1st Edition

Innovation, Communication and Engineering

Edited By Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen Prior, Artde Lam Copyright 2014

    This volume represents the proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Innovation, Communication and Engineering (ICICE 2013). This conference was organized by the China University of Petroleum (Huadong/East China) and the Taiwanese Institute of Knowledge Innovation, and was held in Qingdao, Shandong, P.R. China, October 26 - November 1, 2013. The conference received 653 submitted papers from 10 countries, of which 214 papers were selected by the committees to be presented at ICICE 2013. The conference provided a unified communication platform for researchers in a wide range of fields from information technology, communication science, and applied mathematics, to computer science, advanced material science, design and engineering. This volume enables interdisciplinary collaboration between science and engineering technologists in academia and industry as well as networking internationally. Consists of a book of abstracts (260 pp.) and a USB flash card with full papers (912 pp.).

    Advanced material science & engineering

    Investigation on optical properties of titanium dioxide films from TiO2 and Ti3O5 starting materials annealed at various temperatures
    S.-C. Shei

    A visible-blind Mg-doped ZnO nanorods photosensor
    S.J. Young, Y.H. Liu, T.H. Meen,W.Water, C.H. Hsiao & L.W. Ji

    Preparation of thin Palladium composite membrane by an ultrasound-assisted electroless deposition technique
    Y.-T. Chou, P.-H. Hsu, K.-S. Hsu, J.-M. Chen, M.-C.Wei, Y.-C. Yang & T.-C. Huang

    High strain rate shear characteristic and fracture feature of inconel 690 alloy
    T.H. Chen, T.H. Fang &T.C. Cheng

    Optimization of composite laminates by a genetic algorithm
    S.-F. Hwang &Y.-C. Hsu

    Synthesis and characterization of CuInSe2 thin film via a low temperature solid state reaction from CuSe and InSe powders
    K.-C. Hsu, J.-D. Liao, P.-Y. Lin,W.-C. Huang, I.-T. Tang & Y.-S. Fu

    Effects of UV illumination on oxygen detection for ZnO film prepared by thermally oxidized Zn on sapphire substrate C.-C. Yu, Y.-T. Hsu,W.-H. Lan, M.-C. Shih, J.-H. Hong, K.-F. Huang & C.-J. Huang

    Using Taguchi method for prepared gel electrolyte and applied in the dye-sensitized solar cells
    W.D. Hsu, J.-K. Tsai, T.-C.Wu, J.-S. Zhou, J.-L. Li, J.-H. Liao & T.-H. Meen

    Thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 thin films prepared by thermal evaporation method
    J.-M. Lin, Y.-C. Chen, C.-P. Lin, C.-Y.Wen,W.-T. Chang, J.-S. Fan & C.-M.Wang

    Self-assembly and gelation mechanism of poly(3-hexylthiophene) polymer chains in xylene solution
    J.-H. Chen, Y.-H. Cheng & L.-C. Chen

    Annealing effect on the optical and electrical properties of Al-doped ZnO transparent conducting films
    C.Y. Kung, F.H.Wang, C.L. Huang, T.T. Lin & S.L. Young

    Optimization of small molecule organic solar cells based on Boron Subphthalocyanine Chloride (SubPc) and fullerene (C60)
    J.-C. Ke, Y.-H.Wang, C.-J. Huang, P.-H. Huang & C.-C. Kang

    Effect of multi-trapping layers on high color stability of white organic light-emitting diode (WOLED)
    K.-L. Chen, C.-J. Huang, F.-Y. Lin, D.-W. Chou, T.-H. Meen,W.-R. Chen & C.-H. Chen

    A study on the influence of cooling processing on residual stress in carbon fiber reinforcement polymer during the curing process of composite laminates
    C.-C. Chiang, L. Tsai &V.V. Thuyet

    Using the Taguchi methodology for optimizing of porosity formation in automobile starter motor casing in pressure die casting
    Q.-C. Hsu &A.T. Do

    Effect of alkaline sources on the characteristics and photovoltaic performance of vertical ZnO nanorods-based dye sensitized solar cells
    L.-C. Chen, G.-W.Wang, S.-W. Li & J.-H. Chen

