1st Edition

Injectable Drug Development Techniques to Reduce Pain and Irritation

Edited By Pramod K. Gupta, Gayle A. Brazeau Copyright 1999
    472 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Filled with strategies to minimize the adverse effects of injectable drugs, this book provides the scientific background and techniques required to evaluate parenteral formulations with respect to their potential to cause pain, irritation, and muscle damage. Using a unique, interdisciplinary approach, the book's editors and contributors represent the areas of pharmaceutics, physiology, anatomy, toxicology, and product formulation. The chapters cover topics such as muscle damage with injectables, in vitro and in vivo cystolic enzyme release, histological and morphological methods, assessing pain, cosolvents in injectables, biodegradable microparticles, and more.

    o Challenges, M. Akers
    o Pain, Irritation & Damage, W. Klement
    o Muscle Damage with Injectables, A. McArdle & M. Jackson
    o In Vitro Evaluation of Intravascular Hemolysis, J. Krzyzaniak &
    S. Yalkowsky
    o Lesion & Edema Models, S. Sutton
    o Rat Paw-Lick Model, P. Gupta
    o Radiopharmaceuticals for Noninvasive Evaluation, A. Feltus, M. Jay &
    R. Beihn
    o In Vitro & In Vivo Cytosolic Enzyme Release, G. Brazeau
    o Histological & Morphological Methods, B. Carlson & R. Palmer
    o Assessing Pain, J. Marcek
    o Cosolvents in Injectables, S. Way & G. Brazeau
    o Prodrugs, L. Prokai & K. Prokai-Tatrai
    o Complexation-Cyclodextrins, M. Brewster & T. Loftsson
    o Liposomal Formulations, F. Kadir, C. Oussoren & D. Crommelin
    o Biodegradable Microparticles, E. Fattal, F. Quaglia, P. Gupta &
    G. Brazeau
    o Emulsions, P. Gupta & J. Cannon
    o Minimizing Injection Pain & Damage, L. Gatlin & C. Gatlin