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Innovations in Health Informatics and Healthcare: Using Artificial Intelligence and Smart Computing

About the Series

The aim of this series is to publish reference books and handbooks that will provide conceptual and advanced reference material centered around Health Informatics and Healthcare using AI and Smart Computing. There are numerous fields within the healthcare sector where these technologies are applicable including successful ways of handling patients during a pandemic time. Large volumes of data, data analysis, smart computing devices like IoT for sensing health data have drastically changed the way the healthcare sector functions. The scope of the book series is to report the latest advances and developments in the field of Health Informatics with the use of the latest technologies. Each book will describe in detail the use of AI, Smart Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Deep Learning, and Data Analysis in the field of Health Informatics and the books will include real-life problems that focus on the Healthcare System.

If you are interested in writing or editing a book for the series or would like more information, please contact Cindy Carelli, [email protected].

2 Series Titles

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Blockchain for Healthcare Systems Challenges, Privacy, and Securing of Data

Blockchain for Healthcare Systems: Challenges, Privacy, and Securing of Data

1st Edition


Edited By Shiekh Mohammad Idrees, Parul Agarwal, M. Afshar Alam
September 22, 2021

This book provides a detailed insight about how to reap the benefits of Blockchain technology in healthcare owing to the fact that the healthcare sector faces several challenges associated with privacy and security issues of data. It also provides in-depth knowledge regarding Blockchain in ...

Intelligent Computing Applications for COVID-19 Predictions, Diagnosis, and Prevention

Intelligent Computing Applications for COVID-19: Predictions, Diagnosis, and Prevention

1st Edition


Edited By Tanzila Saba, AR Khan
August 09, 2021

Accurate estimation, diagnosis, and prevention of COVID-19 is a global challenge for healthcare organizations. Innovative measures can introduce and implement AI, and Mathematical Modeling applications. This book provides insight into the recent advances of applications, statistical methods, and ...

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