1st Edition

Insect Suppression with Controlled Release Pheromone Systems Volume II

By A.F. Kydonieus Copyright 1982

    This book documents the latest accomplishments and technology relating to pheromone use in insect pest management along with the information that lead to these advances. It will appeal to entomologists, biologists, chemists, biochemists, pest control specialists, and insect physiologists.

    Part 3: Mass Trapping and Trap Cropping 1. The Pheromone of the Spruce Bark Beetle 1ps typographus and Its Potential Use in the Suppression of Beetle Populations 2. Mass Trapping of the Spruce Bark Beetle 1ps typographus in Norway as a Part of an Integrated Control Program 3. Mass Trapping of the Gypsy Moth 4. Trapping Japanese Beetles with Synthetic Female Sex Pheromone and Food-Type Lures 5. Mass Trapping and Trap Cropping of the Boll Weevil, Anthonomus grandis Boheman Part 4: Disruption of Mating 6. Mating Disruption as a Means of Suppressing Pink Bollworm - Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae- and Tobacco Budworm - Lepidoptera, Noctuidae - Populations on Cotton 7. Disruption of Mating of Peachtree Borer 8. Oriental Fruit Moth: Mating Disruption with Pheromone 9. Suppression of Mating in Codling Moths with Synthetic Sex Pheromone and Other Compounds 10. Disruption of Mating in Gypsy Moth 11. Control of Western Pine Shoot Borer Damage by Mating Disruption � A Reality 12. Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth Disruption 13. Disruption of Mating in the Spruce Budworm Choristoneura fumifurana (Clemens) Part 5: The Future Outlook 14. Marketing and Economic Considerations in the Use of Pheromones for Suppression of Insect Populations 15. Insect Attractants, Attractant Pheromones, and Related Compounds