1st Edition

Integrating and Articulating Environments

    A critical, comparative exploration of the framing of environmental problems in Northern and Southern Europe. The book addresses theoretical and empirical questions about environmental attitudes and behaviours, politics and protest, cultures and contexts.

    The Contributors, Preface, List of Figures, List of Tables, Introduction, Chapter 1: Articulating Nature: The Ethical and Political Challenge of Constructionism in Risk Societies, Chapter 2: Risk Society at Europe’s Periphery? The Case of the Bergama Resistance in Turkey, Chapter 3: Participatory Nature Management and Cultural Difference: General Reflections and One Specific Case: Turkish Migrants in the Netherlands, Chapter 4: Political Economy of Citizens’ Participation in Environmental Improvement: The case of Istanbul, Chapter 5: The Division of Attitudes to GM Food between the North and South of Europe, Chapter 6: Acquisition and Domestication of New Household Technologies - Some Dynamics Behind Growth in Material Consumption, Chapter 7: Balancing the Call for Environmental Integration, Integrated Assessment Studies


    F. Adaman, F. Goksen, J. Grolin, M. O'Brien, O Seippel, E.U. Zeninobuz