1st Edition

Interactions of Polymers with Bioactive and Corrosive Media

    Natural polymers have always been used in medicine. However, the development of synthetic polymers for use in medicine has occurred only in the last few decades. The successful applications of these synthetic polymers in medicine depend mainly on their physico-chemical and special characteristics such as biological compatibility with tissues, stability, durability and elasticity. This book deals mainly with the kinetic and structural aspects which are essential for the realization of these characteristics. The authors have examined in detail the processes of diffusion, chemical and biological diintegration, changes in various structural levels induced by chemical and biological media, and the problems of simultaneous influence of these media and mechanical strains on polymers used in medicine. Researchers in the field of polymer physics and chemistry, as well as those who are working with applications of polymers in medicine and biology should find this book useful.

    Part 1 Kinetic aspects of polymer interaction with components of aggressive media: macrokinetic correlations of the chemical degradation processes; degradation of polymeric materials of in-homogeneous structure; physical model of polymeric article degradation process. Part 2 Water diffusion in polymer systems of different hydrophilicity: water sorption in hydrophobic polymers; water diffusion in hydrophoblic polymers; equilibrium water sorption in hydrophilic polymers; water diffusion in hydrophilic polymers; water diffusion in moderately hydrophilic polymers. Part 3 Transport processes in the system polymer-chemical (biological) medium: diffusion features of ionized low-molecular compounds in polymer systems; description of multi-component diffusion in polymers through thermodynamics of irreversible processes; theories describing the connection of diffusion co-efficients of medium components with volume contents in polymers; electrolyte state in polymers; surface phenomena complicating diffusion process. Part 4 The role of diffusion processes under controlled release of biologically active substances from polymer therapeutic systems: diffusion-controlled therapeutic systems; the influence of solvent diffusion on the rate of release of medicinal substance; diffusion polymer systems of special purpose; erosive therapeutic systems. Part 5 Diffusion and adsorption of plasma proteins - the processes, characterizing initial stage of polymer-blood interactions: the role of primary adsorption and diffusion of proteins in the general scheme of polymer-blood interaction; thermodynamic aspect of protein adsorption; surface energy of polymers and plasma protein adsorption; structural aspect of plasmic protein adsorption; medium acidity influence on protein adsorption; the kinetic aspect of adsorption; the diffusive-kinetic model of protein adsorption on polymer surface. Part 6 Polymer biodegradation - kinetics and mechanisms. Part 7 Degradation and medico-biological estimation of polymers in biological and model chemical media. Part 7 Mechanical reliability of polymers in physical, chemical and biological media (Part contents)


    Zaikov\, Gennady; Iordanskii\, ; Rudakova\,