1st Edition

Innovation in Design, Communication and Engineering Proceedings of the 2014 3rd International Conference on Innovation, Communication and Engineering (ICICE 2014), Guiyang, Guizhou, P.R. China, October 17-22, 2014

    This volume represents the proceedings of the 2014 3rd International Conference on Innovation, Communication and Engineering (ICICE 2014). This conference was held in Guiyang, Guizhou, P.R. China, October 17-22, 2014. The conference provided a unified communication platform for researchers in a wide range of fields from information technology, communication science, and applied mathematics, to computer science, advanced material science, design and engineering. This volume enables interdisciplinary collaboration between science and engineering technologists in academia and industry as well as networking internationally. Consists of a book of abstracts and a USB flash card with full papers.

    Advanced material science & engineering
    The characteristic of Ga-doped ZnO nanorods photodetectors
    S.-J. Young, C.-L. Chiou, T.-H. Meen, Y.-H. Liu & L.-W. Ji
    Deposition of In2O3-Al2O3-SnO2 (IATO) transparent conduction thin films using non-vacuum method
    C.-C. Diao, C.-I. Chuang, S.-M. Huang, C.-F. Yang, S.-M. Wu & Y.-T. Hsieh
    Deposition of ZnO-In2O3-Ga2O3 (IGZO) thin films by using Spray Coating Method
    C.-G. Kuo, I.-C. Lin, C.-I. Chuang, C.-F. Yang, H.-Y. Yang & C.-C. Wu
    Growth of Fe2O3 thin films and Fe2O3-doped ZnO micron-flower by using modified Spray Coating Method
    C.-Y. Chen, S.-M. Huang, I.-C. Lin, C.-F. Yang, S.-M. Wu & Y.-T. Hsieh
    Green molding compounds for encapsulating microelectronic devices
    C.-C. Su, C.-F. Yang, P.-L. Wu & S.-M. Wu
    Investigation of a plastic injected container of PCM for temperature rapid–balancing and long–maintaining
    C.-R. Chen & T.-N. Wu
    Study on using commercial touch panel film as the gate electrode for ISFET-based pH sensor
    Y.-C. Wu, S.-J. Wu & C.-H. Lin
    Thermoelectric properties of the difference between Zn3.9Sb3 and Zn4Sb3
    B.-J. Tsai & K.-C. Cheng
    Investigation of effective parameters on mechanical property in nanoindentation of polymer/carbon nanotubes nanocomposite using square representative volume element
    M.-T. Le & S.-C. Huang
    The performance of polymer solar cells by various fabrication parameters and ITO
    J.-C. Ke, Y.-H. Wang, K.-L. Chen, C.-J. Huang, N.-L. Shih & C.-H. Chen
    The impact on ITO by wet etching for flexible organic solar cells
    P.-H. Huang, K.-L. Chen, C.-J. Huang & T.-H. Meen
    Grain refinement of Ti-6Al-4V alloy by cyclic hydrogenation and subsequent solution treatment
    C.-L. Huang, T.-L. Chuang, Y.-J. Gao & T.-I. Wu
    Application of nano-porous-Si and trenched electrode contacts for improving the performance of poly-Si solar cells
    K.-H. Wu

    Applied mathematics
    Using continuous restricted Boltzmann machine to estimate the depth of sedation
    Y.-J. Chen, C.-H. Yeng, S.-C. Chen, M.-W. Chang & P.-J. Chen
    Using entropy encoding algorithm to a multilevel selection interface for BCI based spelling system
    S.-C. Chen, I.A.E. Zaeni, Y.-J. Chen, P.-J. Chen & M.-W. Chang
    Performance analysis of an air standard Diesel cycle with Biodiesel/Diesel blends
    J.-C. Lin, S.-S. Hou & J.-M. Lin
    A special IR switch and Code-Maker Translator Input Device for individuals with severe disabilities
    C.-M. Wu & J.-S. Liou

    Ceramics and glass
    Effect of excess Bi2O3 content on the sintering and dielectric characteristics of 0.65 (K0.5Bi0.5TiO3)-0.35 BaTiO3 ceramic
    K.-T. Lam, Y.-T. Hsieh, C.-C. Diao, Y.-H. Lin, C.-F. Yang & C.-G. Kuo
    The photoluminescent properties of La3+ ion-doped YInGe2O7 self-activated phosphor
    H.-L. Chen, Y.-Y. Tsai, T.-C. Kuo & Y.-S. Chang

