1st Edition

Inspection Errors for Attributes in Quality Control

    227 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This book provides a comprehensive survey of the most recent methodology--both theoretical and applied--on the statistical analysis and detection of defective/"non-conforming" items in various types of inspection for attributes, when the inspection itself is subject to error.

    Acceptance sampling.- Basic distributions: single sampling.- Basic distributions: multiple sampling.- Double and link sampling for acceptance.- Multitype nonconformities.- Identification of nonconforming items.- (Dorfman) group testing.- Dorfman-Sterrett group testing and its extensions.- Curtailed Dorfman-type procedures.- Graff and Roeloffs' approach and related procedures.- Binary search.- Miscellaneous.- Estimation of error probabilities.- Stratified populations: grading.


    Norman Lloyd Johnson (Author) , Samuel Kotz (Author) , Xizhi Wu (Author)