    Surface hardening of Ti-15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn alloy after cyclic hydrogenation and subsequent solution treatment
    C.-L. Huang, Y.-J. Gao, T.-L. Chuang, C.-J. Kuo & T.-I.Wu

    Co-sensitization effect of orgnic/inorganic dyestuffs in dye-sensitized photovoltaic cells
    C.-L. Lee,W.-H. Lee & C.-H. Yang

    Fabrication of open-end TiO2 nanotubes arrays on front-illuminated dye-sensitized solar cells
    S.-M. Chao, T.-H. Meen, Y.-T. Jhuo, J.-K. Tsai, T.-C.Wu, K.-C. Lee, C.-T. Ho, L.-W. Ji & C.-J. Huang

    Triazoloisoquinoline based co-adsorbent in dye-sensitized photovoltaic cells
    C.-L. Lee,W.-H. Lee & C.-H. Yang

    Sn/3.0Ag/0.5Cu tin ball tensile creep test
    C.-M. Hsu, A.-d. Lin & J.-H. Kuang

    Structures of polyethylene (PE) chains in the square and triangle array SWCNT matrixes
    Y.-C.Wang, S.-P. Ju, G.-J. Huang, S.-C. Huang, H.-Z. Cheng, J.-S. Lin & H.-Y. Chen

    Synthesis of thick DLC film by hot filament assisted magnetron sputtering
    L.-C. Lin, S.-Y.Wu, Y.-J. Gao, C.-L. Huang &V.K.S. Hsiao

    Properties of as-deposited AZO films made by RF magnetron sputtering
    N.F. Shih, S.L. Young, B.J. Chen, P.C. Yao, T.T. Lin & C.Y. Kung

    Characteristics of UV photosensors with TiO2 nanorods
    L.-W. Ji,W.-S. Shih, H.W. Shiu, C.-H. Huang, C.-H. Liu & Y.F. Chen

    Analysis of transparency conducting AZO films by DC magnetron sputtering
    N.F. Shih, S.L. Young, B.J. Chen, P.C. Yao, T.T. Lin & C.Y. Kung

    Investigate the characteristics of Bi2O3-added 0.35 (K0.5Bi0.5TiO3)-0.65 BaTiO3 ceramics
    Y.-H. Lin, P.-S. Cheng, C.-G. Kuo,W.-J. Chiang & C.-F. Yang

    Mechanical properties and Cd-free buffer layer for CIGS solar cell
    T.-H. Fang, Y.-J. Hsiao & C.-H. Lu

    Communication science & engineering

    The effect of tip-lens on coupling efficiency of plastic optical fiber coupler
    J.-H. Kuang, C.-H. Yin, K.-Y. Chang & P.-C. Chen

    Implement the tracking and management system applied to mobile medical monitoring instruments in ward nursing station
    C.-C. Chen, P.-J. Chen, K.-H. Chuang & L.-C. Hsiao

    Dual-band meandered loop antenna for WLAN Dongle application
    W.-S. Chen, C.-M. Cheng, D.-H. Lee, C.-L. Ciou,W.-S. Sin & G.-Y. Cai

    A printed PIFA antenna for mobile handset application
    W.-S. Chen, C.-M. Cheng, D.-H. Lee, C.-K.Wang, C.-Y.Wu & J.-Y. Chang

    Dual-band loop antenna on soft contact lens for wireless ocular physiological monitoring
    C.H. Luo, S.H. Ting, B.M. Jeng,W.S. Chen & J.C. Chiou

    A SVM and RSSI model for in-hospital LBS technology
    T. Pan, C.-C. Shen, J.-C. Chang &Y.-F. Su

    A fiber optic grating array sensor system for the bridge monitoring
    T.-C. Liang, J.-L.Wu &Y.-L. Lin

    Study on a fiber-optic sensor for debris flow monitoring system
    T.-C. Liang, J.-L.Wu &Y.-L. Lin

    CPW-fed monopole dual-band ceramic substrate antenna with meandered SIR loading and ellipse defected ground plane
    C.F. Yang,W.S. Chen, C.K.Wang, C.M. Cheng & Z.W. Jhang

    Exploring the relationship between website interactivity and user experience
    Y.-H. Tu

    Phase diversity method embedded with optical CDMA on radio-over-fiber transmissions
    C.T. Yen & H.C. Cheng