    Communication science & engineering
    A novel Memetic Algorithm for the design of vector quantizers
    C.-M. Ou, J.-F. Tu & C.-Y. Chen
    Resource allocation for higher data rate with carrier aggregation in 4G-LTE
    L. Guo, J. Zhou & F. Long
    Digital business more emergency communication system based on the FPGA design and implementation
    X.-X. Rong, L.-Q. Ping & H. Mei
    Study of the protection mechanisms on fiber transmission
    F.-H. Shih, L.-K. Wang, J.-R. Lai & W.-P. Chen
    The simulation of Solidly Mounted Resonator and filter for frequency tuning using Mason model
    K.-S. Kao, H.-H. Yeh, D.-L. Cheng, W.-C. Shih & C.-Y. Wen
    The investigation of Si and Zr diffusion behaviors during the reactive diffusion—a molecular dynamics study
    J.-M. Lu, T.-Y. Wu, J.-Y. Hsieh & S.-P. Ju
    High quality nitride-based material grow on silicon substrate by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy
    H. Kuan, S.-J. Chang, S.-H. Chang, C.-C. Huang, C.-P. Wu, S.-F. Jhang & B.-J. Liu
    Computational study of turbocharging an existing NA engine
    W.-C. Chang, Y.-H. Chien & C.-Y. Lee

    Computer & information science
    Stock selection model based on Semi-supervised Graph regularised Non-negative Matrix Factorisation, Rough Set and Grey Theory
    C.-J. Jane
    Design and implementation of a sensor module using fiber optic power feeding for home network
    C.-H. Wei & C.-C. Fang
    Generating of visual aesthetic Fractal patterns
    G.-F. She & Z.-Q. Lin
    Multifractal spectra of the textile pattern in quilts art design
    J. He & A.D.K.-T. Lam

    Computer science & information technology
    Hand Motion Identification using Independent Component Analysis of data glove and multichannel surface EMG
    P.-J. Chen, M.-W. Chang & Y.-C. Du
    An improvement to Variable-Structure Multiple-Model algorithm for maneuvering target tracking
    W. Zhang, F. Long, X. Liu & A. Ding
    A study of genetic-based optimization of pairs-trading models
    C.-F. Huang, C.-J. Hsu, C.-A. Li & B.-R. Chang
    Assessment process improvement on corroded oil pipeline by integrating web-based database system and computer aided engineering
    Y.-T. Chou, S.-Y. Hsia & T.-W. Chang
    An investigation of the relationship between performance of physical fitness and swimming ability based on the artificial neural network
    T.-S. Lan, P.-C. Chen, Y.-J. Chang & W.-H. Chiu
    The development of a key poses selector for use in 3D games
    F.-T. Huang & C.-S. Lo
    User authentication of smart mobile devices and cloud storage services
    H.-T. Yeh, B.-C. Chen & M.-C. Cheng
    Unmanned vehicle system design with multi-sensors detection capabilities
    M.-C. Chen, C.-Y. Chen, M.-S. Huang, J.-Y. Ciou & G.-T. Zhang
    Construction of a situated-interactive learning environment for young children
    L.-C. Lee & K.-M. Yang
    Deployment of the Hospital Information System in medical organizations
    H.-C. Chen, E. Tungalag, R.-H. Pan, Y.-F. Chen & K.-A. Wang
    Using Decision Tree for the analysis of National Skills Competition participants and the personality for decisions
    K.-H. Lin, L.-Y. Deng, D.-L. Lee, Y.-S. Jheng & C.-Y. Chao
    Exploring users’ willingness to help the online community
    L.-W. Chuang, S.-P. Chiu, J. He & W.-C. Chu
    Auction strategies through bidding information
    S.-C. Chen, C.-H. Hsu, H.-J. Ho & C.-W. Ho
    Design of a wireless physiological monitoring system by mesh ZigBee sensor network for hemodialysis
    M.-J. Wu, H.-H. Lin, P.-Y. Te, C.-H. Yeng & Y.-C. Du

