1st Edition

Inside the Middle East (Routledge Revivals)

By Dilip Hiro Copyright 1982
    498 Pages
    by Routledge

    498 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1982, Inside the Middle East is a definitive study of the region. It provides a clear, concise description of the complex social, political and economic life of the Middle East. Beginning with an outline of the birth and growth of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and the history of Israel and the Jews since 1020 B.C., the book is split in to five geographical and thematic parts. This thorough analysis in particular examines the forces at work within the Arab world, the domestic politics and economy of Israel and the state’s relationship with the West and the Soviet Bloc, and the relationship between the Arabs and the West since the Ottoman Empire. Dilip Hiro concludes with an overall analysis of the past in social, economic and political terms and considers the various possibilities for the future of the Middle East. Containing an unprecedented wealth of information and insight, this fascinating work presents a comprehensive understanding of the world’s richest and most volatile region. It remains of great relevance to scholars and students of Middle Eastern politics and history.

    Abbreviations;  Glossary of Arabic Words;  Glossary of Hebrew Acronyms and Words;  Glossary of Russian Abbreviations and Words;  Preface;  Part I: The Middle East: A Historical Survey  1. Introduction  2. Arab Monarchies  3. Arab Republics and the Palestinians  4. Israel;  Part II: Arab States and the Palestinians: Internal Composition  5. Socio-economic Context: an Outline  6. Conservative Forces  7. Centrist Forces: Secular and Religious  8. Leftist Forces;  Part III: Israel: Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations  9. Israel: Domestic Politics  10. Israel and the West  11. Israel and the Soviet Bloc;  Part IV: The Arabs and the Superpower Blocs  12. The Arabs and the Soviet Bloc  13. The Arabs and the West;  Part V: The Middle East: An Analysis, and Future Trends  14. The Middle East: an Analysis  15. The Future: Prospects and Possibilities;  Postscript;  Notes;  Select Bibliography;  Index.


    Dilip Hiro

    "With prodigious industry Dilip Hiro has assembled a great many facts, and there are passages of neat and useful summary" - Patrick Seale, The Observer

    "Inside the Middle East is politics at the highest level. . . quite extraordinarily detailed and very well researched. . . It will be of enormous use as a source of information and reference generally about the politics of the Middle East" - C. R. Pennell, New Statesman

    "Dilip Hiro has tackled a complex subject with infectious enthusiasm. . . Inside the Middle East is the most useful and up-to-date reference book of its kind" - Roger Cooper, New Society

    "A lot of work has gone into this book... The information seems mostly accurate and in places quite interesting... especially on leftist forces in the Arab world and Arab relations with the Soviet bloc, on which Dilip Hiro gives more details than one usually finds in a non-specialist work" - Edward Mortimer, Times Educational Supplement