1st Edition

Injection Treatments in Cosmetic Surgery

Edited By Benjamin Ascher, Marina Landau, Bernard Rossi Copyright 2008
    480 Pages 200 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Injections are minimally invasive and therefore particularly popular with both plastic surgeons and dermatologists - as well as any other practitioners dedicated to the aesthetic field - with faster procedures and faster recovery time.

    This comprehensive textbook, from a team of experts, documents the most popular injection treatments - botulinum toxins, fillers, and volumetric implants - and shows how they may also be combined for the best results.

    The number of color illustrations throughout and the international experience of the huge community of contributing authors mean that this will be an ideal reference for anyone from student to practitioner needing to know the relevant scientific and practical details of the treatments.

    SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND  1. Practical Anatomy of the Face (Philippe Kestemont, A Jaklis, and J Santini)  2. Anatomy of the Skin (Marina Landau and Hananya Vaknine)  3. Skin Morphology and Volume: Methods of Evaluation (Hassan Zahouani)  4. Skin Aging: Clinical Semiology (Anny Cohen-Letessier)  5. Topographic Aging: The Upper Face (Benjamin Ascher); The Mid Face, Lower Face & Neck (Patrick Bui and G Zakine); The Hands and Decollete (Vladimir Mitz)  6. Sweat Glands (Marina Landau and Hananya Vaknine)  7. Anesthesia in Dermatology (Catherine Wintrebert)  BOTULINUM TOXINS  8. History (Bernard Rossi)  9A. Structure, Pharmacology and Immunology of the Botulinum Neurotoxins (K. Roger Aoki)  9B. Clinical Implications (Daniele Ranoux)  10. Applications and Indications (Sophie Sangla)  11. The Different Formulations: PurTox®, Xeomin®, and BTX-A® (David Goldberg, Berthold Rzany, and Sergio Talarico-Filho and Sabrina Rodrigues Talarico)  12. Patient Considerations (Timothy Flynn)  13. Legal Aspects in Europe (Martine Baspeyras)  14. General Monitoring (Doris Hexsel)  15. Optimal Dosing (Benjamin Ascher)  16. Peri-orbital Area (Marina Landau & Arik Nemet)  17. Glabellar, Frontalis, Eyelid and Eyebrow (Timothy Flynn)  18. Mid Face Areas (Berthold Rzany)  19. The Neck Area (Daniel Labbe and Julien Nicolas)  20. Upper Trunk: Decollete and Breast Lift (Doris Hexsel and Taciana Dal’Forno)  21. Masseteric Hypertrophy and Leg Treatments (Kim Nam-Ho, Chung Jee-Hyeok, Park Rho-Hyuk, and Park Jong-Beum)  22. Facial Palsy and Asymmetries (Mauricio De Maio)  23. Hyperhidrosis and Other Dermatological Indications (Isaac Bodokh)   24. Other Dermatologic Indications (Doris Hexsel and Rosemari Mazzuco)  25. Surgical Combinations (Benjamin Ascher)  26. Combining Treatments with Chemical Peels (Marina Landau)  27. Complications and their Legal Implications (David Goldberg)  FILLERS  28. Pre-operative Care (Elisabeth Domergue Than Trong)   29. Lip Augmentation and Rejuvenation (Marina Landau)  30. Mesolift (Daphne Thioly-Bensoussan)  31. Face and Body Mesotherapy (Ghislaine Beilin)  32. Injectable Collagen (Claude Haroni and Gérard Flaguel)  33. Porcine Collagen and Agarose Gel (Daniel Cassuto)  34. Hyaluronic Acids (Benjamin Ascher)  35. Slowly Absorbable and Non-resorbable Filling Products (Patrick Bui)  36. Side Effects (Daphné Thioly-Bensoussan)  37. Fillers and Granuloma (Nelly Gauthier-Hazan and Gottfried Lemperle)  38. Cell Therapy in Cosmetic Surgery (Anne Boulemie)  VOLUMETRIC INJECTABLES  39. The Aging Face and Volumetry (Benjamin Ascher)  40. Adipose Tissue, Physiology and Regenerative Medicine (Béatrice Cousin, Valérie Planat, Guillaume Charrière, Patrick Laharrague, Audrey Charrière, Luc Pénicaud, and Louis Casteilla)  41. History of Fat Grafting in Plastic Surgery (Jean Louis Foyatier and Ali Mojallal)  42. Survival of Transplanted Adipocytes (Jean Louis Foyatier and Ali Mojallal)  43. Global Approach and Techniques of Fat Grafting (Jean Louis Foyatier and Ali Mojallal)  44. Facial Rejuvenation: Lipostructure and Other Techniques (Patrick Bui)  45. Chin Lipostructure (Amad Halabi)  46. Fat Injection in Facial Malformations and after Trauma (Jean Louis Foyatier and Ali Mojallal)  47. Applications in Breast and Thorax Reconstructive Surgery (Jean Louis Foyatier and Ali Mojallal)  48. Applications in Hip, Buttock and Other Parts of Limb Surgery (Gerhard Sattler)  49. Lower Limb Reconstructive Surgery (Jean Louis Foyatier and Ali Mojallal)  50. The Different Products and their Pharmacology (Pierre J Nicolau)  51. Side Effects and Contraindications (Pierre J Nicolau)


    Benjamin Ascher MD, Clinique Esthetic Iena, Paris, France

    Marina Landau MD, Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel

    Bernard Rossi MD, Clinique Mathilde, Rouen, France