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    Insects are the most numerous class of animals or earth, both in terms of their number and their variety. There are 800,000 recognized species, with between 1 and 10 million estimated species yet to be classified. This book will discuss, mechanics of flight, Wing structure, Hovering flight, flight in smaller and larger insects and wing polars.

    Chapter 1: Mechanics and Aerodynamics of Flight, Chapter 2: Structure and Function in Flight Muscle, Chapter 3: Development of the Flight Motor Pattern, Chapter 4: Sense Organs and the Control of Flight, Chapter 5: The Evolution and Significance of Migratory Flight, Chapter 6: Genes, Environment, and Insect Flight, Chapter 7: Hormonal Control of Flight, Chapter 8: Swarm Flight Behavior in Flies and Locusts, Chapter 9: Orientation Foraging in Honey Bees, Chapter 10: Pheromones and Flight Behavior, Chapter 11: Oxygen Consumption During Flight, Chapter 12: Mobilization and Transport of Fuels to the Flight Muscles, Chapter 13: Utilization of Fuels by the Flight Muscles, Chapter 14: Problems in the Control of Flying Insect Pests, Chapter 15: Prospects for Better Control Strategies, Index


    Graham J. Goldsworthy