    Design of a smartphone system for calculating calorie consumption by considering altitude information
    K.C. Lin, C.L. Chao, T. Erdene, M. Batzorig, Y.F. Chen, C.M. Tseng & P.J. Chen

    Understanding the effectiveness of BIS parametric model for monitoring sedation and depth of anesthesia in pediatric surgery
    H.-Y. Lee & C.-H. Yeng

    Development of active directional antennae for use in small UAVs
    Y. Guo & S.D. Prior

    Computer science & information technology

    Recreational devices controlled using an SSVEP-based Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
    S.C. Chen, A.R. See, C.H. Yeng, Y.J. Chen & C.K. Liang

    Understanding users’ intentions to continue using social media: The role of cognitive absorption, social network, social presence
    M.-H. Hsu, L.-W. Chuang, S.-P. Chiu & W.-C. Chu

    The implementation of contrast media injection control and monitoring systems in the department of radiology of medical center
    H.-C. Yao, C.-H. Yeng,W.-S. Tzeng, G. Shu & P.-J. Chen

    A study on auction strategy for keyword search
    C.H. Hsu, S.C. Chen, C.H. Yeng, S.H. Chen, M.C. Hung & H.J. Ho

    A feasibility study of unity3D interactive engine development
    K.-S. Hsu, P.-Y. Lai, J.-F. Jiang, H.-Y.Wei, Y.-J. Chen & T.-H. Lee

    An objective identification of spectral distinctiveness on acoustic cue to subjects with hearing loss
    Y.J. Chen, M.D. Lee, J.L.Wu, H.M. Yang & Y.H. Lin

    A novel hybrid fuzzy FDM, AHP, TOPSIS approach for successful serious game design and evaluation framework
    C.-H. Su, K.T.-K. Chen & K.-K. Fan

    The dynamic investigation in the subject of science and technology for elementary school students
    T.-S. Lan, Y.-H. Lan, K.-L. Chen, P.-C. Chen & W.-C. Lin

    Design of a fall detection system based on wireless sensor network
    M.-C. Chen, Y.-W. Chiu, C.-H. Chen, Y.-H. Tang & E.-J. Chen

    The research of the self cognitive body figure and the healthy concepts influencing the BMI of children
    T.-S. Lan, K.-L. Chen, P.-C. Chen, C.-T. Ku, P.-H. Chiu & M.-H.Wang

    New approach to cloud-based enterprise resource planning system
    B.R. Chang, J.-C. Cheng, C.-M. Chen, C.-F. Huang & H.-F. Tsai

    An exploration of security and privacy among cloud computing
    C.-Y. Chen & J.-F. Tu

    An assessment of masses regards to shape
    C.Y.O. Yang, C.S. Lo, S.W. Chan, S.K. Lee & R.F. Chang

    The exploratory study on students’ motivation of using human-computer interaction technology: An empirical study of second life for virtual reality
    S.-H. Kuo & C.Y. Shih

    Constructing an interactive multimedia lesson plan that fits in teaching scene
    L.-C. Lee, C.-H.Wu & K.-M. Yang

    Unity3D game-based learning system
    J.-C. Chen, C.-T. Hsu, M.-H. Chiang &Y.-J. Jiang

    An efficient framework for winning prediction in real-time strategy game competitions
    C.-J. Hsu, S.-S. Hung, J.T. Chen, D. Tsaih & J.-J. Tsay

    Electrical & electronic engineering

    Improved mechanism of Ni/Au schottky contact on surface treated ZnO film
    R.H. Chang, K.C. Yang, S.L. Yao, D.S. Liu, T.H. Chen, L.W. Lai & T.H. Lee

    Impact of a photovoltaic system to voltage variation and power losses on distribution feeders
    W.-L. Hsieh, C.-H. Lin, C.-S. Chen, C.-T. Hsu, C.-Y. Ho & H.-J. Chuang

    Design of 3.1–10.6 GHz UWB CMOS LNA using RC feedback and self-body bias technology
    Y.-C. Hsieh, M.-T. Hsu & W.-L. Huang

    Various nanopillars on GaN-based LED to enhace light-extraction efficiency by SILAR method
    S.-C. Shei

    Improvement of current blocking for GaN-based LEDs by treatments of Ar plasma on p-GaN surface
    X.F. Zeng, S.J. Chang, H.M. Lo & S.-C. Shei

