2nd Edition

Innovation in Pricing
Contemporary Theories and Best Practices

ISBN 9781138738270
Published August 3, 2017 by Routledge
424 Pages 87 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Pricing has a substantial and immediate impact on profitability. Most companies, however, still use costs or competition as their main basis for setting prices. Product or business model innovation has a high priority for many companies, yet innovation in pricing received scant attention until the first edition of this groundbreaking book.

This new edition of Innovation in Pricing builds on the success of the first, examining the ways in which pricing innovation can drive profits through cutting-edge academic research and best practice case studies from leading academics, business practitioners and consultants in pricing.

The second edition has been fully revised and updated according to the latest developments in pricing, with:

  • revisions to all chapters
  • new chapters, including a chapter on business model and pricing model innovation
  • a new introduction that makes explicit just what strategic pricing can do for your organization.

This book is the only book dedicated to innovation in pricing and is an essential read for business executives, innovation managers and pricing managers wishing to treat innovation in pricing as seriously as they treat product, service or business model innovation. It is also valuable supplementary reading for advanced students of marketing and sales.

Table of Contents


  1. Innovation in pricing: introduction
  2. Andreas Hinterhuber and Stephan M. Liozu

  3. Is innovation in pricing your next source of competitive advantage?
  4. Andreas Hinterhuber and Stephan M. Liozu

  5. The organizational design of the pricing function in firms: a center-led management approach
  6. Stephan M. Liozu and Kellie Ecker

  7. Organizational barriers and the implementation of customer value map analysis: a case study of a global manufacturing firm in the polymer technology industry
  8. Niklas Hallberg and Linn Andersson

  9. CEO championing of pricing and the impact on firm performance
  10. Stephan M. Liozu, Andreas Hinterhuber, Sheri Perelli and Toni Somers

  11. Who is in charge of value? The emerging role of Chief Value Officer
  12. Ronald J. Baker and Stephan M. Liozu

  13. Interview: how a vice president of value can drive profits in B2B
  14. Andreas Hinterhuber and Todd Snelgrove

  15. B2B pricing systems: proving ROI
  16. Mark Stiving

  17. Ten considerations for your priving model innovation process
  18. Stephan M. Liozu and Katie Richardson

  19. Effective pricing strategies in B2B markets
  20. Rafel Farres

  21. Why segmentation matters
  22. Linda Trevenen

  23. The five fundamental value factors
  24. Ralf Drews

  25. Pricing processes in fast-paced business-to-business settings
  26. Magnus Johansson

  27. Pricing due diligence in the mergers and acquisition process
  28. David Dvorin, Jered Haedt and Vernon Lennon

  29. Busting the four fatal myths in pricing
  30. Nelson Hyde

  31. Creating, calculating and communicating customer value: how compaies can set premium prices that customers are willing and able to pay
  32. Todd Snelgrove

  33. Pricing strategies for recessionary times
  34. Fernando Resende

  35. Using economic value communication to bend business-to-business buyers’ value perceptions
  36. Christopher D. Provines

  37. Value: distilling the essence
  38. Harry Macdivitt

  39. Innovation in estimating willingness to pay
  40. Niels Biehn and Craig Zawada

  41. Cross-functional collaboration in value-based pricing
  42. Steven Forth

  43. Winning on the margin: the B2B value imperative
  44. Mike Moorman

  45. Behavioral aspects of pricing
  46. Ben Lowe, Julian Lowe and David Lynch

  47. Research on odd prices: dead end or field of potential innovation?
  48. Carmen Balan

  49. The next frontier of the pricing profession

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