    Cultural & creative research
    The need for effective cross-cultural communication in creative industries: Two case studies
    M. Zhao & K.-Y. Tam
    Social design and reflection from Hinoki Village
    Y.-C. Chiu & S.-H. Hwang
    Xiluo town community building process and analysis of development of tourism
    C.-H. Hsu & S.-H. Hwang
    The development of Chinese commercial narrative comic in the digital era
    Y.-J. Chen & A.D.K.-T. Lam
    To view interdisciplinary integration of cultural and creative industries and the experiential marketing strategy from the point of feature exhibitions—taking the exhibition experience of The Delight of Chinese Character Festival as an example
    Y.-L. Huang, S.-W. Yang & H. Fan
    A study on the creation of animation in the first person point of view—taking the “Limitless Imagination for the Sea” of the Hongmao Harbour Cultural Park as example
    P.-Y. Hu & P.-F. Tsai
    Design process analysis for lampas woven structures in textiles
    Y.-J. Guo & W.-D. Yeh
    Innovative design studies on modular application of traditional Kwon-Glazed Porcelain pattern
    K. Li, Y. Zeng & C. Mei
    The innovative design of green technology products research
    H.-C. Chen, J.-C. Tu, S.-S. Guang & T.-F. Kao
    Creations in photography with embroidery: Taiwanese cultural values and designs
    K.-C. Chiu
    Using Internet technology to raise awareness of the urban landscape skyline
    S.-H. Chen & L.-H. Peng
    A study on the design of inspirational products—with “Fortune Chicken” as an example
    S.-M. Huang & M.-C. Ho
    Revitalization of China Time-honored Brand in the era of digital media
    L. Shuang
    Form images of local visual iconography in the genius loci
    J.-Y. Wu & J.-C. Lio
    A study of uses and gratification of YouTube for university students
    C.-L. Cheng, Y.-F. Huang, T.-N. Shen & L. Xue
    Research on art forms of cover layouts of thread-bound books
    Y.-J. Wang & J.-J. Zhang
    Research on design ideation with Taiwan cultural themes
    H.-L. Lee, C.-H. Tseng & C.-H. Liu
    A research on the shaping of the embroidered portraits in the Qing edition of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    Y.-Y. Liu & C.-H. Tseng
    A research on the manifestation relationship between the layouts of Chinese garden’s artificial hills and three distances of landscape painting—taking the example of Taiwan Banqiao Lin Family Garden
    C.-H. Tseng & P.-C. Liu
    Research on implementation of Hakka education by using Analytic Hierarchy Process
    T.-S. Lan, F.-M. Hsu, Y.-H. Lan & J.-H. Leu
    Study on the visual image of the covers of Kaohsiung Pictorial
    Y.-C. Lai & L.-H. Peng
    The innovation of Chinese tea culture: From “refreshing the mind” to “tea and Chan are of one flavor”
    W.-H. Fan, H.-M. Chou & Y.-L. Huang
    A research on the synergy between Buddhist Vijnana-Only Doctrine and hypnosis counseling
    L.-T. Chao, H.-M. Chou & Y.-L. Huang
    Green skylight: An overview of the aesthetics and eco-friendliness of a courtyard
    P.-Y. Ou, Y.-L. Huang & H.-M. Chou
    The bonding of popular topics with grassroots economy in Taiwan: A case study using the Rubber Duck sensation
    L.-K. Sung, Y.-L. Huang & H.-M. Chou
    The assessment of the impact of character modeling on design fixation in movement expression of character animation
    H.-Y. Lin & L.-H. Peng
    Value-added application for e-learning into Chanel’s on-line exhibition through internet technology
    L.-H. Peng & C.-H. Hsueh
    The heritage and innovation of the graceful cheongsam culture: A case study of Taiwanese designer labels
    H.-H. Lo, M.-T. Tsai & H.-M. Chou
    Innovation and environmental protection in Taiwan’s “vegetarian diet culture”—survey targeting religious groups
    C.-Y. Lin & H.-M. Chou
    A study of the combination of traditional craft and modern design in bamboo furniture
    S.-H. Wu & M.-C. Ho
    Using traditional materials to revitalizing East Timor’s cultural industries
    C.-Y. Pan & L.-H. Peng
    Golden puppet shows elegance reproduction in the digital era
    S.-M. Tseng & C.-M. Wang
    The era of miniature cultural and creative industry: Integrating style shaping with business pattern into brand construction
    T.-Y. Chang & W.-S. Chang
    Integrating service-oriented design for innovative course model construction
    T.-Y. Chang & M.-C. Lin
    Implanting the value of service design into the development of religious cultural and creative merchandise
    T.-Y. Chang
    Add brand value to traditional enterprises through design using the package design of pickled products at Miaoli area as an example
    C.-C. Chang, C.-Y. Lin & T.-H. Ku
    Breaking through the ontological confines of biological materialism in cognitive science
    J.-W. Yu & H.-M. Chou
    The possibility of cultural proximity between Taiwan, Singapore and Japan in Kawaii culture
    C.-Y. Cheng & H.-Y. Chen
    An exploration of documentary film recommender systems
    Y.-F. Huang
    From industrial heritage regeneration to regional revitalization—a case study of Checheng Timber Industry Museum Park in Taiwan
    C.-J. Sun & S.-C. Chiou

