1st Edition

Infrastructure Asset Management with Power System Applications

By Lina Bertling Tjernberg Copyright 2018

    Infrastructure Asset Management with Power System Applications is about infrastructure asset management, which can be expressed as the combination of management, financial, economic, and engineering, applied to physical assets with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner. It includes management of the whole lifecycle of a physical asset from design, construction, commission, operation, maintenance, modification, decommissioning, and disposal. It covers budget issues and focuses on asset management of an infrastructure for energy—i.e., the electric power system.


  • Offers a comprehensive reference book providing definitions, terminology, and basic theories as well as a comprehensive set of examples from a wide range of applications for the electric power system and its components.
  • Spans a wide range of applications for the electric power system area, including real data and pictures.
  • Contains results from recently published research and application studies.
  • Includes a wide range of application examples for the electric power systems area from hydro, nuclear, and wind, plus shows future trends.
  • Contributes to the overall goals of developing a sustainable energy system by providing methods and tools for a resource efficient use of physical assets in the electric power system area.
  • 1. Introduction

    2. Maintenance as a Strategic Tool for Asset Management

    3. Reliability Evaluation and Lifetime Evaluation

    4. Reliability-Centered Asset Management Method

    5. Electric Power System Reliability and Asset Management

    6. RCAM Case for Electrical Distribution Systems

    7. RCAM Case Wind Power Systems

    8. RCAM Case Reliability and Maintenance Component Modeling

    9. RCAM Case Maintenance Optimization

    10. RCAM Case Hydropower Systems

    Appendix A: Specification of Input Data to RADPOW

    Appendix B: Input Data for the RCM Cable Application Study

    Appendix C: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering




    Dr. Lina Bertling Tjernberg is a full Professor in Power Grid Technology at KTH - the Royal Institute of Technology. She was previously Professor in Sustainable Electric Power Systems at Chalmers University of Technology, 2009-2013, and she was the Head of the Electric Power Engineering Division from 2009-2012. During 2007-2009 she was with the Swedish Transmission system operator. During 1997-2009, she was associated with KTH, where she completed her PhD in Electric Power Systems in 2002. She has spent two research periods in Canada; during 2000 at University of Saskatchewan and during 2012-2013 with University of Toronto and Kinectrics. She is currently a visiting professor with Stanford University at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with Stanford Sustainable Systems Laboratory. Her research area is in modernization of the electric power systems – today typically captured in the concept of Smart Grid - with special interest in reliability analysis and maintenance management.

    Dr. Bertling Tjernberg is serving as Secretary of IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) 2014-2015, and she is the Chair of the Swedish PE/PEL Chapter. She was previously the PES Treasurer 2012-2014, the chair of the IEEE PES Subcommittee on Risk, Reliability and Probability Applications (RRPA) 2011-2013, and she has been an RRPA officer since 2007. She organized the 6th International conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied for Power Systems (PMAPS) in Stockholm in 2006 and the first IEEE ISGT conference in Europe 2010 in Gothenburg. She has arranged numerous of panels, and giving keynote lectures on the topics on power system, maintenance and smart grid. She has organized and edited an IEEE Tutorial on Asset Management in Power Systems, and has developed courses at university on asset management for power system and power system reliability. She is member of advisory board of PMAPS and ISGT US, Asia and Europe, and she is an Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid Technologies. She is a Senior member of IEEE and a member of Cigré and has participated in several working groups and task forces. She is a Member of the Swedish Government Coordination Council for Smart Grid, and she is an expert for the EU commission within Energy, ICT and Security.

    "As equipment in power systems is aging, life cycle asset management has become increasingly important. The traditional asset management methods used in power systems cannot solve many practical issues or may lead to a costly maintenance process. This book introduced new ideas in this area. It is a very timely book. I believe that many readers in academia and industry will greatly benefit from the book.
    The book has a wide coverage in both basic theories and actual applications for power system asset management, which represents the unique characteristic of the book in asset management. The chapters are well organized. The author is an excellent expert in this field. She has fruitful knowledge and experiences in researches at both universities and electric power companies. The book is an outstanding reference book not only for professors, engineers and researchers, but also for postgraduates."
    Wenyuan Li, Chongqing University, China

    "Lina Bertling Tjernberg is a well known professor and expert in the field of electric power system reliability and maintenance management. In this book, she takes the reader to an introductory journey into the world of infrastructure asset management (AM) including both an overall description of the topic and showing specific mathematical assessment tools. The focus of the book is the reliability centered asset management method (RCAM) which results in strategies for performing AM taking into account the whole life cycle of physical assets from design, construction, commission, operation, maintenance, modification, decommissioning, and disposal. The main contribution of the book is an extensive set of case studies for electric power systems including details of the reliability modelling and real-life input data taken from the utility experience. The case studies cover a wide range of power system applications including different high voltage equipment, electrical transmission and distribution systems, hydro and nuclear power plants and wind power turbines. These case studies present in detail several different optimization models, and novel techniques for reliability modelling using advance mathematical tools like, for example, Bayesian statistics and neural networks. I believe that this book would be a valuable reading for professionals or students interested in different areas of infrastructure asset management with a focus in applications for the electric power system. The author writes that a vision with the book is to encourage the collaboration and exchange of knowledge between different actors such as industry, academia, regulators, and decision makers. I believe that the author has gone a long way to fulfill her vision, and I strongly recommend the book for any professional library."
    George Anders, Technical University of Lodz, Poland

    "This is a valuable book dealing with the important topic of infrastructure management; it combines a general introduction applicable to all forms of infrastructure, before focusing on the electrical power system sector. It is a book that anyone working in power systems including electrical distribution systems, wind power systems, and hydropower systems will find insightful. Additionally, optimization of maintenance decisions for components such as breakers, transformers and gearboxes are included in several of the case studies.
    Professor Bertling Tjernberg is a renowned academic in the general area of reliability engineering and who has had the benefit of leading research and development with the Swedish National Grid along with leading numerous industry/university collaborations from her University bases of KTH and Chalmers in Sweden.
    The strength of the book is in the case studies and are a result of Professor Bertling Tjernberg’s research supervision of students and post –doctoral research Fellows in collaboration with industries such as Vattenfall and ABB.
    A novel feature of the book is the introduction of Reliability Centered Asset Maintenance (RCAM) where "classical" RCM is first introduced then Professor Bertling Tjernberg progresses to introduce RCAM that extends RCM to incorporate the optimization of various maintenance tactics. Four Chapters are devoted to case studies illustrate the application of RCAM for wind power systems, component modeling, maintenance optimization and hydropower systems.
    I have listened to Professor Bertling Tjernberg speak at international conferences where it is clear that she has a deep and insightful understanding of tools to ensure excellence in infrastructure asset management, particularly for electric power system."
    Andrew K S Jardine, University of Toronto, Canada