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Innovations in Environmental Engineering

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The ‘Innovations in Environmental Engineering’ Series is devoted to the publication of monographs that aim to integrate environmental engineering and the concept of sustainable development, by counteracting negative changes in the environment with technological methods of neutralizing pollutants into the environment. Books in the series typically cover the following topics: chemical/biological treatment of liquid and solid wastes, waste mineralization, acid rain, air pollution neutralization, indoor air pollution prevention, and risk analysis. Particular attention is paid to the selection of new engineering methods enabling the neutralization of pollutants in particular parts of the environment: air, water, soil, as well as modification of production process in the direction of reducing the emission of pollutants in to the environment.

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Organic Versus Conventional Farming Nutritional Value and Health Safety of Food Products

Organic Versus Conventional Farming: Nutritional Value and Health Safety of Food Products

1st Edition

By Cezary A. Kwiatkowski, Elżbieta Harasim, Lucjan Pawłowski, Artur Pawłowski, Małgorzata Pawłowska, Barbara Kołodziej
December 12, 2023

This book presents the results of a comparison of the quality of food products and raw materials, such as vegetables, fruits and honey, produced in organic and conventional farming systems. The comparison, which was based on literature data and the results of our own research, included not only the...

Application of Waste Materials in Lightweight Aggregates

Application of Waste Materials in Lightweight Aggregates

1st Edition

By Franus Małgorzata
November 27, 2023

Application of Waste Materials in Lightweight Aggregates presents the current state of knowledge on aggregates production methods, their characteristics, current standards and legal regulations. In addition, the book briefly discusses the issue of the presence of different types of waste in the ...

The Vehicle Diesel Engine Start-up Process Operational and Environmental Aspects

The Vehicle Diesel Engine Start-up Process: Operational and Environmental Aspects

1st Edition

By Paweł Droździel
December 26, 2022

The start-up process constitutes one of the most important states of vehicle internal combustion engine operation. It enables the internal combustion engine to run autonomously in neutral gear. Increased emission of toxic components of exhaust gases, significant wear intensity of friction pairs of ...

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