1st Edition

Interactive InDesign CC Bridging the Gap between Print and Digital Publishing

By Mira Rubin Copyright 2014
    608 Pages
    by Routledge

    606 Pages
    by Routledge

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    With a growing focus on digital destinations, the publishing landscape is evolving at a dizzying speed and InDesign CC is at the forefront of the digital frontier. Known as the premiere layout application for magazine and print collateral, InDesign is also a powerful creation tool for both static and interactive PDF, Flash SWF, EPUB, and apps that can be published for sale in various app stores.

    This tutorial-based guide to InDesign CC provides you with a hands-on experience of the EPUB creation process, InDesign animation, Digital Publishing Suite app creation, creation of interactive PDFs, and a host of techniques that serve equally well in both print and digital production.

    This extensively detailed book is filled with over 700 screenshots, explicit diagrams, and step-by-step real-world exercises to get you up and running with:

    *InDesign Animation

    *Buttons, forms, and other interactive elements

    *Interactive PDFs


    *App building with DPS

    *The fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and GREP

    *A treasure trove of trips and techniques that will forever transform your work with InDesign.

    Part 1: Interactive InDesign

    Chapter 1: The Lay of the Land

    Chapter 2: Designing for Interactivity

    Chapter 3: The Interactive Interface

    Part 2: Document Layout & Navigation

    Chapter 4: Working with Text

    Chapter 5: Multi-page Document Layout

    Chapter 6: Hyperlinks and Cross-references

    Chapter 7: Footnotes

    Chapter 8: Creating a table of Contents

    Chapter 9: Shapes and Color

    Part 3: Buttons

    Chapter 10: About Buttons

    Chapter 11: Simple Image-based Buttons

    Chapter 12: Multi-object Buttons

    Part 4: Flash Animation and Output to SWF

    Chapter 13: Introducing: Animation in InDesign!

    Chapter 14: Getting Fancy with Animation

    Chapter 15: Banner Ads

    Chapter 16: SWF Output

    Part 5: Interactive PDF

    Chapter 17: Bookmarks

    Chapter 18: Interactive PDF Forms

    Chapter 19: Page Transitions

    Chapter 20: Preparing for PDF Export

    Part 6: EPUB

    Chapter 21: EPUB Anatomy

    Chapter 22: Images, Objects & the Flow

    Chapter 23: Creating an InDesign Book

    Chapter 24: HTML and CSS Fundamentals

    Chapter 25: GREP

    Chapter 26: EPUB Export and Publishing

    Chapter 27: EPUB Resources

    Part 7: Digital Publishing Suite

    Chapter 28: Intro to DPS

    Chapter 29: Designing for DPS

    Chapter 30: Scrollable Frame Overlays

    Chapter 31: Audio & Video Overlays

    Chapter 32: Panoramas and Pan & Zoom

    Chapter 33: Web Content Overlays & Hyperlinks

    Chapter 34: Slideshows and Hyperlinks




    Mira Rubin is an Adobe Certified instructor in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Captivate, and has been inspiring reckless pursuit of all things Adobe in countless students since the dawn of the new millennium. Her company, Mira Images, is a Philadelphia-based Adobe Authorized Training Center and consultancy (www.miraimages.com) specializing in training, digital publishing. eLearning, and productivity-based solutions. A self-declared nerd, Mira has deep technical knowledge of and unbounded enthusiasm for the Adobe Creative Suite applications and finds tremendous joy and satisfaction in transferring that skill to others. Gifted with an ability to make even the most complex concepts understandable, she places a great emphasis on real-world skills, best practices, and productivity tools. Mira began her formal writing career writing demo scripts for Adobe. Her first book, Interactive InDesign CS5, was published by Focal Press in 2010.