    Enhanced light-extraction efficiency in GaN-based light-emitting diodes via nanopillars on roughened surface
    X.F. Zeng, S.J. Chang & S.-C. Shei

    Development of a hub motor with an integrated transmission hub for electric bicycles
    Y.-C.Wu & Z.-H. Sun

    Design of low voltage and low power 0.32V 0.4mW based on current reuse VCO with transformer feedback and body-biasing techniques
    M.-T. Hsu,W.-J. Li &Y.-R. Qiu

    Determination of thrust drop for high speed maglev train driven by linear synchronous motor
    W.-T. Tseng &Y.-T. Chang

    The simulation of software-defined nonlinear multi-stage rectifier and power matching for wireless power transmission
    W.-C. Lin, K.-Y. Lo, C.-L. Pan & C.-H. Chang

    Light rail transit systems impact on the unbalance of the distribution system
    C.-T. Hsu, H.-M. Huang, T.-J. Cheng & L.-J. Tsai

    A wisdom LED street lamp system combining with power and solar cells
    S.-F.Wang, B.-S. Huang, S.-R. Lay, Y. Chu, Y.-P. Liao, F.-H. Kao & A.-L. Liu

    Investigation of modulation strategies for three-phase three-level rectifier applications
    M.-T. Tsai, C.-L. Chu, C.-M. Mi, J.-Y. Jhang & B.-J. Jiang

    Design and implementation of a micro-inverter for grid-connected applications
    M.-T. Tsai, C.-L. Chu, C.-M. Mi, Y.-Y. Sie & J.-Y. Lin

    A novel ohmic contact method for Al/n-Si by inserting ultra-thin LiF
    N.-F.Wang, Y.-Z. Tsai, Y.-S. Cheng, M.-H. Chien & F.-H. Hsu

    Design of photo detectors for measuring solar power
    Y.-N. Chang

    Design of dimmable LED lighting sets with three windings multiple transformers
    H.-L. Cheng, C.-H. Chang, Y.-N. Chang, D.-C. Huang, C.-M. Kuo & S.-Y. Chan

    Hybrid grey model for Taiwan electronic product forecasting
    H.-L.Wong &W.-H. Tang

    Realization of a three-axis motion control system based on DSP and FPGA
    Y.-S. Kung, J.-M. Lin & H.-H. Chou

    Motion control of meal-assistance based on a five-axis modular robot arm
    Y.-S. Kung, M.-S.Wang, C.-M. Huang, B.T.H. Linh &T.-H. Jung

    Application of Genetic Algorithm in optimal robotic path planning
    S.S.-D. Xu, Y.-P.Wu &T.-C. Chang

    Gesture motion based interactive control system for humanoid robots
    M.Y. Shieh, J.S. Chiou, N.S. Pai & J.H. Li

    IoT applied in data transceiver
    J.-F. Tu & C.-Y. Chen

    Visual control of a stair-climbing robot
    M.-S.Wang, C.-M. Mi &Y.-M. Tu

    Adaptive fuzzy CMAC controller design for tracking of four-wheeled omnidirectional mobile robot
    T.-F.Wu, H.-C. Huang, S.S.-D. Xu & N.-T. Hu

    Effects of deposition power on the properties of the heterojunction diode based on a NiO/GZO bi-layer structure
    F.-H.Wang, C.-C. Huang & C.-F. Yang

    A machine learning approach to dynamic programming for stochastic process of speech recognition
    I.-J. Ding, C.-T. Yen & Y.-M. Hsu

    Mechanical & automation engineering

    Using CC-Link industrial communication on the implementation of motor HMI monitoring in lab practice
    Y.-M. Lee & K.-S. Hsu

    Micro-orifice structure fabricated using a one-step undercut etching technique for ultra-small water and chitosan droplets formations
    C.-H. Lin, C.-H. Lan & C.-H. Yang

    Optical fiber concentration sensor based on whispering gallery mode interference
    C.-C. Chiang, J.-C. Chao & C.-Y. Chien

    Design and fabrication of the piezoelectric actuator with double pushers
    S.-J. Chang & J. Chen

    Construction of the control system of cleaning robots with vision guidance
    T.-S. Lan, L.-J. Yeh, M.-C. Chiu &Y.-X. Hwang

