1st Edition

Intelligent Machines Myths and Realities

Edited By Clarence W. de Silva Copyright 2000

    What is intelligence? Are truly intelligent machines a practical reality? If so, can they work in harmony with human beings and improve the quality of our lives? How are they designed, built, and controlled?

    The fact is that machines with brains are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Research focused on developing smarter, more flexible machines and new applications continues at a remarkable pace, yet for many people-even engineers-these and other questions linger.

    Intelligent Machines: Myths and Realities explores the technological, industrial, economic, social, and research issues related to intelligent machines. Nine chapters-authored by highly distinguished international authorities-take you from the fundamentals and general aspects of intelligent machines through current techniques and research, and finally to their practical aspects and applications.

    Written for both technical and nontechnical readers, Intelligent Machines presents complex issues in simple, qualitative terms, yet discusses important theoretical aspects, industrial applications, and design issues where they are appropriate. The result is an intriguing exploration of this revolutionary technology, its design, uses, limitations, and future prospects.


    What Makes a Machine Intelligent? C.W. de Silva
    Information, Knowledge, and Machines, A.G.J. MacFarlane,
    Machines and the Elusive Wisdom, V.J. Modi
    Research Advances in Intelligent Machines, D.P. Garg
    Soft Computing Tools for Intelligent Machines, F.O. Karray
    Soft Computing Control of Complex Systems, M. Jamshidi
    Intelligent Production Machines: Benefiting from Synergy Among Modeling, Sensing, and Learning, P.K. Venuvinod
    Intelligent Control of Machines, A.M. Poo and P.L. Tang
    Using an Intelligent Machine to Modify or Adapt Human Behavior, D.W. Repperger


    Clarence W. de Silva