1st Edition

Inside the Photon
A Journey to Health

ISBN 9789814241403
Published March 20, 2014 by Jenny Stanford Publishing
312 Pages 1 Color & 85 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Over the past decade biophotonics has appeared as a new department within the academic structure across the globe. With experimental work going back for more than a century, application of the scientific method has shown the importance of biophotonics within biological and medical practice. At the same time, a new mathematical description of physics and biophysics has emerged. Self-Field Theory (SFT) describes the role of photon as a binding agent between an electron and a proton within atomic structures. SFT is being rapidly accepted by the physics community as a distinct physical theory. This is now an alternative view, in addition to classical electromagnetics and the quantum theories, that forms the basis of a chemical bond. Atomic chemistry underpins biochemistry, the pharmaceutical approach to medical therapy, and has been a staple of biological and medical knowledge over the 20th century. The biophoton within SFT provides another layer of structural organization that sits underneath atomic chemistry. This book is the first to describe SFTs role within biophotonics and as such provides a theory of biophotonics capable of describing a wide range of experimental biophotonic phenomena.

Inside the Photon: A Journey towards Health describes the newly discovered layer of biophotonics underlying all atomic chemistry and biochemistry. As with the variety of snowflakes, the range in biological species within flora for instance is dependent on this biophotonic layer of interaction within atomic and biomolecular structures. A new range of energies that can be balanced only within the biophotonic states are responsible for these innumerable varieties of biological species.

The phonon, the quantum of acoustic, or vibrational, energy is also described and given status alongside the photon. Hence the ‘biophonon’ sits aside the biophoton as an element within biological structures. Sounds can create structure in the same way biophotons can use structure to communicate.

Therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicines are given fresh impetus including putative understanding of mechanism. Mitosis is understood via the cell cycle and how electric, acoustic, and magnetic fields can induce changes at the biophotonic level. The possibility arises of medical therapy without invasive surgery and without the side effects of drug-based therapies.

Table of Contents

Introductory history of the biophoton
biophotonics in academia, including survey of current theories and applications, current exposure standards
history of medical therapies from prehistory to modern times includes the role of pharmacy and surgery in modern medicine traditional and alternative therapies
history of the photon in classical electromagnetics and quantum field theories
Self-Field Theory a new theoretical description of physics and biophysics,
the newly discovered role of the photon as binding energy within atoms, molecules and macromolecules
the bispinorial motions of particles and photons
modification of Maxwell-Lorentz equations for use within strong nuclear regions
the photon and the phonon
Mechanisms: biophotonic emissions from DNA
the cell cycle and biophotonic processes
resonant frequencies in tissues and molecules
use of resonance within the body, growth promotion and inhibition
Exemplar applications of electromagnetics, acoustics, magnetics to treat cancer, repair tendons, skin tissues and aid perfusion
Appendix some mathematical details

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