1st Edition

Injury Prevention and Control

Edited By Dinesh Mohan, G.N. Tiwari Copyright 2000

    At least 5 million people die each year from injuries, and about half the deaths in the 10-24 age group are accountable to them. This is a major health problem for which a number of strategies for prevention and control can be developed.
    This book presents a series of the plenary and state-of-the-art presentations from the 5th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control. There is a focus on transportation, workplace, sport and leisure, and domestic sectors, and an exploration of the legal, medical, environmental, safety and governmental issues which play a part in the subject.
    Practitioners and researchers in a variety of activities, including epidemiology and public health, occupational health and safety, ergonomics and product design, medicine, criminology, engineering and physical sciences, and the behavioural sciences, should find this a useful and challenging work.

    1. Dinesh Mohan - Injury Control and Safety Promotion: Ethics, Science and Practice. 2. William Haddon, Jr - On the Escape of Tigers: An Ecological Note. 3. Susan P. Baker - Where Have We Been and Where are We Going With Injury Control? 4. Brian O'Neill - Reducing Injury Losses: What Private Insurers Can and Cannot Do. 5. Shrikant I. Bangdiwala - Methodlogical Considerations in the Analysis of Injury Data: A Challenge for the Injury Research Community. 6. Ted R. Miller - Assessing the Burden of Injury: Progress and Pitfalls. 7. Geetam Tiwari - Traffic Flow and Safety: Need for New Models for Heterogeneous Traffic. 8. Murray McKay - Folklore and Science in Traffic Safety: Some New Directions. 9. Dietmar Otte - Demands to Vehicle Design and Test Procedures for Injury Control of Vulnerable Road Users in Traffic Accidents. 10. James Hedlund - Risky Business: Safety Regulations, Risk Compensation and Individual Behaviour. 11. Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist - Aging and Transportation: Mobility and Safety? 12. Anne Tursz - Adolescents' Risk-taking Behaviour, Myth or Reality: Evidence from International Data. 13. James Nixon - Injury Prevention and Children's Rights. 14. Lief Svanstrom - Evidence-based Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion - State-of-the-art. 15. Mohamed Seedat - Community Psychology and Safety: A Psychospiritual Perspective. 16. A. K.(Dunu) Roy - Labour and Safety: Science, Technology and Society. 17. Wim Rogmans - Achievements in Consumer Product Safety and the Challenges of Globalization. 18. Mathew Varghese - Technologies, Therapies, Emotions and Empericism in Pre-hospital Care. 19. Etienne Krug - The Burden of Violence: An International Public Health Perpective. 20. Mark L. Rosenberg and James A. Mercy - A New Vision for Suicide Prevention: The Public Health Approach. 21. Emmanuel Rozental-Klinger - Barbarism and Solitude: Reflections on Globalization and Violence. O'Neill, Shrikant I. Bangdiwala, Ted R. Miller, Geetam Tiwari, Murray MacKay, Dietmar Otte, James Hedlund, Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist, Anne Tursz, James Nixon, Leif Svanstrom, Modamed Seedat, A.K(Dunu) Roy, Wim Rogmans, Mathew Varghese, Etienne Krug, Mark L. Rosenberg and James A. Mercy, Emmauel Rozental-Klinger.


    Dinesh Mohan, G.N. Tiwari