Intelligent Systems and Smart Infrastructure : Proceedings of ICISSI 2022 book cover
1st Edition

Intelligent Systems and Smart Infrastructure
Proceedings of ICISSI 2022

ISBN 9781003357346
Published February 15, 2023 by CRC Press
774 Pages 325 Color & 69 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book covers the proceedings of ICISSI 2022 (International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Smart Infrastructure) held at Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh during April 21–22, 2022. The conference was jointly organised by Shambhunath Institute of Engineering and Technology, Prayagraj UP India, Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Lucknow, U.P India, and Manipal University Jaipur, Rajasthan India with an aim to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, technocrats, academicians and engineers to exchange their innovative ideas and new challenges being faced in the field of emerging technologies. The papers presented in the conference have been compiled in form of chapters to focus on the core technological developments in the emerging fields like machine learning, intelligence systems, smart infrastructure, advanced power technology etc.

Table of Contents

1. Free-Space Optical Communication Under Varying Atmospheric Conditions

Priyanshu Singh, Deepa Singh, Gaurav Agarwal and Nitin Garg

2. Encryption Algorithm for High-Speed Key Transmission Technique

R. S. Ramya, S. J. K. Jagadeesh Kumar, D. Pavai and K. N. Jaya Priya

3. Gender and Age Detection System for Customer Movement Analysis

Madhav Goel, Mansi Jain, Nainsi Jain and Mukesh Rawat

4. LTRACN: A Method for Single Human Activity Recognition

Prashant Sharma, Amartya Mishra, Nilutpol Kashyap, Muheed Muzamil,Rahul Singh Rawat, Ali Imam Abidi and Lokendra Singh Umrao

5. A Survey on Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Education System

Anshika Trisal, Paninee Bharti, Pooja Dehraj

6. Role of Sensor-Based Insole as a Rehabilitation Tool in Improving Walking among the Patients with Lower Limb Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review

Sumit Raghav, Anshika Singh, Suresh Mani, Shashwat Pathak, Gokulakannan Kandasamy, Mukul Kumar and Amber Anand

7. Junctionless Field Effect Transistor: A Technical Review

Mohd. Shadan, Hritik Goel, Aryan Singh Rana, M. M. Singh,V. Varshney and D. K. Singh

8. Dual-Port MIMO Antenna with Gain and Isolation Enhancement for 5G Millimeter Wave Applications

Amrees Pandey, Navendu Nitin, Piyush Kumar Mishra,Aditya Kumar Singh, and J. A. Ansari

9. Performance Analysis of Various Fast and Low-Power Dynamic Comparators

Nashra Khalid, Anurag Yadav and Subodh Wairya

10. Pose Data Improvement for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition Using Graph Convolutional Networks

Gunagya Singh Mamak, Anshita Jain, Anuj Verma and Anil Singh Parihar

11. Driver Drowsiness Using Image Processing

Rajat Garg, Sunil Kumar, Anshul Kumar, Vijay, and Aparna Goel

12. 5G in Healthcare: Revolutionary Use-cases and QoS Provisioning Powered by Network Slicing

Monika Dubey and Richa Mishra

13. Design and Analysis of High-Speed Low-Power Dynamic Comparator

Kunal, Anurag Yadav and Subodh Wairya

14. Tomato Leaf Diseases Detection Using Deep Learning—A Review

Vishal Seth, Rajeev Paulus and Anil Kumar

15. Identifying the Relation Between Pollution Before and During Lockdown Using ANOVA

Shubham Singhal, Chiranjeev Garg, Ujjwal Parashar, Tanveer Ikram,Anjali Sharma and Rajesh Singh

16. Dual-Square Slot-Shaped Monopole Antenna Using DGS with Protruding Stub in the Ground Plane for Multiband Applications

Parimal Tiwari, K. K. Verma and Chandan

17. Evaluation of the WDM-FSO System’s Effectiveness Under Chronic Weather Conditions

Nitin Garg, Adarsh Singh Tomar, Abhyuday Dubey and Anurag Kumar

18. Facial Expression Recognition Using Simple Attention Mechanism

Harsh Tomar, Neha Mittal, Anshuman Bansal and Wakar Ahmad

19. Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Round Robin Load Balancing in SDN

Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Niraj Kumar Tiwari, Shivam Bhardwaj and Kamal Prakash Pandey

20. Energy Scheduling of Residential and Commercial Appliances with Demand Response Technique Using Grid, PV, and EV as a Source

Ajay Kumar Prajapat and Sandeep Kakran

21. Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Classifiers

Pooja Rani, Rohit Lamba, Ravi Kumar Sachdeva, Rajneesh Kumar and Priyanka Bathla

22. Automatic Head Position Detection in Computer Tomography for Prevention of Wrong-Side Treatment

Vibha Bora Bafna, Ashwin Kothari and Avinash Keskar

23. Dealing with Data Imbalance in Speaker Accent Recognition Using Fuzzy kNN and IQR

Sandipan Bhowmick and Ashim Saha

24. IOT-Based Drainage Monitoring System Using Arduino Uno

Ritika Gupta, Shruti Jain, Muskan Maheshwari, Vikrant Varshney, Dinesh Kumar Singh and Man Mohan Singh