    Design theory & knowledge innovation
    A framework of teaching preparation and planning to arouse children’s creativity through the colour-based story editing approach
    Y.-H. Wu & H.-J. Wu
    Ontological analysis on the 3D animation techniques from a perspective of “Art Automata”—exemplified by a reference to traditional Quanzhou marionette performances
    C. Chen
    Design and development strategy of lightweight product packaging in green life cycle
    H.-Y. Chen, J.-C. Tu & C.-Y. Hsu
    Visual metaphor in poster design
    S.-H. Yang
    Exploring service quality of social networking sites based on Kano model and innovation diffusion theory
    K.-Y. Lin & C.-H. Chen
    Consumer-preferred pattern search approach for the design of Taiwan Tea package form
    C.-W. Chen, S.-T. Tsai & S.-C. Huang
    Developing a Kano-based evaluation model for innovation design
    C.-T. Wu, M.-T. Wang & C.-S. Wu
    Applying multimedia for combining harp music and photography design, with John Thomas’ Autumn as an example
    Y.-C. Chen & W.-C. Pai
    A study on the usability of a jeweller’s workbench
    N.-T. Liu, C.-T. Wu, T.-L. Yang & H.-Y. Tseng
    An innovative light electric vehicle for caring shipping on logistic Transnet
    M.-T. Wang & C.-Y. Liu
    Product design using Kansei-based creative associative thinking
    K.-C. Wang & M.-W. Ling
    Study on attractive factors of electronic products by environmental materials: Using notebook computers as example
    T.-L. Lin
    A primary exploration of assistive devices’ design by using QFD—the electric stander for CP children as example
    I.-J. Sung
    Analyzing needs and emotional preference factors of mobility aids for seniors
    J.-C. Tu, K.-C. Lin, Y.-J. Ho & C.-Y. Hsu
    Discussion on industrial design of cultural creative industrial pattern
    L. Chen
    Study on the interactive design of brand user experience for digital media environment
    Q. Li & Y. Liao
    Mechanical efficiency of a planetary-gear-train type automatic transmission
    A.D.K.-T. Lam
    Generate artistic fractal patterns based on complex system and Julia set
    A.D.K.-T. Lam
    Fractal characteristics of quilt patterns
    X.-Y. Huang, J. He & A.D.K.-T. Lam

    Digital content & digital technology
    Interactivity: Media convergence and digital media
    W. Xu
    The ambition of the consumer on the mobile game: Tower of Saviors
    C.-C. Sun & S.-F. Chun
    The impact of applying interactive multimedia materials to English teaching practices on children’s learning of English—the case of K.C. English
    C.-C. Sun, Y.-H. Lo & G.-C. Wang
    A study on the effects of subliminal stimulus messages in application of the image and sound mask effect mixing method
    J. He, H.-R. Kim & J.-W. Kim
    A communicational application to enhance the design process: Concept of Web-Based Communication Service for interior design
    X.-Y. Huang & K.-H. Wen
    Using fractal dimension to analyse the plane formation for the lacquer painting
    G.-H. She
    Automatic segmentation of motion capture data of Quan-zhou chest-clapping dance
    S.-X. Chen, J.-W. Li & J.-D. Lin

