1st Edition

Intelligent and Reliable Engineering Systems 11th International Conference on Intelligent Energy Management, Electronics, Electric & Thermal Power, Robotics and Automation (IEMERA-2020)

    IEMERA is a three-day International Conference specially designed with cluster of scientific and technological sessions, providing a common platform for the researchers, academicians, industry delegates across the globe to share and exchange their knowledge and contribution. The emerging areas of research and development in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Software technologies are major focus areas. The conference is equipped with well-organized scientific sessions, keynote and plenary lectures, research paper and poster presentations and world-class exhibitions. Moreover, IEMERA 2020 facilitates better understanding of the technological developments and scientific advancements across the world by showcasing the pace of science, technology and business areas in the field of Energy Management, Electronics, Electric & Thermal Power, Robotics and Automation.

    1. Blockchain Contradictions in Energy Service and Climate Markets 2. A compressed air driven generator with enhanced energetic efficiency 3. Experience and Memory Principle for Adaptive Indoor Thermal Comfort 4. ADVENT: Advance Driver’s in-Vehicle movement Tracking Algorithm for Semi-Autonomous Assistive Driving 5. An improvised control methodology for voltage sag mitigation, harmonics reduction with a dynamic voltage restorer to improve power quality: Considering fast-operating DSP 6. Satellite-based Data Collection Architecture for Virtual Power Plant Management in Rural Areas 7. Simulation of a Data Server Building by Automation of its Cooling System 8. A Proposal for Designing a Deep Learning Model for Analysis and Prediction of Stock Market Movement for Portfolio Management 9. Refinement of the quantitative models to estimate user’s fear in evacuation route planning: A study on the effectiveness of physical factors for signboards 10. Detection of Abnormal Heart Rhythms by using Graphical Deflection Parameters - A Case Study 11. Comparison of Artificial Intelligence Based Maximum Power Point Techniques for Photovoltaic systems 12. A Collaborative Recommender System Enhanced with a Neural Network 13. Applications of Mathematics Modelling Techniques 14. Methods and Applications of Stochastic Modeling 15. On Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Linear Models 16. Lexi-Search Algorithm to Solve the Minimum Spanning Connectivity of Clustered Cities to the Headquarter City 17. A study on sum of positive integral powers of positive integers 18. Math behind the mysterious number 19. Some Operations and Basic Applications on GAMMA soft sets 20. An Emerging Technology For better performance & high stability period of flow using 21. AODV Routing Protocol Implementation Implications for Cybersecurity 22. Around The Computer Auditing Model in Bridestory Business Startup 23. Auditing Model Around The Computer Startup Business “Hijup” 24. Blockchain Technology and Its Growing Role in the Internet of Things 25. Designing a Routing Protocol towards Enhancing System Network Lifetime 26 Go Mart’s Retail Business Startup Analysis 27. Information Systems Audit Model Privacy and Confidentiality on Start Up the Go Food Business 28. Multimodal Interaction Using the Particle Swarm’s Binary Optimization 29. SVM based DDoS Algorithm for Denial of Service Attacks 30. The Business Model Development of E-Money Start up Types of Link Aja in Indonesia 31. The Role of Information Systems Auditing and Control Association (ISACA) as an Institution for Information Systems Auditors, Establishing an Ethical Code for Auditors and Holder of ISACA Certificates


    Nikesh Kumar, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, India

    Len Gelman, The University of Huddersfield, UK

    Arun Kumar Bar, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, India

    Satyajit Chakrabarti, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, India