25. A Comparative Study on MPPT Techniques for PV System

Yuvan Saroya, Kundan Anand and Dinesh Kumar Singh

26. Bandwidth and Gain-Enhanced Rectangular Shape Slot and Notch-Loaded Dual-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Application

Ravi Kant Prasad, Karabi Kalita, Manoj Kumar Viswakarma, Ramesh Kumar Verma, Alok Dubey and Maninder Singh

27. IoT-Based Automated Hydroponics System Using CAN Protocol

Deekshitha M., Chandan G., Sapthagiri H. N., Anjaneya and ShipraUpadhyay

28. A Comprehensive Review on UWB Multi-notch Antennas

Himani Jain, Praveen Chakravarti and Ajay Kumar

29. DigiCure: A Smart Android-Based M-Health Application Using Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

Akshita Agarwal, Ishita Kaushik, Harsh Raghav,Sunil Kumar and Wakar Ahmad

30. A Literature Review: LoRa Technology and Packet Loss Analysis in LoRaWAN Line-up in Our College Campus

Shweta Singh, Vipin Kumar Upaddhyay and S. K. Soni

31. Unattended E-Vehicle Charging Solution for High-Rise Residential Complex

Sumit Kumar Singh, Gulam E. Gous, Puskar Bharti and Raju Ranjan

32. Integrating Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning for Web Scraping

Aarti Chugh, Charu Jain and Yojna Arora

33. Study and Implementation of Efficient Pseudorandom Number Generator

Priya Katiyar, Sandeep Kumar, Upendra Kumar Acharya and Prabhakar Agarwal

34. One Sun, One World, One Grid: Possibilities of Asian Interconnection

Bipasha Basu, Gagan Singh, and Bhanuprakash Saripalli

35. EMBFL: Ensemble of Mutation-based Techniques for Effective Fault Localization

Jitendra Gora, Arpita Dutta and Durga Prasad Mohapatra

36. Facial Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning: A Case Study

Ratna Patil, Ananya Tripathi, Yashasewi Singh and Gaurav Prajapati

37. Mitigating Chemical and Biological Warfare Using Sensors: A Study

Pushpalatha S. and K. S. Shivaprakasha

38. Workload Prediction Model for Autonomic Scaling of Cloud Resources with Machine Learning

Sanjay T. Singh, Mahendra Tiwari and Anchit Sajal Dhar

39. Novel Algorithm to Identify Whether the Medicine is Expired or Not through OCR

Ankit Kumar, Mamta and Bhawna Mallick

40. New Framework for Implementation of Decision Tree Classifier

Raghvendra Singh, Mahesh K. Singh and Dharmendra Kumar Jhariya

41. Big Data Analytics: Integrating Machine Learning with Big Data Using Hadoop and Mahout

Pooja Rani, Rohit Lamba, Ravi Kumar Sachdeva, Rajneesh Kumar andPriyanka Bathla

42. Detection of Fake News Using Machine Learning

Smriti Agarwal, Simran Goel, Shubhi Agarwal, Amit Kumar Saini and Vimal Kumar

43. Enhancing the Identification and Design of Token Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain

Annie Silviya S. H., B. Sriman and Pranshu Jha

44. Machine Learning Approaches for Cardiac Disease Prediction

Awadhesh Kumar, Manoj Kumar Mishra, Akhilesh Kumar and Sumit Gupta

45. Trust-Aware Mitigation of Various Security Threats for Internet of Things

Renu Mishra, Inderpreet Kaur, Sandeep Saxena, Raghwendra Mishra, Tanu Shree and Meena Sachdeva

46. Performance Analysis of Wind Energy Conversion System Using Multilevel Inverters

Asha Singh, Pallavi Choudekar and Ruchira

47. A Hybrid Approach for Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes Using Birch Clustering and Artificial Neural Network

Yogendra Singh and Mahendra Tiwari

48. Energy Scheduling of Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Appliances Using Time of Use and Real-Time Pricing Demand Response Techniques

