Insect Sounds and Communication : Physiology, Behaviour, Ecology, and Evolution book cover
1st Edition

Insect Sounds and Communication
Physiology, Behaviour, Ecology, and Evolution

ISBN 9780849320606
Published November 2, 2005 by CRC Press
552 Pages 237 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

While we may have always assumed that insects employ auditory communication, our understanding of it has been impeded by various technical challenges. In comparison to the study of an insect's visual and olfactory expression, research in the area of acoustic communication has lagged behind. Filling this void, Insect Sounds and Communication is the first multi-author volume to present a comprehensive portrait on this elusive subject. The text includes 32 chapters written by top experts from all corners of the globe.

Divided into two major sections, this groundbreaking text starts with a general introduction to insect sounds and communication that leads into a discussion of the technical aspects of recording and analyzing sounds. It then considers the functioning of the sense organs and sensory systems involved in acoustic behavior, and goes on to investigate the impact that variables such as body size and temperature have on insect sounds and vibrations. Several chapters are devoted to various evolutionary and ecological aspects of insect communication, and include rare information on seldom-studied groups, including Neuropterida and Plecoptera.

The second section of the book includes chapters on communication and song repertoires of a wide diversity of insects, including Heteroptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Psylloidea, Diptera, Coleoptera, and Hymenoptera .

Insect Sounds and Communication is packaged with a DVD, which holds sound and video recordings of many of the insects discussed throughout the text, as well as many full color illustrations not included in the printed text. The DVD also features an unabridged discussion in French of the contribution of the famous French cicadologist, Michel Boulard.

Table of Contents

Insect Sounds and Communication - An Introduction, M. Claridge
Sound and Techniques in Sound Analysis, E. Eliopoulos
The Auditory-Vibratory Sensory System in Bushcrickets, W. Rössler, M. Jatho, and K. Kalmring
Sense Organs Involved in the Vibratory Communication of Bugs, A. Cokl, M. Virant-Doberlet, and M. Zorovi´c
Use of Substrate Vibrations for Orientation: From Behaviour to Physiology, M. Virant-Doberlet, A. Cokl, and M. Zorovi´c
Size-Frequency Relationships in Insect Vibrational Signals, R.B. Cocroft and P. De Luca
Acoustic Signals and Temperature, A.F. Sanborn
Insect Songs - The Evolution of Signal Complexity, W.J. Bailey
Song Evolution and Speciation in Bush-Crickets, K.-G. Heller
Acoustic Communication in Neuropterid Insects, C.S. Henry
Inheritance of Male Sound Characteristics in Drosophila Species, A. Hoikkala
Vibrational Communication and Mate Searching Behaviour in Stoneflies, K.W. Stewart and J.B. Sandberg
Communication by Substrate-Borne Vibrations in Cave Planthoppers, H. Hoch and A. Wessel
Partitioning of Acoustic Transmission Channels in Grasshopper Communities, M. Bukhvalova
Insect Species and Their Songs, J. Sueur
Is Migration Responsible for the Peculiar Geographical Distribution and Speciation Based on Acoustic Divergence of Two Cicadas in the Aegean Archipelago? S. Drosopoulos, E. Eliopoulos, and P. Tsakalou
Acoustic Evolutionary Divergence in Cicadas: The Species of Cicada L. in Southern Europe, J.A. Quartau and P.C. Simões
Acoustic Communication, Mating Behaviour, and Hybridization in Closely Related, Pseudogamic, and Parthenogenetic Species of Planthoppers, S. Drosopoulos
Photoperiodism, Morphology and Acoustic Behaviour in the Leafhopper Genus Euscelis; H. Strübing and S. Drosopoulos
Mutual Eavesdropping through Vibrations in a Host-Parasitoid Interaction: From Plant Biomechanics to Behavioural Ecology, J. Casas and Christelle Magal

Vibratory Signals Produced by Heteroptera - Pentatomorpha and Cimicomorpha; Matija Gogala
Vibrational Communication in Triatominae (Heteroptera); Claudio R. Lazzari, Gabriel Manrique, and Pablo E. Schilman
Vibrational Communication in Treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae); Reginald B. Cocroft and Gabriel D. McNett
Acoustic Characters in Classification of Higher Taxa of Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera); D. Yu. Tishechkin
Acoustic Signals, Diversity, and Behaviour of Cicadas (Cicadidae, Hemiptera); Michel Boulard
Vibratory Communication and Mating Behaviour in the European Lantern Fly Dictyophara europea (Dictyopharidae, Hemiptera); Hildegard Strübing
Vibrational Communication in Psylloidea (Hemiptera); D. Yu. Tishechkin
Mating Behaviour and Vibratory Signals in Whiteflies (Hemiptera: Aleyrodoidea); K. Kanmiya
Communication by Vibratory Signals in Diptera; K. Kanmiya
Stridulation in the Coleoptera - An Overview; Andreas Wessel
Vibrational Communication in Dung Beetles (Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera); Julia Kasper and Petra Hirschberger
Vibratory and Airborne-Sound Signals in Bee Communication (Hymenoptera); Michael Hrncir, Friedrich G. Barth, and Jürgen Tautz

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This voluminous monograph (532 pp.) on insect sounds and communication is the first multi-author publication to comprehensively review the current state of research on sound communication within the most important insect orders. …Thirty-two chapters written by top specialists from all over the world cover general aspects of insect sounds, their relation to morphology, development and physiology, review techniques of sound analysis, and describe how different species generate and perceive sounds. … Insect Sound and Communication is an important milestone for all students of insect acoustics. However, it is written for a broader readership, including entomologists, evolutionary scientists, sensory physiologists and neuroscientists, and is also a welcome source of information for ethologists, ecologists and experts in audiosciences. Biology scholars with broad interests will also find it useful.
—J. Ždárek, European Journal of Entomology, 103, 778, 2006

In Insect Sounds and Communication, Sakis Drosopoulos and Michael F. Claridge have put together a volume that summarizes the current state of the discipline in insect bioacoustics…. It can be quite useful to have a brief review of a single question and a volume such as this is the ideal forum. Likewise, those contributions covering a particular system in more detail provide a valuable digest of the diversity of insect acoustic communication. Drosopoulos and Claridge have put together a volume that will benefit anyone with an interest in insect bioacoustics and that I, for one, expect to return frequently.
—Andrew Mason, University of Toronto-Scarborough, Annals of Entomological Society of America, Vol. 102, No.4, July 2009

The editors and publishers of this book maintained high standards…. This book should be bought by those who are deeply interested in acoustical communication in insects and by research libraries, so that their clients can benefit from a book that deals at length and in depth with sound communication in insect groups that most entomologists long thought were mute.
—T. J. Walker, University of Florida, Florida Entomologist 89(3), September 2006