1st Edition

Innovation in Music: Technology and Creativity

    360 Pages 101 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    360 Pages 101 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    Innovation in Music: Technology and Creativity is a groundbreaking collection, bringing together contributions from instructors, researchers and professionals. Split into two sections, covering composition and performance, and technology and innovation, this volume offers truly international perspectives on ever-evolving practices.

    Including chapters on audience interaction, dynamic music methods, AI and live electronics performances, this is recommended reading for professionals, students and researchers looking for global insights into the fields of music production, music business and music technology.

    Part 1: Composition and Performance  

    1. Rethinking the Relationships Between Space, Performance and Composition in Notated Acoustic Music  

    Ambrose Field  

    2. The ‘Performable Recordings’ Model and the Pursuit of Timing Consistency in Live Electronic Dance Music  

    Christos Moralis  

    3. The Space is the Place: Interplay and Interaction in an Extreme Location  

    Claus Sohn Andersen  

    4. Composing Without Keys: The LFO as a Composition Tool  

    Dave Fortune  

    5. Exploring a Network Setup for Music Experimentation  

    Enric Guaus, Àlex Barrachina, Josep Comajuncosas, Gabriel Saber, Víctor Sanahuja  

    6. Performance Mapping and Control; Enhanced Musical Connections and a Strategy to Optimise Flow-State  

    Charlie Norton, Daniel Pratt, Justin Paterson  

    7. Hacking the Concert Experience - Exploring Co-Creative Audience Interaction at a Chiptune Live Performance  

    Matthias Jung, Vegard Kummen  

    8. Exploring Cell-Based Dynamic Music Composition to Create Non-Linear Musical Works  

    Samuel Lynch, Helen English, Jon Drummond, Nathan Scott  

    9. A Deepened ‘Sense of Place’: Ecologies of Sound and Vibration in Urban Settings and Domesticated Landscapes  

    Stefan Östersjö, Jan Berg, Anders Hultqvist  

    Part 2: Technology and Innovation

    10. “Yesterday’s Charm, Today’s Precision”: Martin B. Kantola and the Design of a New ‘Classic’ Microphone (Nordic Audio Labs NU-100K)  

    Antti Sakari Saario  

    11. Audio Beyond Demand: Creative Reinventions of the Broadcast Listening Experience  

    Florian Hollerweger  

    12. Towards a Standard for Interactive Music  

    Hans Lindetorp  

    13. Transforming Performance with HASGS: Research-led Artistic Practice with an Augmented Instrument  

    Henrique Portovedo, Ângelo Martingo  

    14. Waveforms as Means of Time Tinkering  

    Bjørnar Ersland Sandvik  

    15. Levelling up Chiptune: Nostalgic Retro Games Console Sounds for the ROLI Seaboard  

    Kirsten Hermes  

    16. Forceful Action and Interaction in Non-Haptic Music Interfaces     

    Mads Walther-Hansen, Anders Eskildsen  

    17. Artificial Creativity and Tools for Understanding: Music, Creative Labour and AI   

    Matthew Lovett  

    18. From Intelligent Digital Assistant to Intelligent Digital Collaborator  

    M. Nyssim Lefford, David Moffat, Gary Bromham  

    19. Analyse! Development and Integration of Software-Based Tools for Musicology and Music Theory  

    Martin Pfleiderer, Egor Polyakov, Christon-Ragavan Nadar    

    20. A New Morphology: Strategies for Innovation in Live Electronics Performance    

    Mattias Petersson    


    Jan-Olof Gullö is Professor in Music Production at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.

    Russ Hepworth-Sawyer is a lecturer at York St John University. He is lead series editor for the Perspectives on Music Production series and has published many books with Focal Press.

    Justin Paterson is a professor at the University of West London, as well as co-chair of the Innovation in Music conference series.

    Rob Toulson is a professor at the University of West London.