1st Edition

Intelligent Systems and Industrial Internet of Things for Sustainable Development

    330 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    330 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    The book studies emerging and sustaining technologies for applications of Industry 5.0 to develop technological solutions to address numerous real-life challenges to solve sustainable development-related issues. It identifies limitations, pitfalls, and open research questions in industry 5.0, discusses real-time problems, and challenges with equivalent solutions with a focus on sustainable growth to develop, humanization and environmentally friendly intelligent system applications. It analyses applications enabled by Industry 5.0 such as healthcare, supply chain, smart framing, remote sensing, production in manufacturing, and cloud manufacturing. It also includes the difficulties and problems posed by the organization between robots and humans on the assembly line to maintain sustainability.

    • Addresses key challenges in implementing intelligent systems in IoT-based applications, including issues ranging from cost and energy efficiency to availability and quality of service
    • Explores the technologies to allow human-machine association and its impact on consumption and sustainability
    • Provides sustainable solutions to emerging industrial problems, especially in healthcare, manufacturing, remote sensing, environmental engineering
    • Examines need for data pre-processing, classification & prediction, Cluster Analysis, Mining Multimedia, Text, and Web Data, Advanced machine learning techniques for scientific programming in Industry
    • Presents success stories in the form of case studies of IIoT, IIoRT, Big Data, Intelligent Systems, Deep Learning in Industry 5.0 era

    The text is for postgraduate students, professionals, and academic researchers working in the fields of computer science and information technology, especially for professionals and researchers interested in the technological side of sustainable development.

    1. Industry 5.0: Empowering Collaboration through Advanced Technological Approaches

     Dr. Yogesh H. Patil

    Dr. Rachana Yogesh Patil

    Mrs. Madhuri Atmaram Gurale

    Dr. Arijit Karati

    2. From Industry 4.0 to 5.0: Enriching Manufacturing Excellence through Human-Robot Interaction and Technological Empowerment

    S Santhosh Kumar

    Dr. S Ramesh Kumar

    Dr. G Ramesh

    3. Exploring the Feasibility of Internet of Things in the Context of Intelligent Healthcare Solutions: A Review

    Anwesa Sarkar

    Anindya Nag

    Moyuri Sen

    Nisarga Chand

     4. Unveiling the Paradigm  - Industry 5.0 and the Rise of Intelligent Systems

    Dr. P R Anisha

    VijayaSindhoori Kaza

    Rithika Badam

    Dr. Srinath Doss

    5. Securing the Predicted Disease Data using Transfer Learning in Cloud Based Healthcare 5.0

     Dr.V S Anusuya Devi

    Arunadevi Thirumalraj

    Dr. Balasubramanian Prabhukavin

    Dr. Gan Hong Seng

    6. Sustainable Agriculture:A Critical Analysis of Internet of Things - Based Solutions

     Anindya Nag

    Ayontika Das

    Nisarga Chand

    Nilanjana Roy

     7. Autonomous Agriculture Robot for Smart Farming

     Shaik Mohammad Rafi B

    Vinay U

    Althaf S

    Aravind G

    8. Agricultural Development in Industry 5.0: Food Manufacturing and Development


    Mrs. Hemalatha D

    Dr. M J Carmel Mary Belinda

    Dr. A Saleem Raja

    9. Novel Approaches for Applied Intelligent Systems in GIS

     Dr. ElakkiyaElango

    Dr. Mohamed Imran Kareem Basha

    Dr. B. Sundaravadivazhagan

    Balasubramanian Shanmuganathan

    10. Federated Learning based Variational Auto-encoder for Prediction of Breast Cancer in Cloud-based Healthcare 5.0

     Santosh Kumar B

    MrsTarunika Sharma

    Dr. Balasubramanian Prabhukavin

    Dr. Gan Hong Seng

    11. Securing the MANET by detecting the Intrusions using CSO and XGBoost

     Dr.V S Anusuya Devi

    Dr. Swathi Baswaraju

    Mrs. Arunadevi Thirumalraj

    Dr. Nedumaran A

     12. Artificial Intelligence and Automation in the Transport Industry: Envisioning the Future of Mobility

     Dr.K. Senthil

    Dr. Almas Begum

    Dr. G Ayyappan

    Dr. B Sundaravadivazhagan

     13. Leveraging Intelligent Systems and AIOT/IIOT for Enhanced Waste Management and Recycling Efficiency

     Dr. Vijay Arputharaj J

    Joanna Mariam Varkey

    Rishi S Vagadia

    Dr. Ramesh Kumar Ayyasamy

     14. Solar Energy Forecasting: Enhancing Reliability and Precision

     Rithika Badam

    Dr. Ramana Murthy B V

    Dr. Srinath Doss


    Dr C Kishor Kumar Reddy, currently working as Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Hyderabad, India. He has research and teaching experience of more than 10 years. He has published more than 50 research papers in National and International Conferences, Book Chapters, and Journals indexed by SCIE, Scopus and others. He is an author for 2 text books and 2 co-edited books. He acted as the special session chair for Springer FICTA 2020, 2022, SCI 2021, INDIA 2022 and IEEE ICCSEA 2020 conferences. He is the corresponding editor of AMSE 2021 conferences, published by IoP Science JPCS. He is the member of ISTE, CSI, IAENG, UACEE, IACSIT.

    Dr P R Anisha, TEDx Speaker, is currently working as Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Hyderabad, India. She holds a teaching experience of 9+ years. She received her Doctoral Degree from K L University, Guntur, India. Her area of interest includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing. She has 35 + research articles published in International Conferences and Journals. She has co - authored two books named Introduction to C, C++ programming. She has acted as the special session chair for International Conferences for Springer - INDIA 2019, 2022, SCI 2021, FICTA 2020, 2022 besides the IEEE conference ICCSEA 2020. She is the member of ACM and IAENG professional bodies.

    Dr Marlia Mohd Hanafiah is a Professor and Head, Centre for Tropical Climate Change System, Institute of Climate Change, The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia. Areas of Research Expertise: Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Foot printing of Green Materials and Energy, Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment & Water Management, Green Technology and Sustainability. She has a total academic teaching experience of 15+ years with more than 170 publications in reputed journals and online book chapter contributions (Indexed By: SCI, SCIE, SSCI, Scopus, DBLP). She received research grant and consultation (as project leader & team member) of more than RM 7 million.

    Prof. Srinath Doss is the Professor and Dean in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Botho University, responsible for Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Namibia and Ghana Campuses. He has previously worked with various reputed Engineering colleges in India, and with Garyounis University, Libya. He has written good number of books and more than 80 papers in International Journals and attended several prestigious conferences. His research interests include MANET, Information Security, Network Security and Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Wireless and Sensor Network. He serves as an editorial member and reviewer for reputed international journals, and an advisory member for various prestigious conference. Prof. Srinath is member of IAENG and Associate Member in UACEE.

    Dr Kari Lippert is an Assistant Professor at University of South Alabama, USA. Kari received her D.Sc from University of South Alabama in 2018, Ph.D in 2012 and MS from Johns Hopkins University in 2002. She is an Instructor and Subject Matter Expert bringing deep expertise in systems engineering, data science, and cyber analysis and significant experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students. She delivers a diverse industry background across analytical science, digital network exploitation, programming, systems architecture and design, mathematics, medicinal chemistry, protein folding, big data analysis, and research for well-known organizations and agencies.