Intelligent Signal Processing and Data Analysis

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In the current era of huge amount of data types and measurement in all sectors and applications, the same requires automated capturing, data analysis and evaluation methods. Consequently, sophisticated intelligent approaches become essential as flexible and powerful tools based on different signal processing algorithms for multiple applications. Intelligent signal processing (ISP) methods are progressively swapping the conventional analog signal processing techniques in several domains, such as speech analysis and processing, biomedical signal analysis radar and sonar signal processing, and processing, telecommunications, and geophysical signal processing. The main focus is this book series is to find out the new trends and techniques in the intelligent signal processing and data analysis leading to scientific breakthroughs in applied applications. Artificial fuzzy logic, deep learning, optimization algorithms, and neural networks are presented for signal processing applications. The series main emphasis is to offer both extensiveness diversity of selected intelligent signal processing and depth in the selected state-of-the-art data analysis techniques for solving real world problems.