1st Edition

Intelligent Computing in Information Technology for Engineering System Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Computing in Information Technology for Engineering System (ICICITES-2021), 25-26 June, 2021, Pandharpur, India

    434 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    International Conference on “Intelligent Computing in Information Technology for Engineering System” gives a platform to researchers, academies, scientists and industrialists to present, discuss and share their research work, experiences, innovative encouraging and evolutionary experimental results on various ongoing upcoming enriching technologies. Various international keynote speakers were invited who enlighten the conference with their expertise domain knowledge and experience sharing with all. Subject areas chosen to share the ideas are very interesting, like computational intelligence, IOT powered technologies, last but not least intelligent computing technologies also.

    1. COVID-19 Predictions Through Deep Learning Model: Long Short-Term Memory

    Dr. S. N. Zaware, Evana Mariam Thomas, Riya Reji, Vaishnavi Manoj Shirbhate and Sejal Satish Oswal

    2. Brain Tumour Detection System using Deep Neural Network Models

    Sandeep U. Mane and Tejaswini Patil

    3. Detection of Phishing Websites using Machine Learning Techniques

    Nikita Mahajan and Sandip R. Shinde

    4. Smart Eye Health Management Android App using Machine Learning

    Ajit Patare, Rachit Deo, Guruprasad Tupe, Dr. Kishor Wagh and Sunny Wable

    5. Analysis of Crops Nutrient Data using Neural Network

    Dinesh B. Bhoyar and Amey A. Naik

    6. CNN based Crowd Counting and Datasets: A Survey

    Ms. Jyoti Ambadas Kendule and Dr. Kailash Karande

    7. Covid-19 Prediction using FB Prophet

    Prof. Varunakshi Bhojane, Prof. Ranjita Chalke, Prof. Amol Kharat and Prof. Aju Palleri

    8. K-means Clustering and Partitioning Around Medoids (PAM) Clustering Approach for Automatic Paraphrase Detection in English Language

    Nandhini U and Dr. R. Murugesan

    9. Effect of Continual Learning Algorithms that Overcome Catastrophic Forgetting in Neural Networks

    Sunil Shastri, Sakshi Basapure, Sarang Nikhare, Utkarsh Mishra, Puneet Nagar and Sumedha Sirsikar

    10. Using Deep Learning to Classify Emotion State from Poetry Text

    Ms. Mokshada Harshe and Prof. Dr. Nihar Ranjan

    11. Emotion Recognition using Deep Learning - A Review

    Babasaheb Pansambal and Dr. Anil B. Nandgaonkar

    12. Web Application Firewall using Machine Learning Technique

    Ms. Dhanshri Surwase, Mr. Subhash Pingale and Dr. Sanjay Sutar

    13. An Overview of Advancements in Sign Language Recognition

    Rishikesh Gadade, Aditya Khochare and Aditya Hundekari

    14. Analysis and Prediction of Climate Change using Machine Learning in Nagpur

    B . Y. Masram, Rachana Sawadh and Sanjay Balamwar

    15. Feature Selection in Text Classification using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

    Priyanshi Borase and Satish Kolhe

    16. A Survey and NLP-based Perspective on Automated Accounting

    Janhavi Pradhan, Gursimar Singh Bagga, Niraj Gandhi, Vasundhara Ghate and Madhura Bhattad

    17. Star Classification using Machine Learning

    Nimit Srivastava, Namrata Dhanda and Meghna Yadav

    18. Anti-Virus Techniques Zero Day Attack

    Prakash Gadekar and Kartiki Dange

    19. Industrial Pipe Conveyor Belt Orientation Monitoring System

    Prof. S. S. Patil, Ashish Akhade, Ajay Jare and Saurabh Harihar

    20. IoT and Ultrasonic based Smart Vehicle Safety System

    Sanket Vinod Kulkarni, Pranot Priti Pote, Siddhesh Madhav Sambherao, Shivam Mishra, Dr. Kishanprasad Gunale and Mr. Sujit Yardi

