1st Edition

Innovate, Fund, Thrive The Entrepreneur's Playbook to VC Fundraising in Life Sciences

    226 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    226 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    226 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Entrepreneurs in life sciences face a unique set of challenges when raising funds. These encompass fundamental issues like navigating R&D risks and crafting a robust commercialization strategy, extending to more challenging hurdles like adeptly handling intellectual property issues, overseeing the regulatory development and approval processes, as well as coordinating extended and expensive phases of research and development.

    The authors present this book in two parts. In the first part, the focus is on getting ready to meet potential partners and investors and includes topics such as identifying the information organizations and start-ups need, collecting and collating that information, and building a compelling story. The second part provides a deep dive into the investor's perspective, offering insights into how proposals are evaluated, along with an exclusive glimpse into the due diligence journey. Additionally, the book reveals "Eight Classic Mistakes Life Science Entrepreneurs Make", offering valuable insights and lessons gained from the authors’ experiences.

    Although the book is divided into two parts, it maintains an interconnected approach. Both authors contribute insights based on their professional and personal experiences, offering feedback and perspectives throughout the book. Philippe provides his investor’s perspective on the preparation steps, while Jean-François shares his insights as an experienced entrepreneur, coach, and mentor. This collaborative approach enhances the depth and practicality of the guidance provided.

    Discover the art of preparing a compelling pitch, igniting excitement, and embarking on your path to fundraising success!

    About the Authors

    1. Overview of the Entrepreneur's Journey
    2. Basics of Market Research
    3. Basics of Product-Market Fit
    4. Basics of Intellectual Property Strategy
    5. Developing a Customer-Centric Approach
    6. Developing Your Business Model
    7. Preparing Your Pitch - The Presentation Deck
    8. Preparing your Pitch - The Story
    9. Identifying the Right Person to Pitch To
    10. The Venture Capitalist’s Rulebook to Investing
    11. The Art of Negotiating with VCs
    12. Eight Classic Mistakes Life Science Entrepreneurs Make
    13. How the World Changed Following COVID-19
    14. Challenges in Commercialization for Life Sciences Innovations
    15. Final Words



    Jean-François Denault has been working with entrepreneurs in life sciences as a professional consultant for over 20 years. He has worked with over 75 different clients in life sciences (including larger companies such as J&J, P&G, AbbVie, Denka Seiken, and Novo Nordisk) as well as numerous innovative start-ups. He specializes on marketing strategy, commercialization, business modeling and business development. His clients are located all over the world, and has completed projects with clients in over 25 different countries. Jean-Francois also works (and volunteers) as a coach and mentor for several programs and accelerators, such as the HEC-Montreal University, NextAI, the European Institute of Technology and Innovation as well as ConnectInnov, a life science incubator located in Tunisia. He is the author of both the “Handbook of Market Research for Life Sciences” (Winner of the Outstanding Business Reference Sources Award (2018)) and the “Handbook of Marketing Strategy for Life Sciences”.

    Philippe Tramoy has been working in life sciences with wide-ranging responsibilities for over 20 years. He started research on a gene linked to leukemia and apoptosis. He worked 4 years for a U.S.-based contract manufacturing organisation (CMO), acquired by Rhodia, as Business Development Manager for EMEA. Later, he founded and managed a European market and business intelligence company. He is Partner for a Deep Tech fund at one of the European leaders in venture capital. He is also board member of life science companies such as Pep-Therapy, CryoCapCell, Scipio Biosciences, myBrain Technologies, and Aenitis Technologies. Philippe also participates as jury member or speaker for several programs and organisations such as MSC X-HEC Entrepreneur, iPHD launched by the French Government and Bpifrance. He is the author of market research reports on various topics (microalgae market, European contract biomanufacturing market, cytostatic compounds, Alzheimer disease, private equity “the business of building business”.