    Ultrasound for optimizing dark-fermentation hydrogen production
    S.-Y. Hsia, Y.-T. Chou & C.-H.Wang

    Noise analysis of wagon transportation
    S.-Y. Hsia, Y.-T. Chou & J.-W. Cheng

    Effect of preforms on extrusion die filling of micro brass pin
    S.-Y. Hsia, C.-C. Chang,W.-S. Huang & Y.-C. Kuo

    Intelligent vision-based trajectory planning for spray painting using manipulator
    C.C. Peng, H.Y. Lin, Y.C. Peng, K.S. Hsu & M.G. Her

    Seawater desalination using electrodialysis process
    C.-R. Chen, S.-W. Perng & H.-Y. Chang

    The design and fabrication of a two-axis solar heat collection tracker for stirling engine applications
    T.C. Cheng,W.S. Lin, T.H. Chen, T.H. Fang & W.P. Chen

    Design optimization on the lower arm of motorcycle chassis using laminated structure with foam-core material
    Y.-T. Chou, S.-Y. Hsia & B.-W. Lee

    Delay pressure detection method to eliminate pump pressure interference on the downhole mud pressure signals
    Y. Shen, L. Zhang, S. Cui, Y. Su, L. Sheng & L. Li

    A novel application for enlarge focus area based on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) probe with a high directivity structure design
    Y.L. Yu, Y.T. Chao, J.Y. Yen, C.J. Hsu, M. Kam, M.C. Ho, Y.Y. Chen & F.L. Lian

    Dynamics stress analysis for a high rigidity bendable Minimal Invasive Surgical (MIS) instrument design
    Y.T. Chao, Y.L. Yu, J.Y. Yen, M. Kam, C.J. Hsu, S.T. Liu, M.C. Ho, Y.Y. Chen & F.L. Lian

    Effects of heat loss and friction on the performance of an air standard dual cycle
    J.-C. Lin & S.-S. Hou

    Performance characteristics of multi-port gas burners
    S.-S. Hou & C.-H. Chou

    Nonlinear vibration analysis of platform due to the base periodic excitation
    S.-M. Lin,W.-R.Wang, Y.-J.Wang & T.-C. Chen

    Strength analysis of blade of a vertical wind generator
    S.-M. Lin,W.-R.Wang, M.-J. Teng, C.-J. Lee, S.-J. Lee & Y.-C. Kuo

    A study of automatic welding system for spatial position measurement
    J.-C. Lin & K. Lee

    An optimization study of Coandã wall jet phenomena
    V. Inthasuwan, S.D. Prior & R. Collins

    Green technology & architecture engineering Effects of heat on building materials
    C.-R. Chen, H.-M. Chou, T.-N.Wu & A. Sharma

    Analysis of indoor sound propagation using finite element method
    S.-Y. Hsia &Y.-T. Chou

    Numerical simulation and design strategy for wind environments: A case study of the typical Southern Fujian village
    Y. Miao & S.-C. Chiou

    The establishment for home-ventilation soundproof walls by the nature-landscape basis model
    L.L. Chung, Y.L. Yu, Y.T. Chao, M. Kam, S.T. Liu &Y.C. Fan

    A structural design for soundproof ventilational environment with high performance and no energy consumption
    Y.L. Yu, L.C. Lee, Y.T. Chao, Y.C. Fan & C.J. Hsu

    Efficiency improvement of a diffusive solar cell window by optimizing the diffusion plate design with optical simulation
    C.W. Lai, R.T. Chen, T.C. Lin & C.C. Kang

    Research on bamboo craft development from perspective of green design
    H.-C. Chen, J.-C. Tu & S.-S. Guang

    Electric field analysis for a novel dual-electrode plug with low ignition voltage requirement
    C.L. Shen, J.-C. Su & T.-C. Liang

    Study of green building indicators in Taiwan sport stadiums
    P.-I. Lin

    A study of constructing the green indoors sustainable aquatic center
    Y.-H. Chou, K.-Y. Liu & T.-H. Liu

    High conductive and transparent poly(3,4-thylenedioxythiophene): poly(styrenesulfonate) films by adding the sulfuric acid in solar cell
    T.-H. Meen, Y.-H. Chen,W.-R. Chen,W.Water, K.-L. Chen, D.-W. Chou & C.-J. Huang

