1st Edition

Innovations In GIS

Edited By Zarine Kemp Copyright 1997
    312 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Derived from presentations made at the fourth annual UK National Conference on GIS Research, this work consists of contributions by leading experts in: geography, mathematics, computing science, surveying, archaeology, planning and medicine.

    Part 1 Data modelling and spatial data structures: a multiresolution data storage scheme for 3D GIS, J. Mark Ware and Christopher Jones; storage efficient techniques for digital, David Kidner and Derek Smith; modelling historical change in Southern Corsica - temporal GIS development using an extensible database system, Janet Bragg and Nick Ryan; toward a model for multimedia Geographical Information Systems, Dean Lombardo and Zarine Kemp. Part 2 Spatial analysis: recent advances in the exploratory analysis of inter-regional flows in space and time, Duane Marble et al; a genetic programming approach to building new spatial models relevant to GIS, Ian Turton et al; exploring categorial spatial data - an interactive approach, Chris Brunsdon; a universal translator of linguistic hedges for the handling of uncertainty and fitness-for-use in Geographical Information Systems, Allan Brimicombe; scripting and tool integration in spatial analysis - prototyping local indicators and distance statistics, Roger Bivand. Part 3 Environmental modelling: environmental modelling with Geographic Information Systems, Peter Burrough; VGIS - a shell for the conceptual design of environmental models, Jochen Albrecht et al; mapping sub-pixel boundaries from remotely sensed images, Peter Atkinson; towards a four-dimensional GIS - four-dimensional interpolation utilizing Kriging, Eric Miller; assessing the influence of digital terrain model characteristics in tropical slope stability analysis, Jim Hartshorne. Part 4 GIS - science, ethics and infrastructure: GIS without computers - building geographic information science from the ground up, Helen Couclelis; the ethics of six actors in the Geographical Information Systems arena, Peter Fisher; geographic information - a resource, a commodity, an asset or an infrastructure?, Robert Barr and Ian Masser. Part 5 GIS - the impact of the Internet: designing a scientific database query server using the World Wide Web - the example of tephrabase, Anthony Newton et al; open spatial decision-making - evaluating the potential of the World Wide Web, Steve Carver et al.


    Zarine Kemp