1st Edition

Integrated Pest Management On Rangeland
A Shortgrass Prairie Perspective

Edited By

John L. Capinera

ISBN 9780367163686
Published November 23, 2020 by CRC Press
450 Pages

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Book Description

This book reviews the available information on shortgrass rangelands, offering the first comprehensive treatment of pest management and ecology within this vital ecosystem and focusing on the western edge of the Great Plains, an area commonly known as the shortgrass prairie.

Table of Contents

The Rangeland Resource 1. An Overview of the Western Grasslands 2. Grazing Management Systems for the Shortgrass Prairie 3. Forage Quality: Primary Chemistry of Grasses 4. Forage Quality: Secondary Chemistry of Grasses 5. Grass Response to Herbivory 6. Estimation of Forage Removal by Rangeland Pests Rangeland Pests and Their Management 7. Ecology and Management of Pricklypear Cactus on the Great Plains 8. Ecology and Management of Broom Snakeweed 9. Ecology and Management of Mormon Cricket, Anabrus simplex Haldeman 10. Behavioral Responses Underlying Ecological Patterns of Resource Use in Rangeland Grasshoppers 11. Population Ecology of Rangeland Grasshoppers 12. A Historical Look at Rangeland Grasshoppers and the Value of Grasshopper Control Programs 13. Integrated Management of Rangeland Grasshoppers 14. Future Prospects for Microbial Control of Grasshoppers 15. Sampling Rangeland Grasshoppers 16. Ecology of the Range Caterpillar, Hemileuca oliviae Cockerell 17. Development and Implementation of a Rangeland IPM Program for Range Caterpillar 18. Ecology and Management of Harvester Ants in the Shortgrass Plains 19. Below ground Arthropods of Semiarid Grasslands 20. Nematodes in Rangelands 21. Relation of Black-tailed Prairie Dogs and Control Programs to Vegetation, Livestock, and Wildlife 22. Function of Insectivorous Birds in a Shortgrass IPM System Biological and Economic Models for Rangeland Pest Management 23. Modeling the Pest Component of Rangeland Ecosystems 24. Predictive Phenology Modeling in Rangeland Pest Management 25. Application of Inventory Control Theory to Economic Thresholds 26. Factors Affecting the Economic Threshold for Control of Rangeland Grasshoppers 27. Assessment of Alternative Grasshopper Control Strategies with a Population Dynamics Simulation Model Future Developments 28. Rangeland Pest Management: Problems and Perspectives

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