    Application of power electronics technology in renewable energy generation systems
    Q.-P. Luan, Y. Li, S. Zhang & P.-X. Luan

    Using web-based service to enhance communications in design process
    K.-H.Wen & A.D.K.-T. Lam

    Innovation design & creative design

    A study on the evaluation of sleeping effect for the photo-induced biofeedback fabric
    W.-C. Chu, H.-J. Lin & S.-P. Chiu

    Usability evaluation and investigation of subjective satisfaction of the online publishing software interface
    Y.-J. Lee & C.-J. Lin

    A study on information visualization with smart living technology – example by an interactive product “Serenity”
    P. Hsu & C.-M.Wang

    A study on the integration of holograms and package display technology
    Y.-L. Huang, P.-T. Ko, M.-H. Huang, P.-C. Chung & Y.-H. Chen

    Construction of innovative service system dresses for wedding photography
    J.-C. Tu & C.-L. Hu

    Exploration on the use of recycled plastic bottles for toy development
    J.-C. Tu & H.-S. Huang

    Application of CAN bus monitoring system for Ford Mustang cluster
    Y.-M. Lee, K.-S. Hsu & S.-B. Chang

    A learning achievement prediction model for meaningful learning designs
    K.-K. Fan, C.-H. Su, S.-Y. Deng &W.-J.Wang

    Employing logistic service model in eco-design modular furniture system
    P.C.-H. Huang, P.T.K. Hwang, G.-H. Kao &T.-J. Hsieh

    Investigating Novel Applications of the Coanda Effect for Small Morphing Unmanned Aircraft
    S.-T. Shen & S.D. Prior

    An analysis on Kenyahara and “void” design concept of MUJI
    X. Fan

    Fabrication of an 3D aspherical microlens for OLED with PDMS modified using a dry etching process
    Y.C. Chen, C.T. Pan, H.C.Wu, P.H. Lin, F.T. Hsu,W.C. Li & C.T. Pan

    A UTV hand tool measure the BMD of Calcaneus—A simulation model
    C.-H. Chang, I. Her & I.-T. Tang

    A study on Julia sets to generate visual aesthetic fractal patterns
    A.D.K.-T. Lam, G.-F. She, Z.-Q. Lin & Z.-W. Cai

    A study on network platform of corporate strategy
    Y.-L. Hsu, P.-L. Chang & D. Lin

    A research of assistive devices’ design by using QFD – positioning chairs for CP children as example
    I.-J. Sung &T.-L. Lin

    Persuasive design aid for products leading to happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle
    L.H. Shih &W.S. He

    An extensive QFD procedure for bicycle innovative design
    C.T.Wu, M.H. Shao & C.S.Wu

    Investigating performance and preference for novel 2D and 3D bookmark user interfaces
    S.-T. Shen & S.D. Prior

    Enjoy aging: Blending cultural creativity with technology
    T.Y. Chang, K.L. Huang & F.W. Tung

    Driving technological innovation through collaboration with design professionals
    F.W. Tung, Y.P. Chou &T.Y. Chang

    The appearance innovation of convenience store figurines in Taiwan
    M.T.Wang & C.C. Lai

    Industrial design & design theory

    Apply web-based analytic tool in stapler product form design
    S.-Y. Huang & C.-P. Kuo

    Application of content analysis method in constructing evaluation indicators of design students’ competitive advantage
    J.-C. Tu, S.-P. Chiu,W.-C. Chu & L.-W. Chuang

    Head and neck support for cabin seat
    G.-H. Kao, T.K.P. Hwang & P.C.-H. Huang

    User autonomy: Creative experience in the process of interaction
    P.-L. Chang, D. Lin & Y.-L. Hsu

    A study on the consumer purchasing behavior and visual focus of DSLR digital cameras
    J.-S. Lin & S.-Y. Huang

    Decision-making mode of sustainable product development under EuP (Eco-Design Requirements for Energy-using Product) directive
    J.-C. Tu, K.-C. Lin & Y.-C. Huang

    The affective meanings influencing aesthetic preferences
    S.-C. Tung, S.-M. Huang & W.-J. Li

    The comparison of exploring realism between various model types on car styling design
    K.-M. Chen