Abhinesh Kumar Lal Karn and Sandeep Kakran

49. A Comprehensive Study on Energy Competent Clustering Hierarchy for Wireless Sensor Networks

Kumari Ritika, Arvind Kumar Pandey and Arun Kumar Mishra

50. Movie Recommendation System Using Combination of Content-based and Collaborative Approaches

Shubham Sharma, Chetan Sharma and Abdul Aleem

51. Pareto-Based Differential Evolution Algorithm Using New Adaptive Mutation Approach

Shailendra Pratap Singh, Gyanendra Kumar and Vibhav Prakash Singh

52. Stroke Prediction and Analysis Using Machine Learning

Kausthubh Priyan, Pavan Kumar K. N., Manish H. R. and Snigdha Sen

53. Bitcoin Price Prognosis Using Different Machine Learning Techniques: A Survey

Vipul Kadam and Shiva Tyagi

54. Defected Ground Inset Fed Multi-Slot-Loaded Multiband Patch Antenna for WiFi/LTE/C & X Band Applications

Navendu Nitin, Neelesh Agrawal and J. A. Ansari

55. Implementation of RAM Feeder Cycles and Their Steps Logic in Waste to Energy Plant

Vivek Kumar Srivastava and Poonam Syal

56. A Comparative Performance Analysis of QCA Full Adder

Ayushi Kirti Singh, Subodh Wairya and Divya Tripathi

57. Towards Deep Learning based Wilt Disease Detection System

Ruchilekha, Manoj Kumar Singh and Rajiv Singh

58. Mathematical Analysis of Self-Organizing Maps for Clustering

Femy N. S., Sasi Gopalan and Oscar Castillo

59. Green Computing: An Ecofriendly Technology

Rupal Singh, Niharika and Pooja Dehraj

60. Defected Ground Structure with Four Band Meander-Shaped Monopole Antenna for LTE/WLAN/WIMAX/Long Distance Radio Telecommunication Applications

Chandan, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, R. P. Mishra, Ratneshwar Kumar Ratnesh and Parimal Tiwari

61. Herbal Plants Leaf Image Classification Using Machine Learning Approach

Gaurav Kumar, Vipin Kumar and Aaryan Kumar Hrithik

62. Wrench-Shaped Triple-Port MIMO Antenna for Modern Radar Applications

Aditya Kumar Singh, Utkarsh Sharma, Amrees Pandey, Vandana Yadav and R. S. Yadav

63. A Review on Plant Disease Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques

Waris Abid Ahrari, Shreyansh Yadav, Manish Kumar Gupta, Ranjeet Singh, Abhishek Kumar Pandey and Ashutosh Pandey

64. 3D Convolution for Driver Yawning Detection

Sandeep Mandia, Ashok Kumar, Jitendra Kumar Deegwal and Karan Verma

65. Electric Vehicle EMS with FOPID

Gaurav Singhal, Shujaat Husain and Haroon Ashfaq

66. Comparative Analysis of Defected Ground Goblet Shape Microstrip Patch Antennas with Slotted as well as without Slotted for Multiband Application

Manvendr and Anil Kumar

67. Understanding the Need of Reinforcement Learning for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Prathamesh Vijay Lahande, Parag Ravikant Kaveri and Vinay Chavan

68. Penta Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for S, C, and X Band Applications

Abhishek Kumar, Chirag Parashar and Ajay Kumar

69. A Review on IoT-based Smart Agriculture

Vaibhav Bhatnagar, Tamanna, and Rahul Kumar Sharma

70. Machine Learning Use in Agricultural for Humidity and Rainfall Prediction

Om Mani, and Bramha P. Pandey

71. Convolutional Neural Network-based Approach for Landmark Recognition

Lokendra Singh Umrao, Ravi Ranjan Choudhary, Ratnesh Prasad Srivastava and Rohit

72. A Brief Review on Outlier Detection Techniques in IoT

Preet Kamal Singh, Ramesh Mishra and Chandan

73. Implementation of Deep Learning Algorithm Using Generative Adversarial Network

Ratnesh Prasad Srivastava, Lokendra Singh Umrao, Divya Singh and Ali Imam Abidi

74. Categorical Data Analysis of Covid-19 Data Using Machine Learning: A Comparative Analysis

Ashish Mishra and Bramha P. Pandey

75. Development of a Chatbot Using LSTM Architecture and Seq2Seq Model

Adil, Tanmaya Garg and Rajesh Kumar

76. An Evaluation of Tree-Based Algorithms on Imbalanced Dataset: An Astronomical Case Study

Maneesh Sagar, Pavan Chakraborty and Snigdha Sen

77. Empirical Evaluation of Density-Based Clustering Rule Mining Models for Dynamic Data: Statistical Perspective

Jayshri Harde and Swapnili Karmore

78. Design and Implementation of a Smart Taser for Women Safety

Aditi Rawat, Vaibhav Chaudhary and Vijay Kumar Tayal

79. Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using 5-Slot Microwave Ablation Antenna at 2.45 GHz

P. Niranjan, T. Naveen Kumar Reddy, P. Vijay Kumar Reddy,P. Janardhana Reddy, Vivek Singh, Ajay Kumar Dwivedi

80. Coordinated Control and Energy Management Strategy of Battery and Super-capacitor of Micro-grid

Vineet Kumar, Haroon Ashfaq and Rajveer Singh

81. IoT-Based Oxygen Supply Management System

Beauti Kumari, Km Gunjan and Raju Ranjan

82. Energy Audit of DIT University

Deepak Kumar Verma and Gagan Singh

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Dr. Brijesh Mishra; Shambhunath Institute of Engineering and Technology, Prayagraj (UP), India

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh; Shambhunath Institute of Engineering and Technology, Prayagraj (UP), India

Dr. Subodh Wairya; Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow (UP), India

Dr. Manish Tiwari; Manipal University Jaipur, Rajasthan, India