    Electrical & electronic engineering
    Design and implementation of a multi-axis motion controller using SoPC technology
    Y.-S. Kung, Y.-J. Chen, S.-C. Liu & H.-H. Chou
    Novel non-direct signal detect probing and modeling developed by the Biot-Savart theorem
    S.-M. Wu, H.-F. Li, Y.-H. Yeh, R.-F. Hsu & C.-F. Yang
    Sensorless sliding-mode control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor based on high frequency injection method
    W.-M. Syhan, I.-N. Syamsiana & Taryudi
    The fast algorithm of short-term unit commitment
    T.-K. Lu, H.-H. Hsu & K.-W. Huang
    IoT real-world monitoring the household electric power
    J.-F. Tu, C.-y. Chen & C.-M. Ou
    A novel Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization for optimal power dispatch problem
    C.-H. Huang, C.-C. Huang, Y.-W. Chen, Y.-C. Liang, H.-C. Lee & H.-J. Chiu
    Design and implementation of an advanced LED headlight with Adaptive Front-lighting System
    C.-L. Shen, W.-T. Sung, H.-T. Kung & T.-C. Liang
    Study of magnetic properties on magnetic nanostructure array with different pore diameter on Anodic Alumina Oxide template
    C.-H. Luo, J.-K. Tsai, T.-H. Meen & T.-C. Wu
    Design and implementation of an Extra-High Step-Up Converter for PV power system
    C.-L. Shen, Y.-S. Shen & T.-C. Liang

    Engineering materials & industrial applications
    Golf accessory designs for young female adults with Kansei Form Composition
    H.-F. Pan & C.-C. Lin

    Green technology & architecture engineering
    The study of BOP group’s lifestyle and Sustainable Consumption Behavior design
    J.-C. Tu, M.-C. Shih & C.-Y. Hsu
    Green management: A case study of HYA cable television’s account management process improvement
    K.-L. Lai, H.-M. Chou & Y.-L. Huang
    Design of an advanced retractable multi-speaker headphone
    Y.-T. Chao, Y.-L. Yu, J.-Y. Yen, K. Li, Y.-C. Lo, Y.-T. Liao & L.-C. Lee
    Production of nano structured stainless steel surface through the Electrolytic Plasma Technology
    T.-C. Hsiao, J.-J. Su, W.-C. Hsieh, C.-Y. Chen & C.-M. Hsu
    Process control parameters of nano structured stainless steel surface through the plasma electrolytic technology
    T.-C. Hsiao, J.-J. Su, Y.-Q. Cao, A.-D. Lin & C.-M. Hsu
    A novel home-ventilation soundproof structure design based on nature-landscape model
    Y.-L. Yu, Y.-T. Chao & J.-Y. Yen
    Growth Fe2O3 films on stainless steel for solar absorbers
    S. Wu & K.-T. Liu
    Study on the influence of electrolyte concentration on the Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells performance and long-term stability using Taguchi method
    J.-K. Tsai, T.-C. Wu, J.-S. Zhou & T.-H. Meen

    Green technology material
    Structure and dielectric properties of lower valence compensation for Ba1-xNax(FeTa)0.5O3 by reaction sintering process
    Y.-L. Chai, S.-C. Lin & Y.-S. Chang
    A Low Dropout Regulator with low power consumption
    J.-F. Tu & C.-Y. Chen

    Industrial design & design theory
    Study on children’s web page preferences through participatory design
    Y.-M. Chang, I.-C. Wang & M.-Y. Ma
    Ejector nozzle design by numerical simulation for the ejector type air-conditioner system
    C.-R. Chen, H.-T. Wu, J.-F. Su, D.-L. Chen & A. Sharma
    Design of drink Vending Machines with computationally improved refunding system based on Petri Nets
    Y.-L. Pan, W.-H. Liao & C.-F. Yang
    Application of Delphi method in constructing evaluation indicators of design students’ core competencies
    S.-P. Chiu, J.-C. Tu, W.-C. Chu & L.-W. Chuang

    Innovation design & creative design
    Study on mascot design strategy of brands of happiness
    J.-C. Tu & Y.-W. Tu
    US: A system to meet love by chance located in metro-bus transfer service
    Z. Zhen, T.-W. Chang & Q. Luo
    Application of extensive QFD innovative procedure on railing design
    F.-G. Wu, C.-T. Wu & S.-L. Luo

    Internet technology
    A load balanced and fault tolerant cluster management system from the aspect of house geomancy evaluation
    Y.-H. Cheng, M.-T. Kao, Y.-S. Chen & S.-J. Kao

