1st Edition

Integration of Cloud Computing and IoT Trends, Case Studies and Applications

Edited By Prabhdeep Singh, Mohit Angurala Copyright 2025
    528 Pages 111 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    This book presents cutting-edge research, advanced techniques, and practical applications of the integration of Cloud Computing and IoT. It explores the practical challenges associated with the development and deployment of Cloud Computing and IoT-based solutions, including security, privacy, and interoperability issues. It includes various case studies, including Smart Cities, Network Security, Healthcare, Smart Urban Sensing, Agriculture, Mining, Railways, and Crime Investigations. It offers in-depth insights, developments, and practical applications, showcasing helpful tools and techniques in IoT and Cloud Computing.

    Key Features

    •         Provide a comprehensive and accessible resource that covers a broad range of topics in Integration of Cloud Computing and IoT.

    •         Shows how Cloud computing and IoT are applied to various challenging situations.

    •         Covers in-depth inference of cloud computing and IoT to real-world issues, which will assist the industrial sector in growth.

    •         Includes robust privacy solutions are important to enable effective integration between cloud computing and IoT-based applications.

    •         Offers case studies and real-life examples from various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, mining, smart transport, and underwater communication.

    The book is a comprehensive guide for professionals, researchers, and students interested in the latest Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) developments.

    Ch-1 Fundamental Concepts of Cloud Computing

    Oroos Arshi, Aryan Chaudhary


    Ch-2 Fundamental Concepts of IoT

    Oroos Arshi, Aryan Chaudhary


    Ch-3 Sustainable Marketing and Retailing: A Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IOT) Approach

    Shivani Malhan , Anita Tanwar, Rekha Mewafarosh Shikha Agnihotri, and Divya Gupta


    Ch-4 Embedded IoT, Cloud and Deep Neural Network based stress prediction and diagnosis system using facial expressions and emotions

    Maneet Kaur Bohmrah, Dr Harjot Kaur


    Ch-5 Cloud IoT in Health Care Transforming Patient Monitoring and Data Analytics

    Nidhi Punj, Anita Tanwar, Priyanka Ranga , Vinod Kumar


    Ch-6 Cloud-Internet of Things in Smart Healthcare Systems

    Ankit Garg, Anuj Kumar Singh, Dhawan Singh


    Ch-7 Bridging the Gap: Harnessing Cloud Computing and IoT for Wildlife Conservation

    Yogita Yashveer Raghav, Vaibhav Vyas


    Ch-8 Smart Farming Solutions: Unveiling the Power of Cloud-IoT Integration

    Sneha, Prabh Deep Singh, Vikas Tripathi


    Ch-9 Cloud-IoT Applications in Agriculture

    Mohit Angurala, Mohit Lalit,Shivani Aggarwal


    Ch-10 Cloud-IoT in Railways

    Mohit Angurala, Harmeet Singh


    Ch-11 CloudIoT In Railway: Advancements, Challenges, And Future


    Tanusha Mittal,Dr. Jyoti Agarwal,Dr. Upma Jain


    Ch-12 Cloud-IoT Integration for Enhanced Underwater Communication

    Harmeet Singh, Mohit Angurala, Nipun Chhabra 


    Ch-13 Integration and Applications of Cloud IOT in Education Sector

    Dr. Yojna Arora          


    Ch-14 Integration of Cloud Computing and IoT: Trends, Case Studies, and Applications



    Ch-15 Connecting the Future: Cloud-Based IoT in Education

    Abhiraj Gautam and Arnav Kotiyal


    Ch-16 The Future of Cloud Computing: A Paradigm Shift with Fog Computing

    Navneet Kumar Rajpoot, Prabh Deep Singh, Bhaskar Pant, Vikas Tripathi


    Ch-17 Cloud Computing Architecture: Design, Models, and Implementations

    Ekta , Varsha



    Subhajit Ghosh


    Ch-19 Enhancing IoT with Cloud-Based Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Integration

    Kiran Deep Singh, Prabh Deep Singh


    Ch-20 The Convergence of Cloud, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Systems

    Kiran Deep Singh, Prabh Deep Singh, Gaganpreet Kaur, Vikas Lamba1 M.R.M. Veeramanickam , Vikas Khullar


    Ch-21 A Comprehensive Overview of Cloud Computing and IoT Integration: Trends and Real-world Applications

    Prabh Deep Singh,Kiran Deep Singh


    Ch-22 Applications and Challenges of Integration of Internet of things with Cloud

    Ambika N, Solomon Chibuzo Nwafor


    Ch-23 Cloud Computing, IoT and Machine Learning techniques for Detection and Classification of Tomato Plants Diseases due to pests



    Ch-24 Impact of Cloud and IoT integration in the education Industry



    Ch-25 Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in the Banking Sector: A Convergence of Frontiers

    Anita Tanwar,Shivani Malhan,Nidhi Punj,Arvinder Kaur


    Ch-26 From Data to Decisions: Cloud, IoT,and AI Integration

    Prerna,Sanjay Sharma


    Ch-27 Comprehensive Review of Recent Trends, Challenges, Applications, and Case Studies in Fog Computing

    Tisha Aggarwal, Yogesh Lohumi, Duragaprasad Gangodkar, Prakash Srivastava


    Dr. Prabh Deep Singh

    Graphic Era (Deemed to be University), Dehradun, India

    Dr. Prabh Deep Singh has completed his PhD at Punjabi University, Patiala, India, and has been actively contributing to research in the healthcare sector. He has published more than eight scientific papers in journals, especially those indexed in Scopus, a notable achievement that demonstrates his commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. In addition, he contributes chapters to international publications and is working on compiling an international book, making a valuable contribution to the academic community. Prabh Deep has made significant contributions to the field of innovation, as evidenced by his prolific involvement in patent activities. To date, four of his patent applications have been successfully granted, highlighting the recognition of his inventive concepts. Additionally, three patents are presently under consideration, indicative of ongoing efforts to expand his intellectual property portfolio. Furthermore, Prabh Deep has shared his innovative ideas with the public through the publication of eight patents. In the realm of design protection, Prabh Deep has secured legal recognition for six designs in India, underscoring the uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of his creations. Moreover, his innovative designs have also been acknowledged internationally, with two designs granted protection in the United Kingdom. This collective body of work not only showcases Prabh Deep's commitment to advancing technological and design frontiers but also underscores the global significance and applicability of his contributions.


    Dr. Mohit Angurala

    Dr. Mohit Angurala is currently working as an Associate Professor in Chandigarh University having World QS Ranking within 771-780. He has also worked with another prestigious University in India as Assistant Professor (Senior) (Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai Campus, Tamil Nadu), India. He worked as Head of the Department in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Khalsa College of Engineering and Technology and Chitkara University after obtaining doctoral Degree in Punjab. He completed his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from I.K Gujral Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala, Punjab, in 2021. He has done Masters of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, in 2014 form Punjab Institute of Technology, PTU Main Campus, Kapurthala, Punjab. In addition to this, he has obtained master’s degree (MBA in distance) in HR from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. He did his Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, in 2011 from Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur, Punjab. Recently, he has completed his advanced certification in Machine learning and Deep Learning from IIIT Bangalore. His areas of Interests include energy management in wireless sensor networks, topology management, modulation, network security, optics and Internet of Things. He has a total 44 international publications in his records. He has published 4 book chapters and 1 international book as well. He has published 9 patents out of which 4 has already been granted. He is serving as an editorial board member and reviewer for many reputed international journals like Web of Science, Scopus and many others of high repute.