1st Edition

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in the Nineteenth Century A Global History

Edited By Mark Lawrence Copyright 2021
    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in the Nineteenth Century examines insurgency and counterinsurgency across the globe in the nineteenth century.

    The volume includes chapters from distinguished and rising historians from Europe, North and South America and covers irregular wars in Spain, Ireland, France, Latin America, China, USA, Africa, Central Asia and Burma. The authors explore links between insurgencies and nationalism, including learning curves and emulation in counterinsurgency. With a special emphasis on non-Western warfare, this volume includes case studies such as the Katanga and White Lotus rebellions largely unknown to Western readers. The military history of the nineteenth century thus reveals much more than the symmetrical warfare of Napoleon, Grant and Moltke. This volume shows the commonalities of responses more than their differences and refracts these through themes which crop up repeatedly in different times and places. These themes include common problems and solutions: the challenge of commanding local intelligence networks; public opinion; millenarianism, magic and religion; technology; ‘hearts and minds’; the legal framework of state violence; racial stereotypes and patterns of forgetting and remembering guerrilla conflicts.

    The first recent study to examine Western and non-Western warfare in equal measure, stressing the prevalence of commonalities between guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency across the globe, Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in the Nineteenth Century will be of great interest to scholars of military and strategic studies, as well as modern military history. It was originally published as a special issue of Small Wars & Insurgencies.

    1. Introduction: Why a nineteenth-century study?

    Mark Lawrence

    Part 1: Insurgencies

    2. The Peninsular War guerrilla and its antecedents: humiliation forgotten, disaster prefigured: the guerra fantástica of 1762

    Charles Esdaile

    3. Reluctant guerrillas in early nineteenth century China: the White Lotus insurgents and their suppressors

    Yingcong Dai

    4. Regular and irregular forces in conflict: nineteenth century insurgencies in South America

    Alejandro M. Rabinovich and Natalia Sobrevilla Perea

    5. The First Carlist War (1833–40), insurgency, Ramón Cabrera, and expeditionary warfare

    Mark Lawrence

    6. Holmes’ front: constructing a new face of battle for America’s Civil War

    Susan-Mary Grant

    7. Memory, magic and militias: Cora Indian participation in Mexico’s wars, from the reforma to the revolution (1854-1920)

    Nathaniel Morris

    8. Guerrilla warfare in Katanga: the Sanga rebellion of the 1890s and its suppression

    Giacomo Macola and Jack Hogan

    Part 2: Counterinsurgencies

    9. Ireland: rebellion and counter-insurgency, 1848–1867

    Timothy Bowman

    10. ‘The extraordinary successes which the Russians have achieved’ - the Conquest of Central Asia in Callwell’s Small Wars

    Alexander Morrison

    11. General Zuo’s counter-insurgency doctrine

    Kenneth M. Swope

    12. A predisposition to brutality? German practices against civilians and francs-tireurs during the Franco-Prussian war 1870–1871 and their relevance for the German ‘military Sonderweg’ debate

    Bastian Matteo Scianna

    13. The campaign of the lost footsteps: the pacification of Burma, 1885-95

    Ian F. W. Beckett

    14. The Force Publique’s campaigns in the Congo-Arab War, 1892-1894

    Mario Draper

    15. Remembering and forgetting Mirambo: Histories of war in modern Africa

    Richard Reid

    16. Conclusion

    Mark Lawrence


    Mark Lawrence is Lecturer in Modern Hispanic and Military History at the University of Kent, UK, and Director of Military History at the University of Kent (2019–2020). He is author of the award-winning Spanish Civil Wars (2017), Nineteenth-Century Spain (2019) and Insurgency, Counterinsurgency and Policing in Centre-West Mexico, 1926–1929: Fighting Cristeros (2020).