1st Edition

Integrating Microelectronics into Gas Distribution

Edited By W.F. Rush, J.E. Huebler, R.W. Smith Copyright 1988

    This book considers technical, economic, and policy aspects of application of microelectronics to gas distribution problems. It is based on the first and second IGT symposia on microelectronics in the gas industry to disseminate information on rapidly evolving topics of gas distribution automation.

    Part I: Integrating Microelectronics into Gas Distribution (Session I) 1. Fundamental Concepts of Microelectronics Automation 2. Microprocessors Applied to Economic and Operational Control of Gas Systems 3. Integrating Microelectronics into Gas Distribution 4. Remote Data Collection System and Communication with a Central Computer 5. Water Meter Technology and the Gas Industry: Automated Meter Reading Systems have become Market Driven 6. Meter Mounted Instruments 7. Real Time Measurement of Natural Gas Meter Stations 8. Automation of Facilities Information 9. Automating Corrosion Control 10. Integrating RF Electronics into Gas Distribution 11. On the Concept of a Total System Approach to Distribution Automation 12. The Gri Perspective on Advanced Gas Distribution Systems Research 13. Automation of Waste Heat Recovery Plant for Compression of Natural Gas 14. On-Site Energy Measurement 15. Peoples Gas Takes Another Step into the Computer Age 16. Electronics at Union Gas 17. Automatic Call-Back Alarm Systems Part II: Integrating Microelectronics into Gas Distribution (Session II) 18. Overview of Gas Automation 19. An Overview of Microelectronics 20. The Future Role of Sensor Technology in Gas Distribution Operations 21. Centralized Meter Reading: Past, Present, and Future 22. Data Accumulation and Communication 23. Electronic Volume Correction and Data Collection 24. Sonic Integrated Gas Measurement Assembly: A Real Time Measurement and Control Station 25. Justifying Automated Meter Reading Technology in the Gas Industry 26. Volume Correctors and Flow Computers 27. Selecting a Gas Scada System 28. Scada Systems in Gas Distribution from then, Til Now; Til Tomorrow: An Evolution of Metering 29. Radio-Transmitted, Microcomputer-based Telemeter Systems 30. Field Implementation of a Remote Meter Reading System 31. System Evolution in the Mature Scada Environment 32. Integration of Corporate Data Systems 33. Implementation of Automatic Meter Reading 34. Electronic Solutions to Meter Reading 35. Advanced Gas Distribution Research at IGT 36. A Low-Power Micro Data Processing and Control System Programmable on Site in Basic 37. How Microelectronics Saves Money on Gas Systems 38. Economics of Electronic Measurement 39. Real Time Measurement: A Canadian Gas Transmission Company Approach 40. The Cain Encoderâ„¢ - Automatic Meter Reading for the Real World 41. Distribution Robotics in the Gas Industry: Issues and Applications


    W.F. Rush, J.E. Huebler, R.W. Smith