1st Edition

Interaction, Language Use, and Second Language Teaching

By Thorsten Huth Copyright 2020
    180 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    180 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book presents a view of human language as social interaction, illustrating its implications for language learning and second language teaching. // The volume advocates for researchers, practitioners, and administrators to rethink and reconceptualize an understanding of language beyond that of the written word to one encompassing social and interactional activity built on co-construction, collaboration, and negotiation. The book emphasizes the ways in which this view of language can shed light on the language learning process as one which draws on discrete linguistic units and constructions in conjunction with a range of temporal, sequential, and embodied resources across a variety of social contexts. In turn, these insights prompt further reflection and discussion on their implications for advancing second language teaching practice. // This book will be key reading for scholars interested in second language teaching research, as well as active second language teachers and language program administrators.


    Chapter 1: Introduction

    1.1 Research on Language and Interaction Across Disciplines

    1.2 Research on Interaction and Second Language Teaching

    1.3 On Grammatical Sentences and their Limits

    1.4 Action and Sequence: Composition, Position, and Context

    1.5 Conclusion

    Chapter 2: Understanding interaction

    2.1 Basics: Action and Sequence

    2.2 Larger Courses of Action

    2.3 Why We Talk

    2.4 Interaction, Language, and Culture

    2.5 Conclusion

    Chapter 3: Understanding language learning

    3.1 On Learning vs. Teaching

    3.2 Language Learning in Children

    3.3 Second Language Learning

    3.4 Situated Interaction as Driver and Object of Learning

    3.5 Language Learning Revisited

    3.6 Conclusion

    Chapter 4: Understanding interaction in the classroom

    4.1 Researching Classroom Interaction

    4.2 Shaping Classroom Interaction for Maximizing Learning

    4.3 Interaction as Teaching and Learning Target

    4.4 Conclusion

    Chapter 5: Interaction, language use, and second language teaching

    5.1 Main Insights

    5.2 Discussion


    Thorsten Huth is Assistant Professor of German and Linguistics and the German Language Program Director at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. Thorsten Huth’s scholarship connects social interaction, language learning, and second language teaching. His research addresses the emergence of interactional competencies in language learners and how such competencies can be taught and learned in the second language classroom