    An interactive influential model of sustainable product development under corporate social responsibility in Taiwan
    J.-C. Tu, Y.-C. Huang & C.-Y. Hsu

    A novel design of lateral coachwork for noise reduction of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
    L.C. Lee, Y.L. Yu, Y.T. Chao, C.J. Hsu, S.T. Liu & Y.C. Fan

    Customer-oriented product design using an innovative integral scheme based on Kansei engineering and Kano model
    K.C.Wang & F.R. Ju

    Computational-fluid-dynamics simulation for charged-membrane filtration with spacer design 631
    Y.-H. Cheng, W.-C. Tsai & S.-H. Cheng

    An initial study on the attitudes of NewYoung-Olds in Taiwan towards electronic pets
    K.C.K. Lee & W.L. Tang

    Pattern search and style analysis for the design of comic figures
    B.-S. Lin & S.-T. Tsai

    Study on development strategy of sustainable product design in product service system: Using ASUS technology products as an example
    H.-Y. Chen & J.-C. Tu

    Exploring emotional design of user’s needs – green products as example
    T.-L. Lin &W.-Y. Tai

    Design management for positive creativity
    D.-B. Luh

    Cultural & creative research

    On the relations between the colour of museum collection derivation commodity and its cultural connotation: A case study of theWooden Deity of the Lord Tiger
    M.-Y. Hsu & S.-S. Guan

    The development and creating methods in digital ink painting
    D. Lin, P.L. Chang & Y.L. Hsu

    A study of the experimental teaching on sense of space and stereo visual illusion
    Y.-L. Huang

    A study of cultural and creative commodity innovation in the design business of the indicator
    P.-H. Yang & M.-C. Ho

    On the graphic ornamental pattern of the Kinmen traditional architecture
    C.-S. Tseng & Y.-F. Chen

    On the geometric arrangement ofWufeng and Banqiao Lin family Mansion and Garden in Taiwan
    C.-S. Tseng & Y.-Y.Wang

    Discussion on the research model of traditional settlement from the perspective of cultural routes—Take Tai-MIN area for instance
    Y. Miao & Y.-H.Weng

    Development of medical care in southern Taiwan – Medical College and Hospital National Cheng Kung University in case
    W.-H. Ting

    Kunishima Suiba’s comic illustrations of Taiwan: The presentations of colonized culture under Japanese colonial rule
    H.-Y. Lin & Ph.D.L. Peng

    The development of Taiwan’s Siraya local industries – learning fromYomitan village, Okinawa
    L.-H. Peng, C.-Y. Pan & T.-H.Wei

    Establishing principles and model of sustainable product development for enterprises under rental consumption of the product service system in Taiwan
    J.-C. Tu & Y.-C. Huang

    The classics-reading education modeling exploration for elementary schools in Taiwan through an application of CORPS framework
    C.-A. Tang, D.-S. Lin, L.-C. Chang & K.-M. Chen

    A study on design of manipulation of Shadow Puppet Game-based learning with Kinect Technique
    K.-K. Fan & P.-W. Hsiao

    Research on the methods of building brand image from the multimedia perspective
    Q. Li & H. Zhang

    A study on digital value-added applications of Chinese calligraphic fonts
    A.D.K.-T. Lam, K.-H.Wen & Y.-Y. Lee

    Examining artistic commodity design through the shift between art and design
    M.-H. Hsieh & S.-S. Guan

    The research of interactive performance with puppet in digital technology environment
    S.-M. Tseng & C.-M.Wang

    Interaction of space-time effect between De Qi of acupuncture and cerebral cortex–the clinical application in combined treatment of acupuncture, steroid and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in sudden deafness
    J.-J.Wen, H.-M. Chou, C.-K. Lee & H.-C. Lee

    A discussion on trademark designs of Taiwan’s popular designer fashion labels
    T.-C. Kuo, H.-C. Chang &Y.-L. Huang

    Tackling the myth about the Chinese translation of the word “religion” by means of etymological analysis
    J.-W. Yu & H.-M. Chou

    Preliminary investigation into the roadside banquet culture in Taiwan
    C.-Y. Lin, H.-M. Chou & H.-Y. Chen

