1st Edition

Infusing Vocabulary Into the Reading-Writing Workshop A Guide for Teachers in Grades K-8

By Amy Benjamin Copyright 2017
    134 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    134 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Learn how to make vocabulary instruction more effective by making better use of mini-lessons and word study time to achieve durable learning about words and how they work. In this essential new book, literacy expert Amy Benjamin presents her 4E model (Exposure, Exploration, Engagement, Energy) for teaching vocabulary so that students gain deep understanding, improving their overall language and literacy skills. Benjamin guides you through bringing these 4Es to life in your K-8 reading-writing workshop.

    -Exposure: Enrich your teacher talk with sophisticated words and phrases to facilitate natural language acquisition and application of new words.

    -Exploration: Promote consistent vocabulary growth with a multifaceted instructional approach that incorporates etymology, word associations, word families, spelling, and morphology.

    -Engagement: Build students’ confidence by encouraging meaningful use of new words, both in and out of the classroom.

    -Energy: Enliven your workshop and increase participation with a variety of word games, puzzles, projects, and cooperative learning activities.

    Each chapter provides practical examples and scenarios to help you apply the model to your own classroom. The appendices include a variety of strategies for organizing reading-writing workshops, a thorough introduction to academic word lists and their role in vocabulary instruction, and an analysis of forty Latin and Greek word roots for mini-lessons.


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    Chapter 1: Exposure

    Chapter 2: Exploration

    Chapter 3: Engagement

    Chapter 4: Energy

    Appendix A: Balanced Literacy and the Reading-Writing Workshop

    Appendix B: The Coxhead List: The Academic Word List and Spanish Cognates,

    Organized by Frequency

    Appendix C: The Zwier List: Basic Toolkit of Academic Vocabulary, Organized by Purpose

    Appendix D: Analysis of 40 Latin and Greek Roots for Mini-Lessons




    Amy Benjamin is a national education consultant and author of twelve books on teaching literacy, including Infusing Grammar Into the Writer’s Workshop with Barbara Golub. Before becoming a consultant, she was an award-winning English teacher in Montrose, New York.

    "As educators move beyond their first year or so in the workshop model, they are often looking for ways to expand upon what they have been doing. This book will allow them to incorporate vocabulary instruction into the language arts instruction model they have been using. Good teachers know that vocabulary instruction is not very successful in the worksheet model that has been around for the last few decades. It is nice to see a text that moves away from it and incorporates it into a reading/writing model that many are using. It is obvious that the author has spent significant time in a classroom." – Erin Keane, Taipei American School