1st Edition

Integrating Complementary and Conventional Medicine

    This work includes a foreword by Micheal Dixon. Chair, NHS Alliance, Visiting Professor, Institute of Integrated Health, Westminster University and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Peninsula Medical School. This practical guide provides comprehensive information on all aspects of integrating complementary and conventional medicines. Its contents cover treatments, diseases, research, evidence and advice for setting up a complementary service. The realistic, evidence-based approach considers both the benefits and limitations of complementary therapies, providing a user-friendly, authoritative handbook for everyday reference. This book is ideal for complementary therapists and general practitioners. Final year medical and nursing students, particularly those interested in palliative care, will find this book invaluable for the well documented evidence and efficacy of different complementary therapies in this area. 'Readable, delightful, imaginative, useful, lively. A compendium of integrated care that covers every aspect of integration from different treatments and different diseases to research, evidence and how to provide an integrated service. It will be of immense use to any clinician or patient who wishes to start on the journey towards an integrated health approach, and to those already familiar with the subject and wish to improve their skills. I defy anyone to read the book or even just dip into it without coming away with some new tips and thoughts on healing.' - Michael Dixon, in the Foreword.

    Why integrated health care? Psychological illness. Anxiety. Stress. Depression. The process of death and dying. Bereavement/loss. Therapies. Acupuncture. Aromatherapy. Ayurvedic medicine. Counselling. Herbal medicine. Homeopathy. Hypnotherapy. Massage. Meditation. Osteopathy and chiropractic. Prayer. Reflexology. Reiki. Traditional Chinese medicine. Yoga. Health and lifestyle. Physical disease. Chronic disease. Dermatology. Ear Nose Throat. Headaches. Obstetrics and gynaecology. Palliative care. Evidence based medicine. Setting up an integrated health service. Evaluation. The evidence for complementary therapies. An investigation into the impact of integrating complementary and alternative medicine into conventional general practice.


    Myra Coyle-Demetriou, Andrew Demetriou