    21. Automation in IoT using LoRA

    Rohіnі B. Khanderay and Dr. Pawan R. Bhaladhare

    22. Monitoring of Pandemic COVID-19 Outbreak by Remote Sensing and GIS

    S.S. Khade, Himanshi Hatwar, Sanjay V. Balamwar and Chitra V. Bawankar

    23. A Survey on the Recent Advances in the Development of IoT-based Devices for Women Safety

    Nanda R. Wagh, Dr. Sanjay R. Sutars and Dr. Abhay E. Wagh

    24. Load Balancing and Scheduling: Examination in view of COVID-19 Protocols

    Amit Singh, Dhruv Gupta, Kashika Chopra and Apoorv Srivastava

    25. Recent Trends and Challenges with Applications of Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things

    Nagendra Panini Challa, Manikanta Sirigineedi, Suma Bharathi T., J.S. Shyam Mohan, Padma B. and G.P. Siva Kumar

    26. Querying Databases using Natural Language Questions

    Yashkumar Kalaria, Utkarsha Shirole, Yash Mangukiya, Vinayak Musale and Yashika Gupta

    27. Routing Methods with User Validation Techniques for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Network: A Theoretical Approach

    Supriya S. Kamble and Sanjay A. Pardeshi

    28. Virtual Fitting Room using Augmented Reality Techniques

    Saju Abraham Thomas and Ms. Sangeetha Jamal

    29. Compressive Literature Survey on Different Channel Modelling Techniques for mmWave Communications

    Amol Bhoi and Vaibhav Hendre

    30. Eye Blinking Based Device Control

    Prof. N. A. Pande, Tanay Onkar, Shubham Paunikar, Akash Soni and Sarvesh Vaidya

    31. Multiple Inertial Measurement Unit (MULTI-IMU) Flight Controller for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

    Mahesh Pawar, Narayan Patidar and Ausaf Umar Khan

    32. Overview of Network Security and Cryptography

    Padma Mahesh Hendre

    33. A Novel E-ANFIS Controller for Power Quality Improvement in Hybrid PV-FC System

    Sandeep V Karemore and E. Vijaykumar

    34. Designing of DPLL in 90 nm CMOS Technology

    Aswin Udayan, Godwin Varghese, Candice Darvin, Anoop E.G, Fyna Francis, Deepa N. R

    35. Patients Health Monitoring System using Fog Centric IoT Technology

    Kalyani P. Pawar, Prof. Namdev M. Sawant and Prof. V. A. Dhotre

    36. Detection and Classification of Dental Caries using Artificial Intelligence: A Review

    Vaishali Latke, Thaksen j. Parvat and Vaibhav Narawade

    37. Optimal Utilization of UPQC During Voltage Sag and Steady-state using Particle Swarm Optimization

    Swati Gade and Rahul Agrawal

    38. A Study on Terraform

    Dhara Rajesh Rachh

    39. Efficient Routing Protocols for IoT Assisted Precision Agriculture: A Systematic Literature Review

    Vijaysinh G. Chavan and Amit Gadekar

    40. End to End Star Pointing Device System

    Nilesh D. Navghare, Shivling H. Sutar and Dr. L. Mary Gladence

    41. An Unstructured Web Mining for The Recognition about Women Policies of Jaipur Urban Areas in Rajasthan

    Mrs. Pooja Jain and Prof. S. Lal

    42. Blink and Attention Controlled BCI Wheelchair

    Shishir Pawar, Mohit Makhija, Manasi Sonawane, Shweta Rajopadhye, Abhishek Chunawale and Sumedha Sirsikar

