Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Volume Two : Process Control and Optimization book cover
4th Edition

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Volume Two
Process Control and Optimization

Edited By

Bela G. Liptak

ISBN 9781315219028
Published October 8, 2018 by CRC Press
2464 Pages 2506 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The latest update to Bela Liptak's acclaimed "bible" of instrument engineering is now available. Retaining the format that made the previous editions bestsellers in their own right, the fourth edition of Process Control and Optimization continues the tradition of providing quick and easy access to highly practical information. The authors are practicing engineers, not theoretical people from academia, and their from-the-trenches advice has been repeatedly tested in real-life applications. Expanded coverage includes descriptions of overseas manufacturer's products and concepts, model-based optimization in control theory, new major inventions and innovations in control valves, and a full chapter devoted to safety. With more than 2000 graphs, figures, and tables, this all-inclusive encyclopedic volume replaces an entire library with one authoritative reference. The fourth edition brings the content of the previous editions completely up to date, incorporates the developments of the last decade, and broadens the horizons of the work from an American to a global perspective.

Béla G. Lipták speaks on Post-Oil Energy Technology on the AT&T Tech Channel.

Table of Contents

Analog vs. Digital Instruments
Computer Configurations of Supervisory Units
Computers-Simulation by Analog and Hybrid Systems
Electronic vs. Pneumatic Instruments
Human Engineering
Process Alarm Management
Speech Synthesis and Voice Recognition
Wiring Practices and Signal Conditioning

Control Basics
Control Modes-PID Controllers
Control Modes-PID Variations
Control Modes-Digital PID Controllers
Control Modes -Closed-Loop Response
Control Systems-Cascade Loops
Empirical Process Optimization
Expert Systems
Feedback and Feedforward Control
Genetic and Other Evolutionary Algorithms
Hierarchical Control
Interaction and Decoupling
Model-Based Control
Model-Based Predictive Control Patents
Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) Control
Modeling and Simulation of Processes
Model Predictive Control and Optimization
Neural Networks for Process Modeling
Nonlinear and Adaptive Control
Optimizing Control
PID Algorithms and Programming
Process Gains, Time Lags, Reaction Curves
Ratio Control
Real-Time Performance Assessment
Relative Gain Calculations
Robustness: A Guide for Sensitivity and Stability
Sampled Data Control Systems
Selective, Override, and Limit Controls
Self-Tuning Controllers
Sliding Mode Control in Process Industry
Software for Fuzzy Logic Control
Stability Analysis, Transfer Functions
State Space Control
Statistical Process Control
Tuning PID Controllers
Tuning Level Control Loops
Tuning Interacting Loops, Synchronizing Loops
Tuning by Computer

Converters and Dampeners
Relays for Computing and Programmers
Telemetering Systems
Transmitters-Fiber-Optic Transmission
Transmitters: Self-Checking and Self-Validating
Transmitters: Smart, Multivariable, and Fieldbus

Annunciators and Alarms
Control Centers and Panels-Traditional
Control Center Upgrading
Controllers-Electronic Analog and Digital
CRT Displays
DCS: Basic Trends and Advances
DCS: Control and Simulation Advances
DCS: Installation and Commissioning
DCS: Integration with Buses and Networks
DCS: Integration with Other Systems
DCS: Management of Abnormal Situations
DCS: Modern Control Graphics
DCS: Operator's Graphics
DCS: System Architecture
Digital Readouts and Graphic Displays
Fieldbuses and Network Protocols
Human-Machine Interface Evolution
Indicators, Analog Displays
Recorders, Oscillographs, Loggers, Tape Recorders
Switches, Pushbuttons, Keyboards
Touch Screen Displays
Uninterruptible Power and Voltage Supplies (UPS and UVS)
Workstation Designs

Binary Logic Diagrams for Process Operations
Ladder Diagrams
Optimization of Logic Circuits
PLCs: Programmable Logic Controllers
PLC Programming
PLC Software Advances
Practical Logic Design
Programmable Safety Systems
Solid-State Logic Elements
System Integration: Computers with PLCs
Time Delay Relays
Timers and Programming Timers

Application and Selection of Control Valves
Accessories and Positioners
Actuators: Digital, Electric, Hydraulic, Solenoid
Actuators: Pneumatic
Advanced Stem Packing Designs
Capacity Testing
Characteristics and Rangeability
Diagnostics and Predictive Valve Maintenance
Dynamic Performance of Control Valves
Emergency Partial-Stroke Testing of Block Valves
Fieldbus and Smart Valves
Intelligent Valves, Positioners, Accessories
Miscellaneous Valve and Trim Designs
Valves: Noise Calculation, Prediction, and Reduction
Valve Types: Ball Valves
Valve Types: Butterfly Valves
Valve Types: Digital Valves
Valve Types: Globe Valves
Valve Types: Pinch Valves
Valve Types: Plug Valves
Valve Types: Saunders Diaphragm Valves
Valve Types: Sliding Gate Valves

Dampers and Louvers
Electric Energy Modulation
Linear and Angular Positioning of Machinery
Pumps as Control Elements
Regulators- Pressure
Thermostats and Humidistats
Variable-Speed Drives

Control and Optimization of Unit Operations
Aeration and DO Controls
Airhandler and Building Conditioning Controls
Batch Control Description, Terminology, and Standard S88
Batch Processes and their Automation
Blending and Ratio Controls
Boiler Control and Optimization
Centrifuge Controls
Chemical Reactors: Batch Sequencing
Chemical Reactors: Basic Control Strategies
Chemical Reactors: Control and Optimization
Chemical Reactors: Simulation and Modeling
Chiller Control
Chiller Optimization
Clean-Room Controls and Optimization
Compressor Control and Optimization
Cooling Tower Control
Cooling Tower Optimization
Crystallizer Controls
Distillation: Basic Controls
Distillation: Calculations of Relative Gains
Distillation: Optimization and Advanced Controls
Dryer Controls
Evaporator Controls
Extruder Controls
Fan Controls
Fuel Cell Controls
Furnace and Reformer Controls
Header-Supplied Distribution Control
Heat Exchanger Control and Optimization
Inert Gas Blanketing Controls
ORP Controls
pH Control
Power Plant Controls: Cogeneration and Combined Cycle
Pump Controls
Pump Optimization
Rolling Mill Controls
Separation Controls, Air
Steam Turbine Controls
Wastewater Treatment Controls
Water Supply Plant Controls
Well-Supplied Underground Gas Storage Controls

International System of Units
Engineering Conversion Factors
Chemical Resistance of Materials (Table A.3)
Composition of Metallic and Other Materials (Table A.4)
Steam and Water Tables
Friction Loss in Pipes
Tank Volumes
Partial List of Suppliers
Directory of "Lost" Companies (Revised 6/2004)
ISA Standards


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