1st Edition

Integrated Power Electronic Converters and Digital Control

    360 Pages 293 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Because of the demand for higher efficiencies, smaller output ripple, and smaller converter size for modern power electronic systems, integrated power electronic converters could soon replace conventional switched-mode power supplies. Synthesized integrated converters and related digital control techniques address problems related to cost, space, flexibility, energy efficiency, and voltage regulation—the key factors in digital power management and implementation.

    Meeting the needs of professionals working in power electronics, as well as advanced engineering students, Integrated Power Electronic Converters and Digital Control explores the many benefits associated with integrated converters. This informative text details boost type, buck type, and buck-boost type integrated topologies, as well as other integrated structures. It discusses concepts behind their operation as well specific applications.

    Topics discussed include:

    • Isolated DC-DC converters such as flyback, forward, push-pull, full-bridge, and half-bridge
    • Power factor correction and its application
    • Definition of the integrated switched-mode power supplies
    • Steady-state analysis of the boost integrated flyback rectifier energy storage converter
    • Dynamic analysis of the buck integrated forward converter
    • Digital control based on the use of digital signal processors (DSPs)

    With innovations in digital control becoming ever more pervasive, system designers continue to introduce products that integrate digital power management and control integrated circuit solutions, both hybrid and pure digital. This detailed assessment of the latest advances in the field will help anyone working in power electronics and related industries stay ahead of the curve.

    Non-isolated DC-DC Converters

    Buck Converter

    Boost Converter

    Buck-Boost Converter

    Isolated DC-DC Converters

    Flyback Converter

    Forward Converter

    Push-Pull Converter

    Full-Bridge Converter

    Half-Bridge Converter

    Power Factor Correction

    Concept of PFC

    General Classification of PFC Circuits

    High Switching Frequency Topologies for PFC

    Application of PFC in Advanced Motor Drives

    Integrated Switched-Mode Power Converters

    Switched-Mode Power Supplies

    The Concept of Integrated Converter

    Definition of Integrated Switched-Mode Power Supplies (ISMPS)

    Boost-Type Integrated Topologies

    General Structure of Boost-Type Integrated Topologies

    Boost-Flyback Converter

    Boost–Double-Ended Flyback Converter

    Boost–Series/Parallel Flyback Converter

    Boost–Parallel Flyback Converter

    Boost-Forward Converter

    Boost–Double-Ended Forward Converter

    Boost–Series/Parallel Forward Converter

    Boost–Parallel Forward Converter

    Boost–Full-Bridge Converter

    Boost–Half-Bridge Converter

    Boost–Push-Pull Converter

    Boost–Buck-Boost Converter

    Boost Integrated Flyback Rectifier/Energy Storage Converter

    Boost-Buck Converter (Cuk Converter)

    Boost Integrated Buck Rectifier/Energy Storage Converter

    Buck-Type Integrated Topologies

    The Concept of Boost-Integrated Converter

    Buck-Flyback Converter

    Buck–Double-Ended Flyback Converter

    Buck–Series/Parallel Flyback Converter

    Buck–Parallel Flyback Converter

    Buck-Forward Converter

    Buck–Double-Ended Forward Converter

    Buck-Series/Parallel Forward Converter

    Buck–Parallel Forward Converter

    Buck–Full-Bridge Converter

    Buck–Half-Bridge Converter

    Buck–Push-Pull Converter

    Buck-Boost Type Integrated Topologies

    Structure of Buck-Boost Type Integrated Topologies

    Buck-Boost–Flyback Converter

    Buck-Boost–Double-Ended Flyback Converter

    Buck-Boost–Series/Parallel Flyback Converter

    Buck-Boost–Parallel Flyback Converter

    Buck-Boost–Forward Converter

    Buck-Boost–Double-Ended Forward Converter

    Buck-Boost–Series/Parallel Forward Converter

    Buck-Boost–Parallel Forward Converter

    Buck-Boost–Full-Bridge Converter

    Buck-Boost–Half-Bridge Converter

    Buck-Boost–Push-Pull Converter

    Flyback-Forward Converter

    Flyback–Full-Bridge Converter

    Flyback–Half-Bridge Converter

    Flyback–Push-Pull Converter

    Other Types of Integrated Topologies

    Other Types of Integrated Topologies

    Buck-Buck Converter

    Buck–Buck-Boost Converter

    Buck-Zeta Converter

    Buck-Boost–Buck-Boost Converter

    Zeta–Buck-Boost Converter

    Zeta-Zeta Converter

    Boost-Boost Converter

    Boost-Cuk Converter

    Boost-SEPIC Converter

    Cuk-Cuk Converter

    SEPIC-Cuk Converter

    SEPIC-SEPIC Converter

    Flyback-Forward Converter

    Forward-Boost Converter

    Steady-State Analysis

    Small Ripple Approximation, Inductor Voltage–Second Balance, and Capacitor Charge Balance

    BIFRED Converter Example

    Dynamic Analysis


    Buck Integrated Forward Converter Example

    Synchronous Rectification

    Selection Criteria for Schottky Diode and MOSFET

    Synchronous Rectification with Basic Switching Power Supply Topologies

    Control of Synchronous Rectifier

    Current-Mode Control Methods

    Discrete and Integrated Approach for Synchronous Rectification

    Comparison of Diode and Synchronous Rectifiers

    Simulation Results

    Synchronous Rectification with Flyback and Forward Converters

    Synchronous Rectification in the Flyback Converter

    Synchronous Rectification in Forward Converter

    Simulation Results

    Synchronous Rectification for Integrated High- Quality Rectifier Regulators

    Synchronous Rectification for IHQRRs

    Control of Synchronous IHQRRs

    General Efficiency Considerations of IHQRRs

    Comparison of Power Losses in Schottky and Synchronous IHQRRs

    Simulation Results and Observations

    Integrated Switched-Mode Power Supplies Applications

    Integrated Switched-Mode Power Converters for UPS Applications

    Integrated Switched-Mode Power Converters for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives

    Review of Digital Control Techniques in Power Electronics

    Advantages of Digital Control

    Disadvantages of Digital Control and New Trends

    Structure of Digital Controllers

    Digital Design

    Digital Control Techniques

    Applications of Digital Control

    Implementation of Digital Controllers

    Implementation of Digital Control Using Digital Signal Processors

    Introduction to Implementation of Digital Control Based on DSPs

    Hardware Schematic Design of the Non-inverting Buck-Boost Converter and the DSP Control Board

    Software Implementation for Control System


    Dr. Ali Emadi is the Harris Perlstein Endowed Chair Professor of electrical engineering and the director of the Electric Power and Power Electronics Center and Grainger Laboratories at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). He is also founder and president of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc. (HEVT). Dr. Alireza Khaligh is currently an assistant professor and director of Energy Harvesting and Renewable Energies Laboratory (EHREL) at the Electric Power and Power Electronics Center (EPPEC) of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at IIT. Ph.D candidate Young Joo Lee has more than 10 years of experience in the industrial field and developed lots of commercial system controllers for sewing machines and medical x-ray fluoroscopy equipment. Zhong Nie is a product research and development engineer at Inductoheat, Inc., working on high-power inverter design for induction heating applications.