1st Edition

Innovative Employment Initiatives

By Bernd Marin Copyright 2019
    558 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2000. The result of an international meeting organized by the European Centre, this book reports from economists, social scientists and experts from government and inter-governmental institutions who came together to investigate the best way to overcome mass unemployment in Europe.

    List of Figures and Tables, Preface, Introducing Innovative Employment Initiatives Overview and Outlook, Market Governance and Macroeconomic Management in Employment Policies, Substitutabilities vs. Complementarities between Structural and Macroeconomic Policies, Employment Generation and Unemployment Strategies in Europe and the United States, The Divergence in Employment and Income Distribution in the EU and the U.S., Cutting Welfare While Expanding Work Subsidies: The Odd Twist in American Welfare Reform, Advanced and Transitional European Political Economies, The Political Economy of a Consensus Society. Experience from behind the Dykes, Generating Employment in Economies of Transition. The Case of Slovenia, Reorganizing Flexible Labour Markets, Innovative Employment Initiatives: Some Thoughts on the Flexibility of the Wage Bargaining Process, Transitional Labour Markets. A New European Employment Strategy, Reducing Unemployment by Increasing Employability - or by Reducing Working Time?, Clues to Overcoming Unemployment, The Reduction of Working Time, Pay and Employment, The Policy of Employment Creation and Working Time Reduction of the New French Government, Designing Market Incentives vs. Distributing Benefits in Creating New Employment Opportunities, Creating Employment Incentives, Gendered Job Generation and Unequal Opportunities, Innovative Employment Initiatives and Equal Opportunities, Demographic Changes and Employment Opportunities, Demographic Shifts, Fiscal Pressures and Long-term Employment Opportunities, Annexes, Annex I: Benchmarking, Benchmarks: Employment Indicators for Policy-Makers. A Very First Proposal to be Further Developed, Annex II: Coping with Youth Unemployment, Youth Unemployment - Recent Innovative Initiatives in Selected European Union Countries, Best Practice of Youth (Un)Employment Into or Out of Crisis? Some Facts and Figures on the Apprenticeship System in Austria, Annex III: Rural Employment Promotion Employment in Rural Areas, Annex IV: UN World Social Summit Related Perspectives, Notes on Macroeconomic Policy, The Social Summmit and the Search for Democratic Market Economies, Annex V: International Expert Meeting on Innovative Employment Initiatives, Agenda and Timetable of the Meeting, Agenda and Timetable in Overview, List of Contributors


    Marin, Bernd