Insect Behavior : A Sourcebook Of Laboratory And Field Exercises book cover
1st Edition

Insect Behavior
A Sourcebook Of Laboratory And Field Exercises

ISBN 9780367169275
Published November 2, 2020 by CRC Press
342 Pages

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Book Description

This sourcebook is a comprehensive, concept-oriented collection of 34 laboratory and field behavioral exercises using insects. The exercises fill a void that exists for college and university teachers and students, high school teachers and naturalists.

Table of Contents

Part A: Observation, Description, and Analysis of Behavior 1. Conducting a Personal Project on Insect Behavior in the Field 2. Observation, Description, and Quantification of Behavior: A Study of Praying Mantids 3. Sampling Methods and Interobserver Reliability: Cockroach Grooming Part B: Spatial Adjustment and Orientation 4. Orientation: I Thermokinesis in Tribolium Beetles 5. Orientation: II Optomotor Responses of Dragonfly Naiads 6. Patterns of Spatial Distribution in Field Crickets 7. Object Orientation in Mealworm Beetles 8. The Locomotion of Grasshoppers Part C: Food Location 9. Optimal Foraging Strategy: I. Flower Choice by Bumble Bees 10. Optimal Foraging Strategy: II. Foraging Movements of Bumble Bees 11. Foraging Behavior of Subterranean Termites 12. Foraging Orientation of Honey Bees Part D: Food Recognition, Acceptance, and Regulation 13. Host Acceptance by Aphids: Effect of Sinigrin 14. Blow Fly Feeding Behavior Part E: Communication 15. Communication in Mealworm Beetles 16. Chemical Recruitment in the Fire Ant 17. Exploratory and Recruitment Trail Marking by Eastern Tent Caterpillars 18. Dominance in a Cockroach (Nauphoeta) 19. Cricket Phonotaxis: Experimental Analysis of an Acoustic Response Part F: Defense 20. Defensive Behavior in Beetles Part G: Sexual Behavior 21. Reproductive Behavior of Giant Water Bugs: I. Male Brooding 22. Reproductive Behavior of Giant Water Bugs: II. Courtship, Role Reversal, and Paternity Assurance 23. Sexual Behavior of Damselflies 24. Courtship of Melittobia Wasps 25. Food-based Territoriality and Sex Discrimination in the Water Strider Gerris Part H: Brood Care, Nesting, and Social Life 26. Foundress Interactions in Paper Wasps (Polistes) 27. Sound Production and Communication in Subsocial Beetles Part I: Integration and Organization of Behavior 28. Comparative Anatomy of the Insect Neuroendocrine System 29. Grooming in the Fly Phormia 30. Laterality in Drosophila 31. Candles, Moths, and Ants: The Dielectric Waveguide Theory of Insect Olfaction Part J: Non-Traditional Behavioral Study Methods 32. Modeling of Random Search Paths and Foraging Paths 33. Sound Communication in Aedes Mosquitoes: A "Dry Lab" Exercise in Data Interpretation 34. Developing Observational Abilities and Generating Hypotheses: Non-traditional Training Exercises for Behavioral Scientists Part K: Aids to the Instructor

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