428 Pages
    by Informa Law from Routledge

    428 Pages
    by Informa Law from Routledge

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    The Chinese insurance market is expanding enormously as risk adversity takes hold in the economy while the role of the State as guarantor of commerce is gradually reduced. In addition, insurance is a heavily regulated field with detailed contract law stipulations.

    An introduction to regulation and contract law and an understanding of current issues is essential for someone seeking to do business in the Chinese market. Insurance law is also a field that translates well from one jurisdiction to another, and academics will be interested in understanding how issues are dealt with in another jurisdiction.

    The book seeks to present and discuss current topics in Chinese insurance law and regulation to an English-speaking audience knowledgeable of common law insurance law and international insurance business. The combined effect of the papers is to present Chinese insurance law to an audience unfamiliar with Chinese law, in a readable and accessible essay chapter format. Each chapter is written by an expert in the field and goes beyond a basic introduction to provide in depth well-researched information and academic analysis on the topic in question.

    Part I Principles Of Insurance Chapter 1: Introduction to Chinese Insurance Law by Dr Meixian Song, Yiqing Yang Chapter 2: The law relating to Access to insurance Markets in China by Fu Tingzhong Chapter 3: Insurance Brokers under Chinese Law by Dr Miao Li Chapter 4: Faraway, so close: some theoretical reflections on the application of competition law to the insurance sector in EU and China by Dr Andrea ListaChapter 5: Latest Discussions and Developments in Chinese Insurance Law by Professor Beiping Chu Part II Specific Forms of Insurance Chapter 6: Jurisdiction, Applicable Law And Dispute Resolution by Dr Wenhao Han Chapter 7: Liability Insurance by Dr Yu Tao Chapter 8: IP insurance in the Chinese legal climate by Hua Li Chapter 9: Some Thoughts for an Emerging Catastrophe Insurance Market by Johanna Hjalmarsson, Mateusz Bek Part III Marine Insurance Chapter 10: An Introduction to the Law and Practice of Marine Insurance in China by Professor Pengnan Wang Chapter 11: Law and Practice of Civil Liability Insurance for Ships’ Oil Pollution Damage in China by Lixin Han and Ke Wei Chapter 12: Cargo Insurance Documents in Letters of Credit by Jingbo Zhang Chapter 13: Insurer’s Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims by Dingjing Huang Chapter 14: UK Law Commissions Insurance Contract Law Reform: Lessons for Chinese Insurance Law by Dr Meixian Song



    Johanna Hjalmarsson is the Informa Senior Research Fellow in Maritime and Commercial Law at the University of Southampton.

    Dingjing Huang is a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Southampton.

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