    43. Blockchain Application Prototype for IVF care Service Application based on Hyperledger Composer

    Santosh Vishwakarma, Manikant Kumar, Rajat Subhra Goswami and Sujit Das

    44. Cloud Computing: A Qualitative Approach of Implementation

    Prashant Vaishnav and Dinesh Uthra

    45. Performance Study of Various Text Classification Algorithms and its Applications: An Analysis

    Shawn Binu Koshy, Sangeetha Jamal, Noel Viji and Roshan Anish

    46. Matrix Factorization Technique for Tourists Recommendation System

    R. G. Pawar, Dr. Shashikant Ghumbre and Dr. R. R. Deshmukh

    47. Design an Algorithm for Zombie Application Detection in Smartphone

    Sandip R. Shinde and Archana S. Shinde

    48. Soft Computing Techniques for Road Accident Study: A Review

    Bobade Snehal U. and Dr. R. K. Lad

    49. Energy Efficient Secure Routing Protocol for MANET

    Dr. Sheetal Zalte, Dr. Rajanish Kamat, Prof. Meenakshi Patil and Dr. Vijay Ghorpade

    50. Q_Notify: Queue Management System

    Ms. Anjali R. Deshpande, Mrs. Sharmila K. Karpe and Mrs. Shrutali V. Narkar

    51. A Study on Lung Cancer Detection using Image Processing Over the Years

    Dipali Sahay and Poonam Ghuli

    52. Design and Development of Novel Battery Booster for Portable Patient Monitoring System

    Archana Ratnaparkhi, Jayashri Kulkarni and Dattatraya Bormane

    53. Implementation of IoT based Digital Personal Medical Assistant

    Dheeraj Muttin and A. D. Harale

    54. Battery Management System for Electric Vehicle

    Vishal Ambhore, Piyush Mathurkar and Srinivas Chippalkat


     Kailash J. Karande is the Director and Principal of SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pandharpur, India. His research interest encompasses a wide range of activities with a focus in face recognitions and developed a comparative approach in ICA analysis. A strong Electronics background combined with FRT has enabled him and his team to produce PCA-ICA modules for specific applications. He has published 10 books and 80+ research papers (h-index 9, i-10 index 8) in various National and International journals. He is working as PI on research project funded by Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, Solapur, India. He received European fellowship of Erasmus Mundus Program at Aalborg University, Denmark. He was honoured by Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. Also he was awarded as Best Principal from Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, Solapur and many more for contribution in the field of Education. He is acting as Editor for various journals/Books of Lambert Publications, Springer, CRC Press T&F Group, IOP Publishing, AIP Publishing.

    Sampat G. Deshmukh is working as Dean at SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pandharpur. He has completed his Ph. D. from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, an Institute of National Importance, Surat, India, giving his societal contribution in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. He has 24 years’ experience of Research, Teaching and Industrial. Dr. Sampat and his team have continuously working for their contribution in the field of Material Science. He has published 15 research articles in journals and 15 papers in various National and International conferences. He is Editor Board Member of Electronics Science Technology and Application (ESTA) and Journals of Frontiers of Mechatronical Engineering. He received Best Paper award in ICEM-2014 at Chennai, and consolation award in ICC-2015 at Bikaner, India. He is working as PI on research project funded by Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, Solapur. He is acting as Editor for proceedings/Books of IOP Publishing, AIP Publishing, CRC Press, T&F Group, etc.

    Parikshit N. Mahalle is a senior member IEEE and is Professor and Head of Department of Computer Engineering, Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune, India. He completed his Ph. D. from Aalborg University, Denmark and continued as Post Doc Researcher. He has 21+ years of teaching and research experience. He is member of Board of Studies in Computer Engineering SPPU and various Universities. He has 9 patents, 200+ research publications (citations-1855, H index-18) and authored/edited 30+ books with Springer, CRC Press, Cambridge University Press, etc. He is editor-in-chief for IGI Global - International Journal of Rough Sets and Data Analysis, Associate Editor for IGI Global - International Journal of Synthetic Emotions, Inter-science International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing, member-Editorial Review Board for IGI Global - International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence. His research interests are Algorithms, Internet of Things, Identity Management and Security. He has delivered 200 plus lectures at national and international level.