1st Edition

Inside Out Rebuilding Self And Personality Through Inner Child Therapy

By Ann E. Potter Copyright 1994

    First published in 1994. This text provides a step-by-step healing process for adults reared in dysfunctional families and who have unfinished business with their pasts. This process encourages individuals to tell the truth about abuse and neglect, embrace and feel the feelings, identify how present-day acting- out behaviour is related to inner dialogue, and apply the inner child method to adulthood issues.; Providing information on shame, co-dependency, abuse, neglect, birth order and boundaries, this workbook enables the individual to gain new understanding about their past and present. Using the activities described here, a person should first develop skills that help in healing childhood trauma, and consequently be given the means to address adulthood problems such as correcting self- defeating thought and behaviour patterns. The learning of self-nurturing, self-acceptance and health boundaries should then follow as a matter of course.; This text reintegrates the personality parts in a functional way through the use of exercises and visualisations, with the aim of enabling the individual to finish with the past and live successfully in the present. Examples of real-life inner child therapy assignments are also included.

    A Safe Place and Higher Power for the Child; Embracing the Child; Initial Negotiations With Protector-Controller And Offender; Carried Feelings; Returned Carried Feelings; Healing Traumatic Childhood Memories; Changing the Mind Room; Boundaries; Reintegration - The House.


    Ann E. Potter