1st Edition

Injection and Compression Molding Fundamentals

Edited By Avraam L. Isayev Copyright 1987

    This outstanding reference presents an up-to-date account of investigations during the last10 years in the area of injection and compression molding of polymers.Injection and Compression Molding Fundamentals considers simulation andexperimentation of flow dynamics in the cavity and delivery system . . . discussesrheology and viscoelastic modeling ... clarifies fiber orientation ... delineates residualstresses and processing-property relationships in molded parts ... and details computeraideddesign and manufacture of the mold.In addition, the book highlights specific features and problems related to the molding ofthermoplastics, rubbers, and thermosets ... and reveals the current status of the sciencebasedtechnology related to injection and compression molding.The most detailed and authoritative reference of its type, Injection and CompressionMolding Fundamentals is an invaluable resource for plastics, mechanical, andchemical engineers; colloid, oil, and color chemists; polymer engineers and scientists;mold designers and manufacturers; rheologists; and materials scientists. The book willalso be of value for use in graduate-level courses in plastics, mechanical, chemical, andpolymer engineering, and in short courses and seminars offered by professional societies.

    Preface, Introduction, Contributors, 1 Melt-Viscosity Characterization and Its Application to Injection Molding, 2. Flow of Polymeric Melts in Junture Regions of Injection Molding, 3. Orientation, Residual Stresses, and Volumetric Effects in Injection Molding, 4. Thermoset Injection Molding, 5. Rheological Behavior and Molding Technology of Elastomers, 6. Injection Molding of Rubber Compounds, 7. Compression Molding of Polymers and Composites, 8. Design of Mold Cooling System, 9. Computer-Aided Mold Design and Manufacturing, Author Index, Subject Index


    Avraam L. Isayev