    Symbolic analysis and metaphorical character of ancient Chinese lighting fixtures
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    Lotus born from silt: Drawing from TangYa Lay’s works to explore the use of reservoir silt in ceramics
    C.-W. Pai & L.-C. Tsai

    Creative sales for fruit vinegar – A market example based on Tang Po Vinegar
    H.-L. Kao, L.-C. Tsai & H.-C. Chang

    The creatively innovation of Shanghai-style Cheongsam in Taiwan – citing Londee and Shiatzy as examples
    H.-H. Lo, H.-M. Chou & M.-T. Tsai

    A study on development of industries related to Agarwood – taking Pingtung region in Taiwan as an example
    L.-C. Chin, H.-M. Chou & Y.-L. Huang

    Applied mathematics

    Stabilization of a class of singularly perturbed bilinear systems: Composite state-feedback control
    C.-J.Wang & J.-S. Chiou

    On iterative method for hierarchical fixed points problems and variational inequality problems
    Y.-C. Liou

    Management science

    System’s marginal benefit from recycling and integration
    P.C. Yang & X.C. Lai

    Innovation management for precision machinery industry courses
    C.Y. Shih

    Independent directors and earnings management
    C.-Y. Hsu &Y.-C. Yang

    Development of sports center construction indicators
    P.-I. Lin

    A study of Grey Markov forecasting model – forecasting the trend of financial turmoil – the research analysis of Taiwan IC assembly industry
    L.-C. Lin & S.-Y.Wu


    Study of magnetic properties on magnetic nanostructures array with different pore distances
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    Phase Change Material (PCMs) apply for high load gearbox improving peak heat load capacity
    C.-R. Chen & T.-N.Wu

    Simulation of drying chamber using different heat transfer/storage materials
    H.-M. Chou, C.-R. Chen, T.-N.Wu & A. Sharma

    The detection of biomolecules using self-assembled microspheres in an immunoassay
    C.-H. Chen, H.-S. Lin & J.R. Carey

    Application of information graphics in children’s perceptions of unsafe act causing fires
    F.-S. Lin & C.-P. Hsieh

    The standardization of artificial emotion based on ontology
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    Use a simple ultrasound tool to measure jaw bone – a porcine model
    C.-H. Chang, I. Her & I.-T. Tang

    Investigation of the sensing characteristics of TFBAR in liquid media
    Y.-C. Chen,W.-T. Chang, J.-M. Lin, J.-M. Jiang, C.-C. Cheng & K.-S. Kao

    An experimental study on thermal contact resistance between the AlN film and the copper specimen
    H.-M. Chou, J.-C.Wang & Y.-P. Chang

    Effects of nitride on friction and wear of low carbon alloy steel – SCM415
    Y.-P. Chang, G.Wang, L.-M. Chu & Y.-C. Hwang

    A study on wear and thermal expansion for the materials of drive elements after the heat treatments with deep cryogenic treatment
    Y.-P. Chang, J.-H. Horng, L.-M. Chu & Y.-C. Hwang

    Self-oscillating push-pull high-voltage generator for a vehicle shock-absorber with electro-rheological fluid in a suspension system
    C.-L. Shen, T.-C. Liang & C.-C.Wang

    EEG coherence analysis to discriminate normal aging and MCI
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    Study on a widespread diffuse cross-frequency interactive effects on compensation and connectivity by the bispectral analysis
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    The preliminary study of early church architecture development of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
    Y.-F. Chen & C.-K. Nieh

    Applying and developing E-learning to talents management
    S.-Y. Ho, H.-J. Fu & Y.-Y. Lin

    Personality traits influences on the knowledge sharing of faculty in the universities
    K.-S. Chang & S.-L. Lin

    The study of digital camera consumer’s purchasing behavior
    F.-K. Hung, Y.-C. Lu & C.-L. Yang

    To escape singular positions on parallel milling machine by ACO method
    J.-C. Lin, Y.-M. Chang, Y.-S. Chen & C.-C. Chang

    Exploring the relationship within personal characteristics, aims and reasons of learning in further education by associating rule mining
    W.-C. Tsai

    A creative teaching strategies of consulting team teachers
    P.-Y. Chuang, S.-L. Ching & F.-M. Liu

    Competition and cooperation on freight between Hong Kong and Inland
    C.-M. Chang

    Author index


    Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen Prior, Artde Lam