1st Edition

Intelligence The Psychometric View

By Paul Kline Copyright 1991

    Paul Kline's latest book provides a readable modern account of the psychometric view of intelligence. It explains factor analysis and the construction of intelligence tests, and shows how the resulting factors provide a picture of human abilities. Written to be clear and concise it none the less provides a rigorous account of the psychometric view of intelligence.

    1. Meaning of Intelligence 2. Factor Analysis 3. Factor Analyses of Human Abilities 4. Measuring Intelligence 5. Intelligence and Educational and Occupational Success 6. Heritability of Intelligence 7. Intelligence and Mental Speed 8. Cognitive Processing and Intelligence 9. EEG and Intelligence 10. The Nature of g References Name Index


    Paul Kline

    `... an interesting and well written book which might well form the basis of a course on intelligence. It is well organized, reviews nost of the relevant evidence, and might be regarded for the most part as embodying a consensus of experts in the field.' - H.J. Eysenck