    Management science
    A system dynamics investigation for the development and management of Chinese orchestra in elementary schools
    T.-S. Lan, P.-C. Chen, Y.-Y. Lin & J.-H. Leu
    The impact of green accounting on product design and development
    J.-C. Tu, H.-S. Huang & C.-Y. Hsu

    Materials for sustainable society
    A study on a refurbishment model for existing North Paiwan slabstone of slabstone houses
    L.-M. Huang & C.-T. Tzeng
    Material innovation and application of vertical garden system in Taiwan
    L.-H. Peng & C.-H. Hsueh

    Mechanical & automation engineering
    Analysis and experiment of performance of a fan-sink assembly
    S.-M. Lin, W.-R. Wang, M.-H. Lin, S.-Y. Lee, M.-J. Teng & S.-J. Lee
    Enhancement of selective siphon control method for deadlock prevention in FMSs
    Y.-L. Pan & C.-F. Yang
    PSO optimization Fuzzy-PID controllers applied to a Tri-rotor UAV
    S.-T. Peng, H.-K. Tran & J.-S. Chiou
    Dynamic simulation and application of virtual reality using dual axis device to remote control
    K.-C. Chen

    Media design & technologists
    Analysis of the characteristics of digital image based on color
    Y.-B. Sa
    Editing analysis on emotional expression of film
    X.-J. Yu
    Changer—a project of contemporary image and body based on theory mirror stage
    S.-Y. Tsau, K.-C. Wu & Y.-C. Huang

    Nanomaterials application
    Effect of low-heating-rate vacuum annealing on aluminum doped zinc oxide films
    S.-C. Chang & W.-S. Syu
    Mg doping effect on the microstructural and optical properties of ZnO nanocrystalline films
    S.-L. Young, M.-C. Kao, H.-Z. Chen, N.-F. Shih, C.-Y. Kung & C.-H. Chen

    Discussion for fuzziness on design of Chinese traditional farm tools
    J. Zhang & J.-J. Huang
    Design of medical infanette based on service design idea
    J.-J. Huang & J. Zhang
    Research on digital technology promoting the development of China’s sculpture industry
    Y.-L. Pan
    Rethinking atmosphere on a new trend of library spatial design under changing users’ activities: Using the new library space of Yangtze University as case study
    J. He & K.-H. Wen
    Library collection structure improvement based on statistic analysis of borrowing—taking Fuzhou University Academy of Arts & Craft Library as an example
    L. Zeng
    Memory and electrical properties of (100)-oriented aluminum nitride thin films prepared by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
    M.-S. Lee, S. Wu, S.-B. Jhong, K.-H. Chen & K.-T. Liu
    The study of evaluation of family-group visitors of interactive exhibit patterns in science museums
    C.-J. Yen
    Children’s cognition of dangerous objects which cause fire
    F.-S. Lin, C.-P. Hsieh & C.-Y. Lin
    The influence of visual programming learning on logical thinking and reasoning ability for the sixth grade students in elementary school
    K.-M. Yang, C.-H. Tsai & J.-Y. Wang
    Quantitative research on hairdressing curriculum and workplace competencies of technical and vocational education
    H.-T. Chen, K.-K. Fan, W.-C. Chu & S.-P. Chiu
    Exploring parents’ experience and attitude toward their children in pain
    C.-Y. Lin, F.-S. Lin, C.-Y. Lee & C.-P. Hsieh
    Multiple interpretation of print technology artifact collection and exhibition
    C.-S. Tseng & Y.-M. Chu
    The effect of learning chaos concept for high school students by attending IYPT
    C.-H. Yang, J.-S. Lih, T.-C. Chen, M.-C. Lu, M.-C. Ho, C.-M. Hung, Y.-S. Liu & C.-J. Liu
    A study on the application of big data analytics in design
    Q. Lin
    AI techniques and its application in game programming
    J. He

    Thin film & device process
    Properties of hydrogen plasma treated Gallium and Aluminum co-doped Zinc Oxide films
    S.-C. Chang & H.-J. Chen
    Growth characteristics and transparent properties of Al-Si-O films prepared by E-beam evaporation on PET substrate at room temperature
    H.-H. Huang & C.-F. Yang
    Optical characteristics and microstructures of large-field-angle P-polarizer deposited by E-beam system
    C.-H. Zeng, C.-Y. Chen, P.-K. Chiu, C.-T. Lee, D. Chiang, C.-N. Hsaio & F.-Z. Chen


    Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen Prior, Artde Lam