1st Edition

Intellectual Property Rights

Edited By David Vaver
    2000 Pages
    by Routledge

    Countries with innovative local industries almost invariably have laws to foster innovation by regulating the copying of inventions, identifying symbols and creative expressions. These laws encompass four separate and distinct types of intangible property – patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, which collectively are referred to as ‘intellectual property’.

    This major new collection covers all aspects of intellectual property rights including history, purpose, moral rights, patents, trade marks and enforcement. In addition, the set considers the development of intellectual property rights, placing current practice within a historical and intellectual framework.

    With a comprehensive new introduction from the editor that guides the reader through the work and places the selected material in context, this collection of essential articles will be an important research resource for both students and scholars in this field.

    Volume 1:  General Introduction.  Section 1:  Overview.  General.  History.  Justification.  Economics.  Human Rights.  Anthropology.  Politics  Volume 2:  Section 2:  Copyright and Allied Rights.  Historical Overview.  Scope of Copyright.  Moral Rights.  Getting Paid  Volume 3:  Section 3:  Patents.  Historical Overview.  Scope of Patent Rights.  Biotechnology  Volume 4:  Section 4:  Trademarks.  Historical Overview.  Scope of Trademark Rights.  Domain Names.  Geographical Indications.  Section 5: Misappropriation.  Unfair Competition.  Publicity Rights.  Section 6:  Developing Countries.  TRIPs and Technology Transfer.  Health.  Traditional Knowledge.  Volume 5:  Section 7:  Cross-Cutting Issues.  Ownership.  Enforcement.  Freedom of Expression.  Cross-Border Issues.  Choice of Law and Forum.  Section 8:  The Future