal detectors

    Part III. Infrared photon detectors

    12. Theory of photon detectors

    13. Intrinsic silicon and germanium detectors

    14. Extrinsic silicon and germanium detectors

    15. Photoemissive detectors

    16. III-V detectors

    17. HgCdTe detectors

    18. IV-VI detectors

    19. Quantum well infrared photodetectors

    20. Superlattice photovoltaic detectors

    21. Quantum dot infrared photodetectors

    22. Infrared barrier photodetectors

    23. Cascade infrared photodetectors

    Part IV. Infrared focal plane arrays

    24. Overview of focal plane array architectures

    25. Thermal detector focal plane arrays

    26. Photon detector focal plane arrays

    27. Third generation infrared detectors

    Part V. Terahertz detectors and focal plane arrays

    28. Terahertz detectors and focal plane arrays


    Antoni Rogalski is a professor at the Institute of Applied Physics, Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland. He is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of infrared (IR) optoelectronics. He has made pioneering contributions in the area of theory, design and technology of different types of IR detectors. In 1997, he received an award from the Foundation for Polish Science, the most prestigious scientific award in Poland, for achievements in the study of ternary alloy systems for infrared detectors. In 2004, he was elected as a corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Prof. Rogalski is a Fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), Vice President of the Polish Optoelectronic Committee, Vice President of the Electronic and Telecommunication Division at the Polish Academy of Science, Editor-in-Chief of Opto-Electronics Review, and editorial board member of international journals. He has been chair and co-chair, organizer and member of scientific committees of many national and international conferences on optoelectronic devices and material sciences.