1st Edition

Integrating Electrical Heating Elements in Product Design

By Thor Hegbom Copyright 1997

    Offers details on the utilization of electrical heating elements in consumer appliance design and industrial processes. The text includes basic theory, metallurgy and production advice for developing more reliable and cost-effective heaters. It provides tables comparing resistivity and surface resistance of different materials, and listing the resistance and weight per metre as well as surface per ohm of whole and half B&S wire and ribbon sizes for common standard resistance heating alloys. The book also contains calculation equations suitable for use in BASIC programs.

    Metallic resistance heating wire; wire (and ribbons) made of materials different from resistance heating alloys; general information about electrical heating elements; suspended elements; supported elements; embedded elements; film elements; PTC elements; silicon carbide and carbon elements; domestic appliances and heaters.


    Hegbom, Thor