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Intelligent Data-Driven Technology for Sustainability

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The proposed series aims to describe evolve, design, and develop intelligent technology and models for analysis of data involved in environmental engineering with the objective of ensuring sustainability. This series would unveil intelligent and cognitive models to address issues related to effective monitoring of environmental pollution and ushering in a sustainable environmental design, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the global environment for better sustenance and livelihood. As such, the contributory volumes would remain centered on evolving novel intelligent/cognitive models and algorithms to evolve sustainable solutions for the mitigation of environmental pollution. Sufficient coverage of novel cognitive models for the purpose of effective environmental pollution data management at par with the standards laid down by World Health Organization, is also envisaged.

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Technological Advancement in E-waste Management Towards Smart, Sustainable, and Intelligent Systems

Technological Advancement in E-waste Management: Towards Smart, Sustainable, and Intelligent Systems

1st Edition

Edited By Biswajit Debnath, Abhijit Das, Potluri Anil Chowdary, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya
December 07, 2023

The theme of this book is sustainable e-waste management through effective amalgamation of information and communication technologies (ICT) and green recycling technologies to ensure development of intelligent, smart, and sustainable systems. It encompasses multidisciplinary interventions, ...

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